Get the brand-new Sir Meows-alot backpack now available at! Hello everyone, welcome to another video, today we’re gonna be using this I don’t really know how to explain it. It’s called image to image demo, I have actually done this on the channel before, i think like a way way way a long time ago, but what it is is it is a computer-generated image that is Created based off what you draw? That’s like the best way I can describe it? So this one is like, for example you draw this and then it turns it into a cat, right? And then down here, You can do buildings, and then there’s shoes and then there’s bags.. So I was thinking we could, uh.. we could try out some different, some different drawings. See if we can actually get it to.. To be something.. that looks as good as this, at least, that’s sort of what I’m aiming for. Kind of. why don’t we start off with.. How about this? Let’s just go a really, really poorly drawn cat that you that you’d see like.. I don’t know, something that like, someone in preschool would draw and see.. and see if the Computer can guess what it is that I’m trying to do here. This is gonna be so scary, Oh no, okay, and then it’s got the, the legs as well, there. There you go. process! aah! AAH! WHAT’S IT GONNA BE!? it’s processing! I mean, All things considered, it’s not that bad. I mean, come on. I mean, come on, look at it. I mean, it’s bad. Don’t get me wrong. It’s really bad. It looks horrific, but it could be worse. It really really could be. why don’t we try.. here’s an idea, guys. First off, ladies and gentlemen, the kitty of the day! and the kitty of the day today Is this little itty bitty pretty kitty sitting down beside this little plant! I don’t even know why I call it kitty of the day anymore. I only remember to do it once every, like, 10 videos, I’m really sorry guys, but this kitty, I was thinking what if we draw this one, perfectly, Obviously it would be perfect, on to-uh.. On to this and see, just how close, the computer gets to this cat. so if we go Okay.. the ears.. Okaaaay.. And I’m just gonna have the tail have to go around like that, that’s alright, then that there is the leg, And then over here.. it’s gonna have the little nose-with-mouth.. This looks ridiculous. Oh No, is that okay? That’s not okay. undo. Uh, here we go. Hold on and then Yeah, it looks okay, it’s alright. those eyes, oh my goodness, hold on let me undo that. Hold on. Hold on. I will get it guys look at it. So we go. I can’t look closer to it this year Alright, so if this is we go round like this like this like That Guys, this might actually end up turning out great. So yeah, then we even adds a little leg there. See, there you go yeah, and Just to really give it those sort of lines, you know make it really look like this cat. I’d say we go ahead and Get some lines going Okay, guys, here we go. I’m terrified but There I think it’s I think it might turn out. Okay, it might be okay. Are there any little whiskers? There’s some tiny whisker. Oh, yeah we could do Okay, let’s do that let’s work with that we’ll see how it goes I got another kitty of the day that might actually work really well after this one. Okay, I’m terrified and excited Let’s do it Whoa, nope gross I Think it’s thought that the ear was an eye And I don’t even know what’s going on over there. And then this doesn’t make any sense Okay, okay. Okay. Hold on hold on. Hold on something can get fixed here. I know it Can I just don’t know what I’m gonna use this little eraser here Maybe it was really confused with everything that was going on here. So I’ll turn that into an ear see if this fixes anything I’ll get rid of the mouth so that I turned out okay this one did not I think it needs more of a proper pupil and then Mouse’s hair. Why don’t we try that and then? This seemed to be a little too harsh. Why don’t we lighten that up a bit too there? Then these lines as well are a little bit too harsh. Okay. All right the process It all just kind of blends together a bit more Hey, why is it doing that though? So yeah, yeah, I’ll get one day if I I’ll give you more of like a foot there Maybe it doesn’t realize that that’s a nose. So maybe it doesn’t need the whiskers actually Let’s try that Okay. Okay. It’s more of a no. It’s more of a nose process. I Don’t think it’s getting much better guy. It’s we tried, you know all things, okay? How about this? Like all the time times? We’ve done this has it really been this close I mean come on look at them. They’re pretty much the same thing Right. Okay, maybe not maybe not That’s okay. There’s all these other ones we can try like let’s say for example the shoe one. That one’s really fun We come down here Alright this one guys. So if we clear this out, let’s see if we can actually maybe do like the same thing So on they made a shoe like that You know something like that there I don’t know what would that immediately look like actually I’m curious Whoa whoa Okay, that is a shoe. That is a shoe right there Ladies and gentlemen, we just created a full shoe within the span of seconds I know I don’t look how far we’ve come but but What if we do this? I’m just gonna go a horrible boot, okay? So I think the way this computer works is it looks for the opening of the shoes and once the it uses Like whatever hole is in your picture is what its gonna use for the actual hole that your foot goes into so let’s say if we Hypothetically made something like this even though it looks like I don’t know. It looks like like a sunny-side up egg It’s gonna think that it is a shoe kind of facing towards us and then that right there is where the foot would go in Okay, maybe not maybe not. I don’t know. I guess I have no idea what I’m talking about. Apparently. Well great Okay, what if we do like I don’t know we’ll put more detail in on it this time. So if we go like this Then it goes around it just looks like a Santa stalking now hey, there you go. Hey, these are the laces There well that do better is that gonna be what Cheese um seems alright Whoa, dude, I don’t know that looks pretty good That’s a proper shoe right there. I gotta say maybe the laces are a little weird looking but otherwise We didn’t probably edit that laces a bit. So they look more like There’s actual some sort of depth to them. She’s not that one there though, go like that Yeah, I think it can actually sort of tell what I was going for there It doesn’t look that bad it honestly looks okay, especially put that tag there Let’s make it more not the time. But the thing that you grab onto it’s not a bad shoe guys It’s not bad and it’s not a good looking shoe This isn’t what we should be basing things off of has science gone too far It’s this how we’re gonna be creating things going forwards. Just letting computers do the work for us How about banks? Have you ever even considered bags? That’s a nice-looking bag right there what they made we got to do something like that Let’s see What’s a good bag we could do. Oh, I don’t know this sir. Meow’s a lot backpack Available at Dennis daily comm link in the description below. So he’s got the cute little ears Just like that, there we go. Oh jeez. Okay. I don’t know. I don’t know about down it’s got the nice pockets goes around the ears like that a bit and the ears in here This is gonna look so ridiculous Okay, he’s got a little front pocket with a tie as well See well and go the eyes Is just something like that I’d say, oh boy The nose so we should fill that one in – There you go guys, it’s the surveys log backpack you got the little straps on the sides as well There it’s perfect Even the little things kind of coming out, you know to tighten their process Oh, I’m so scared. What’s it gonna make? whoa whoa Okay That’s really cool but strange and scary that you’re on our right It thinks is a strap and then the one on the left it kind of got the ear I’m gonna conclude that that’s really scary I don’t think that’s a good looking bag if I saw that on someone’s back I would probably run away even if they were in grade school. Okay, I see what it did here though it doesn’t think that that’s a pocket but it very obviously is a pocket there now Let’s see if I can make this seem way more like here maybe if I fill these in it’ll think that their ears Maybe it got the straps pretty decently it really did there. What about this now process I Don’t really think that was much better. Oh Boy hold on I’ll get rid of this This just seems so weird the eyes got that. I’m surprised it got the eyes the way it did actually because Usually bags don’t have eyes on them. Do they? Okay Let’s do Mmm, let’s see if I can do a nice normal. Purse now mind you I don’t know anything about purses so I have no idea. What like a good-looking Some little buckles on it like this or something maybe then it’s a little it’s where the little straps would go. Hey Hey go around like that Yeah, then we’ll put in some detail because that seems to be what the The demos are doing as well throw in some detail. Give it that extra little bit of liveliness I don’t know make it look like there’s some items in there It’s all crumpled up and stuff. And then you know, those are causing some little dents in the bag process Here’s an idea so you take that that’s now purse with some detail now if we erase the detail How much does it really add does it make it better or does it make things a lot worse? Oops? I did not mean to undo that we can just quit and finish that up again Don’t go ahead and erase you and you okay. Let’s let’s process that okay, that actually looks a lot better Maybe we shouldn’t be doing detail the way we have been let’s go Let’s go one more. Let’s go one more Except let’s go. Let’s go back to the cats. And I’m gonna try to make sir Meow’s law Perfectly. Okay. That’s what I’m thinking right now I’m gonna I’m gonna look at sir meows a lot in my camera exactly the way he looks to you guys. Okay, you’re mad Let’s position you a little bit so there you’d be right there Okay, so there’s your ear Kind of sticking out a bit like that. Then you go around like this. Not bad. Not bad It’s okay Like so Could be worse could be worse we need to make it apparent that these are years So perhaps this will actually go back like that and then we’ll go over like that. They’re You know Pretty circular not gonna lie pretty proud of myself. It’s like around like this here Except we gotta make it so he’s got that little reflection in his eyes You know I’m saying guys, you know what? I mean? Yeah. There you go. Yeah Yeah, that turned out pretty well You can go ahead and like this a little bit a little bit of tie detail there Okay, we might not get the whole body in not at this rate the way I’m doing it And then like that Okay, okay. It’s not looking too bad actually, so we’ve got a line right there line right there and Another line right there and right there Not so bad, he’s got a little nose. Actually you can’t really see it but oh boy undo and go around like this and Then he’s got his little nose there with the mouth and then he goes you Know there his legs sticking out and we’re just gonna have to make it like that exactly the way He’s gonna be one fat kitty cat and I’ll just have the tail like that because it doesn’t really matter. Okay, cool so those are his Man, what? Okay, hold on. So is that really what it? Oh gee, sir me I was like you look Look, very interesting Okay, whatever let’s approach that’s it whoa, um No bad Not bad, you got to remember that. It doesn’t expect there to be a tie. It’s thinking that the tie is like The body like pictures your mouse a lot without the tie that’s pretty good Honestly I’m really happy with that Not bad at all. Well guys, there you go if you want to check this out for yourself Image to image demo pics the two pics. Yeah is something like that? I don’t know means Very it’s very easy. You just look up and so um I highly suggest you check it out really cool really fun to play with but guys on that note I would like to thank you so much for joining me for another video If you enjoyed please remember to leave it a like maybe even subscribe if you haven’t already Don’t forget to check out that sir mail slot back pack so you can draw it an image to image Available at Dennis daily comm link in the description below But other than that again, thank you guys and I will see you in the planet Captions By: Kaden Ali

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