TheMagic5 Review | Custom 3D Fitted Swim Goggles

– Morning, Trainiacs. We have a big swim today. Lemme show ya. Look at this, look at this. Just reads like a novel. That’s one swim, jeez. After we go through that, I wanna show you the new goggles that I’m gonna use for majority of. These goggles right here
are the THEMAGIC5 goggles, which are custom molded to your face and just won a best
innovation product award, something like that. Lemme finish this swim, and we’ll talk about these back home. They’re pretty cool. Look at ’em. Focus, focus. Focus, no focus. We’ll focus back at home. (energetic electronic music) (pulsing electronic music) Holy cow! 4,300 yards with two interesting, and by interesting, I
mean brutal, new things that were introduced there. One, you know how I do
snorkel, band, pull? Snorkel, band around the ankles, pull buoy in between the legs? Well, try that without the pull buoy. It’s like snorkel, band, drown. That did not look good, I’m sure. I betcha that worried
some of the lifeguards. And then the other thing is
that Coach Gerry, Tower 26, he said that because I’ve got short arms, one of the worst things that I can do is have a long catch-up style stroke, and one of the best things that I can do is have a really quick turnover. So I took out the tempo trainer, and I did a whole bunch of
that set with the tempo trainer gradually increasing the
tempo, the strokes per minute, ending at, take a guess,
100 strokes per minute. Now, I was able to hold
100 strokes per minute for a grand total of 10 strokes. Elite, open water swimmers, they hold that for 10 kilometers, yeah. Alright, let’s get home, talk about these THEMAGIC5
custom fitted goggles in focus. (door squeaking) Hi-ya, ya! Goggles, goggles, goggles, goggles, goggles. Alright, so these gorgeous little devils are THEMAGIC5 custom fitted goggles. How this works is you
download THEMAGIC5 app, you scan your face just
like if you were setting up like the security to get into your iPhone, and it takes that scan,
takes from a series of pre-made goggles, but then, gets you 100% customized to you gasket. So that squishy part
that goes onto your eyes, the (sucking), that part, that is 100% customized to your face. That’s the part that
actually makes a difference between a good fitting goggle
and a poorly fitting goggle. Now, these babies just won
at the end of January 2019 the ISPO, well, not the,
but one of the ISPO awards for best product innovations
in sports over the past year, and this is one of the biggest conventions with I think 2,500 exhibitors, apparently, and like I get it. These are pretty cool. I was very skeptical that
it would make a difference because I’ve always just used, I’ve found that my eyes
have a really tough time finding good goggles. So I have actually tried
really big goggles, really small goggles, and
what I’ve found to work more consistently than not
is the smaller the goggle, the better, so either a Swedish goggle or a Socket Rocket goggle, which is a Swedish goggle
with just a little bit of rubber here. And the more I went to like
bigger and bigger goggles, the more I had to press those
goggles down into my face and the more uncomfortable it was. And what I was racing
in last year was these, these ROKA goggles that are just huge. Now, why would I do that if the bigger goggles
end up requiring them to be really tight to
suction down onto my face? Well, the reason for that
is that you wanna have a whole bunch of viewing area so that as you’re coming (gibbering), so that as you are sighting
and trying to see buoys and get a sense of where
you are in the course, you can see out the top, out the side. You can really get a good
sense of where you are on the course. So it’s kinda like a necessary evil to have these big goggles
so they get good visibility. But the thing about these are that in order to make
them fit really well, you gotta smash ’em down into your face or they don’t fit really well because there’s a lot of gasket here that ends up having to
suction onto your face, and then you get a fair
bit of drag on your face. With these, however, they are basically the
size of Swedish goggles. Check this out. They sit just perfectly
inside your eye socket so there is no drag whatsoever there, and actually looking at this now, just seconds after
putting these babies on, these actually have more
viewing area than these. So you get the benefit of
not having to suction it down tremendously to your face so that it’s so tight it’s uncomfortable, you don’t have that little bit of drag, and you’ve got really good visibility. I like ’em. I like ’em. I’m a big fan. As far as performance goes, they do what they’re supposed to. You don’t have to suction
them down really tightly. You’ve got a good viewing area. They’ve been reliable that
all I have had to do is put these on, tighten
them up just slightly, change the nose bridge (humming) there to select the proper nose bridge in all of the options that come out. That is one thing that I have noticed that you should be aware
of with these goggles, that this does come undone occasionally. So if you find the nose
bridge that you like, maybe just snap it in, go for a few swims, make sure that it’s the one that you like, then just put a little dab of crazy glue or something like that in there. As far as diving into the
water or if I’m in a race, I would probably tighten
these up a little bit more just to make sure that
they’ve got that little bit of extra suction, but you
saw me dive this morning. I hadn’t tightened
these at all beforehand, and didn’t come off. And, of course, they
have the mirrored goggles that are really good for when
there’s glare on the water. They’ve got the black goggles for if it’s just bright out but you don’t want the mirrored. They have here the blue. Go on the website. They’ve got all the orange colors. They’ve go the smoke colors. So any condition goggle that you want, that you need to be
prepared for, you can get. Now, why is not everyone switching over to these immediately? Ah, it’s because of the cost. So these, on average,
are in the low $70 range. These, on average, somewhere around $30. But I’m just looking now, and that price actually includes shipping. So the THEMAGIC5 goggles are yeah, a little bit more expensive, but let’s put it into some context here. It’s swim gear. Swim gear is relatively very cheap. I know every single one of you out there that has Di2 on your bike
has probably spent about $80 on a single Di2 cable. So to say that these are so expensive that you can’t buy them, that’s not really realistic. To say that they are more
expensive than the alternative, sure, but if you are somebody that wants, what I think, is one of the
best goggles that you can get and/or you’re somebody
that’s had a tough time getting the goggles to actually suction to your face comfortably, give these a try. Here’s a bonus. If you go to a link in
the description below to the THEMAGIC5’s website and you use the coupon code
Taren, you can get 20% off. So instead of $70, it’s gonna
be somewhere around 54, $55 and in that case, you’re getting a really,
really good goggle that I think has a lotta the features of goggles out there that they come close, but none of them hits every single one of those goggle requirements where it’s comfortable, it
doesn’t provide a lotta drag, it has a huge viewing angle. Until now, this really kinda didn’t exist. So there you go, Trainiacs. Try out the THEMAGIC5 goggle. Link is in the description below. Use the coupon code Taren
to get yourself 20% off, and I don’t wanna go outside. It’s so snowy. We got about a foot and a half of snow while I was traveling. Later.

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  • They don't appear to have Rx ones…and yea, drowning could be a concern 😂

  • I love my magic5 goggles. I switched to these because I've always had issues with goggles fitting across the wide bridge of my nose. I had to use bigger sized goggles and even then most wouldnt fit. Disclaimer here, when I first got my magic5 they still didnt fit properly even with the widest nose piece. However, their customer service is great and they shipped me out some wider nose pieces and no problems since. Best goggle I've ever owned. Thanks for the discount code Taren, now I can go order the clear ones ive being looking at for the pool and save the blue mirrors for racing!

  • Too funny. I had the EXACT same problem with that new snorkel / pull band exercise. I think I was going about 552 strokes a minute just not to be an anvil at the bottom of the pool. 😀 .

  • I too was sceptical but tried them and there now my favorite gogle. Wish I would have known about the discount

  • I have the same issue with my eye size. I could never find a goggle that fit right.. I’m excited about trying these!!

  • What’s the best anti fog remedy you have come across … I tend to run hot when exercising so I fog rather easily

  • Adding glue is just crazy. It means they don't work.

  • And those kids that walked by are doing a bigger swim

  • Try band only with a 5lb weight …

  • Those look like the FastSkin goggles

  • "Tower 26" — DRINK!!! 😄😄😄😄

  • Yards? Even US people dont use yards in the pool???

  • Seeing that tower twenty six is “better” than your old group for the kind of workouts you do, do you find that not swimming in a group is a detriment as you don’t have people pushing you. Is there a place for both and could you ever strike some kind of balance?

  • Very cool idea from TheMagic5. Definitely worth a try, especially with the discount code from Taren. Just ordered mine.

  • Do they make them using your own prescription glasses?

  • I have these goggles, love them, would never use anything other then these now

  • Sounds like a really good idea, but if they needed gluing, the execution is simply poor – no goggle should ever have issues with the nose bridge like that. Having to glue the nosebridge of a 50 pound (!) pair of goggles is not good.

    Again, fantastic idea, but I'll wait until speedo buys them out and does a better job of it. Speedsockets until then.

  • I have gone through many pairs of goggles in the last year trying to find ones that don’t leak. Ordered a pair of these. Hopefully these custom fitted ones work. Thanks for the discount code!

  • This is very cool but I would be concerned someone has a facial recognition of my face. If not already have I am sure they have privacy laws and security concerns around this. Like storing credi cards at website

  • Wow, finally a solution for my head. Take my money Magic5. Thanks a lot Taren for the additional voucher! You're awsome!

  • Goggle is a very funny word.

  • Sorry but still sticking to my €13 goggle!!

  • I got these when they started off of Kickstarter.  Got them, and they SUCKED!!!  I contacted them immediately and they said to try to spacers…boom, biggest spacer in and THEY ARE AWESOME.  That was all it took.  I don't have them cinched down tight, they just fit and work.  I'm amazed actually…  The middle piece does come loose/fall off, but that's because you MUST really force it into place and get it to click/lock in place.  If you don't, it will work loose, but once you get it in place correctly they work awesome.

  • Makes me feel a bit better to see your reaction to snorkel-band (no buoy) laps. Not pretty when I tried these — actually you did not look that bad for a second. Your swim work-outs have really helped me.

  • How is the fog on these puppies? Have you had any issues?

  • How many pairs should someone try before shelling out this kind of money on custom goggles? Since you can try (buy) several pairs for as much as these cost, that seems a little tricky. I wouldn’t want to be buying expensive goggles forever when there is a $20 pair out there that is perfect, but don’t want to buy every other pair just to find out that these are the only ones that fit over my giant nose.

  • I’m sorry Taren but this is clearly a paid for promotion. By not telling us this though, it makes anything you say less objective. Please just be upfront and say whether you are being paid for stuff, we know you have to make a living.

  • Taren, I think you describe them so great!
    I have been fortunate to be an ambassador since day one, and now I refuse to use any other goggles. They are most certainly not perfect yet, but that is the direction the guys at TheMagic5 are going. I would recommend 10/10, and yes I am still an ambassador, but I do not get anything to post comments like this and I have never paid for my swimming equipment due to sponsorships. There is a reason TheMagic5 is the only brand I’ve ever been loyal to for an extensive period of time. They are truly great.

  • BEWARE, some might be lucky, if these googles fit. However, in my case they did not, the gaps along the seals are so big that light shines through them (& yes I tried the different nose bridges). Besides, the rubber gasket ripped a hole due to no obvious reason. I've been offered an exchange, but I do not see a point wasting more money (ex. import tax). This is not a mature product and imo should not be advertised/sold as such..

  • Have you tried the oncourse googles?


  • if you could only afford 1 pair of these goggles for both indoor/outdoor swims, which one would you recommend?

  • Did you ever try the Roka R1’s?

  • Following your review, I wanted to try out the "clear magic" (featured at 8:28') but it wasn't on display when I browsed their web site. So I reached out to them to enquire if it was out of stock and when would it be back in stock (16 Feb 2019). Almost 4 weeks later, I have yet to receive an answer. Not impressed with their customer service.

  • Just ordered my pair the other day! I've cycled through so many different goggles leaking and putting too much pressure on my face. Looking forward to trying these out! Great review as always

  • No dice for me I bout a pair, but my experience was more like this guys , the fit ok, but honestly they just felt like regular goggles and the seal wasn't there. Not really worth $70 for me

  • Blue Magic Goggles review begins at: 3:30 people…

  • I just ordered mine. Thanks for the discount. I hope they don't leak.

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