THEMAGIC5 – App review

Hey guys! It’s Lalo. And Adrian Today, we will be reviewing THEMAGIC5 goggle company app to show you guy show easy it is to get the best fitted goggles for your face Alright guys, so this is how the app looks. You can create an account if you wish to get multiple pairs of goggles in the future. You want to allow it to check the camera because that is what is going to scan your face Alright, here it is telling you to only move the phone do not move your face just move the phone around, as you can see in the example that the girl is doing. A good tip for this is to also have good lighting. Just continue to the scan is complete Alright, so now it’s getting every angle of my face. Just move the camera around. As you can see, when you’re using the app, it’s gonna show you the blue squares that need to be highlighted Once it’s highlighted it means that that is an angle you already took on your face, so you don’t need it anymore The white spots are those that you still need to fill in for your scan to complete. Scan is complete. As you guys see, it’s that easy. It just takes a couple minutes. It tells you that the scan is complete. Now you can customize your goggles. You can name your goggles. So, we will just name this for the YouTube video It tells you to give your information. Now that all that is done we are going on the next step Here is a really cool part about the app. After the face scanning and the personalization. Here you guys can fully customize your goggles. They offer different options. Just accept the terms. Continue. And then you put in your information, your payment details. That’s how easy it is to use the app and get the best fitted goggles for you guys and only for you guys!

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