They Found a City Under the Bermuda Triangle

I don’t know about you (and I really don’t
know about you… that’s a good thing, huh?), but I sometimes
like to have some light-hearted fun when it comes to mysteries and conspiracy theory stories. The only thing that’s even more fun, is
checking the facts and trying to debunk them. And what else has more crazy theories swirling
around it than the Bermuda Triangle? Can you guess which ones are true and which
are fake? 1) The bottomless ocean and vile whirlpools. Let’s start with something not too far out
of this world. As you probably already know, the Bermuda
Triangle is situated near the Bahama Islands. And if not for its huge mysterious neighbor,
the Bahamas would be a mystery in and of itself. Turns out, there’s a strange structure around
the bottom of the islands. The bottom of the ocean here is inconsistent. Every now and then, the otherwise sandy floor
is replaced by giant dark holes, like a living place for some giant eel. Of course, we’re not talking about sea monsters
here. At least for now. The most common problem with those caverns,
named Blue Holes, is that sometimes, tidal waves can make them produce vortices and whirlpools. Experienced divers, who love blue holes with
all their hearts, say that they’re like waterfalls in the middle of the sea. They suck thousands of gallons of water into
the depths, and nothing can escape them. So can these whirlpools be guilty of all the
disappearances happening in the Bermuda Triangle? To be fair, it’s not plausible. First, the whirlpools mostly appear in the
inland Blue Holes, situated on the Island and not in the ocean. And secondly, even if a vortex could sink
a small boat, it wouldn’t likely be an issue for big ships, let alone airplanes – they’re
far above that in every possible meaning. 2) What lurks in the depth of Blue Holes? Only about 20% of Blue Holes were ever explored,
and there are probably a lot more of them in the Bahamas area than we think. All we know is that they might relate to each
other via branching tunnels and caverns. This fact alone might explain why some ships
vanished in Bermuda and were never found. Brace yourself, we’re now stepping into
the crazy territory with this next question: what if something could drag a ship down there? The local people of Andros Island, part of
the Bahamas, have a legend in their folklore about a giant, vile octopus-like creature
named Lusca. Nobody knows how big this creature could be,
but all legends point to the Blue Holes as its home. Impossible, right? Well, strangely enough, some giant octopuses
were seen, and even caught, nearby, though they weren’t nearly as big as the legendary
creature. But you know how it goes; everything is way
bigger if you’re scared enough, so this legend may well be partially legit. On the other hand, a giant octopus capable
of dragging ships to rock bottom? None have grown to a size this big as far
as we know, so this version doesn’t seem too concerning. But still sounds too cool not to mention! 3) The city on the bottom of the Bermuda Triangle
Among paranormal researchers and investigators, there are as many Bermuda Triangle fans, as
fans of the ancient lost city of Atlantis. Can you imagine the excitement when the first
news about strange structures on the bottom of the Bermuda Triangle was released? Some believe that people of Atlantis had some
unimaginable power at their disposal. As those believers say, the leftover influence
of this power could be the source of electromagnetic anomalies guilty of misdirecting ships and
planes, and leading them to their demise. It all might sound questionable, and even
laughable, if not for the fact that there really are some strange structures lying at
the bottom of the Bermuda Triangle. Some even reported the presence of giant pyramids
here; and in some articles it was stated that they were made of glass. In reality, the only giant things here are
overstatements. There certainly aren’t any glass pyramids. The structures don’t look like pyramids
at all. And to even call them “structures”, as
in the remains of man-made buildings, would be a bit too generous for what’s there. These structures are called the Bimini Road. It lies northwest from the shore of North
Bimini island. In fact, it consists of two strange rock formations. Both look suspiciously like building blocks. At first, it seemed like these rocks were
too linear and rounded to be of natural origin. The main hypothesis stated that Bimini Road
was the only visible part of a more complex man-made structure, buried in the sand of
the ocean bottom. Further research showed that underlying ground
layers beneath the Bimini Road feature nothing but bedrock, with no possible cavities in
it. That totally excludes any possibility of these
rocks being a part of a building. Also, no matter how close researchers looked
into Bimini Road, they never found any evidence of masonry on the rocks. So, what can we conclude about the ancient
city on the bottom of the Bermuda Triangle? I guess, sometimes, rocks are just rocks;
there’s no reason to search for Atlantis in all of them. Debunked! 4) I’m Not Saying It’s Aliens, But… Don’t worry, I’m not going to cloud your
eyes with some weird sightings or other unreliable evidence. Something much more tangible lies within the
borders of the Bermuda Triangle. With all the stories around the area, it’s
no wonder that the floor of the ocean is littered with shipwrecks from all over the world and
from all ages. And as you can imagine, this is a sweet spot
for treasure hunters brave enough to challenge the mysterious waters of the Bermuda Triangle. One of these treasure hunters was lucky enough
to come across a secret map, made from the orbit of the planet in the 60s, during one
of the first flights into outer space. This map reveals lots of shipwreck coordinates
in the Caribbean area. One of them wasn’t marked as a shipwreck,
but as an “unidentified object”. If that doesn’t call some attention, then
I don’t know what does. The luckiest treasure hunter in the world
believed that these coordinates should lead to the remains of the ship that was part of
Christopher Columbus’ expedition. What was awaiting the explorer at 300ft below
the ocean’s surface was possibly even more significant. It was an object later classified as a USO
– unidentified submerged object. It was nothing like a man-made ship, and there
was no way something like it could have been formed purely by nature. Plastered with layers and layers of coral,
the object was unidentifiable. But it was huge, with long protrusions sticking
out of it in bunches of 5 in different directions. Two more identical objects were found nearby;
so the pattern of protrusion wasn’t just random, like a freak of nature. The strangest thing? I can’t debunk it! You may think I’m sold on this finding because
I really have nothing to show against it. But I don’t think it’s something extraordinary,
because there’s no further research, no scientific articles – just nothing! I don’t think something like this would
be ignored, but who knows. Maybe some investigation on strange objects
is going on right now, and the scientific community is getting ready to change our outlook
on the universe once and for all. 5) The Hutchison Effect. Sounds super-scientific, I know. And believe me, I’m certainly not here to
try to debunk science. What I’m talking about lies somewhere beyond
the boundaries of traditional knowledge. A lot of Bermuda Triangle stories feature
reports, allegedly received from missing aircraft and ships. There are reports about strange cloud formations,
tunnels in the air or above water, or the sudden appearance of thick fog sparkling with
electric lights. As legend suggests, some of these anomalies
are not only capable of completely disorienting any vessel, but also removing them from where
they were altogether! Some enthusiasts of this theory draw a line
between it and the experimentations of Joseph Hutchison, who was trying to prove that electromagnetic
fields can collide with each other and produce all kinds of disturbances to reality itself. He’s done countless experiments in which
electromagnetic fields were able to make objects levitate, fly out of the water, and begin
to illuminate. Hutchison himself thinks that similar things
may have their place in special places like the Bermuda Triangle. Now you probably have an idea why I’m not
too confident about how scientific this phenomenon is. A lot of Hutchison’s experiments were even
recorded on camera, but it doesn’t serve as documental proof. It mostly does the opposite. These experiments mostly look like a magic
trick, and not like a real scientific effort. None of the Hutchison’s effects were ever
proved to be real. All the mentioned theories have one cool thing
in common. They all show how imaginative people can be. And let’s not forget that imagination is
the foundation for exploration and the pursuit of real knowledge. And one good piece of evidence may turn the
table upside down in no time. We just must wait with our feet on the ground
and our eyes beyond the sky. Even the Bermuda Triangle mystery might eventually
be solved, and I can’t wait to know the solution to this riddle. What theory would you call the most solid
and trustworthy? Let me know in the comment section! If you learned something new today, then give
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