ThermoSpas Aquatic Series Hot Tub and Spa

“Hi, I’m Heidi from ThermoSpas and today we’re
going to introduce you to the newest series from ThermoSpas, new for 2011, the Aquatic
Series. Folks, if Michelangelo made spas, these would be his masterpieces. They’re incredibly
energy efficient, very quiet, but they also have the most powerful jets in the industry.
You’re going to get a great massage from head to toe. They’re highly customizable and we’re
going to show them to you today, starting with the Dolphin model. I’m standing here
inside of our Dolphin model. This is the first model we’ll show you from the Aquatic Series,
and it’s one of just many options available to you. As you can see, this is a five person
spa and all of the seats have varying depths at which you can sit. So you’ve got tons of
different options for anyone, whether you’re entertaining or just using your spa for personal
relaxation. We’ve got a Wave Lounge over here. We’ve got some higher up seats here. Those
are perfect for children or if you just want to get a little higher out of the water to
cool off a little bit. So this is by far my favorite feature of the Dolphin model. This
is the Two-Person Wave Lounge. As you can see, it’s very spacious. There’s plenty of
room for a second person, and this will give you the most incredible massage, from neck
to toe. Very easily controlled with your control panel here, all you need. And a beautiful
feature here is the hidden neck Pillow Massage. You’ve got water coming out here. You’ve got
the jets, again, from neck to toe. You can control any single one of them individually,
very simply, by turning them on or off like that. And another feature that’s available
to you are the stainless steal finishes on the jets. These are therapeutic jets and you
can customize them however you’d like. Hi, it’s Heidi at ThermoSpas and I’m standing here
in our Marlin model. This is one of the models in our 2011 Aquatic Series, all new. And as
you can see, this is a pretty large hot tub. It’s designed to accommodate five people,
and the seats are all at varying depths. This seat right here is what we call the Captain’s
Seat, right in the middle, and it divides the footwells into two distinct areas. You’ve
got tons of space. And one of the best features of this and other models here at ThermoSpas
is you have the ability to individually activate or deactivate any of the seating areas. So
if your friend over here just wants kind of a mild tingle, and your friend over here wants
a really intense massage, you can do that very easily at the touch of a button. Another
great feature here that’s available on all of our ThermoSpas models is the Filter Cover,
which doubles as an ice bucket and a cup holder. You’ve also got other creature comforts like
pop-up speakers. Look at that. So you can hook up your iPod easily and enjoy music. Hi it’s Heidi at ThermoSpas and I’m standing here behind our Maui model. This is one of
the all-new Aquatic Series for 2011, and this was designed to be the world’s most
comfortable three-person hot tub. You can fit up to three people. You can enjoy it all
alone to yourself. Or you can relax at the end of the day with a partner. It’s a beautiful
little hot tub here. We’ve got a Wave Lounge, with our patented Pillow Massage here as well,
so you’re getting a head to toe massage. We’ve also got a cool down area over here, and the
two are separated by a stainless steal armrest, which provides safety and comfort to the Maui
model. This is a perfect option for coming home to soak away the stresses of the day. You can find more information about this and other models at”

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  • Thanks for the smile. Let me assure you that his first and last names were not Michael and Angelo, as indicated in your video description. His moniker was actually Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni, to be precise.

    Nice spa.

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