This Turtle Hasn’t Had Lighting Since 1992 – 3 New Neglected Reptiles!

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  • What if you put a tight band around the shell.
    Can a year of tension make its shell flatter again? Kinda like how braces push teeth around?

  • Put that bearded dragon down… this is torture…

  • And remove that skin from leopard geckos right back foot so he can have circulation of blood.

  • You're a gem!

  • I wonder if the beardie would be able to gain mobility if the person who has it moves its leg for it a few minutes a day for a while, like how you do to help people with atrophied muscles gain enough muscle mass to be able to start moving on their own.

  • You’re very inspiring I’m 20 and have a passion for animals as well it’s awesome to see another dude my age use his specialty to help animals in need.

  • That is shocking. This turtle was neglected from before I was born, and she still lives!

  • This just breaks my heart and makes me so angry. I am so thankful that these creatures were finally able to be saved and protected by someone. Poor guys.

  • I have a rescue Leo with MBD. He’s a special little guy for sure. I love him very much 💕

  • This whole video is just me saying "oh poor baby!" ;_;

    If thier original owners/breeder just cared more!

  • Dude! Leopard geckos are crepuscular, they do need low uvb!! They are out dusk and Dawn but will sometimes bask, or stick their tail out to get their uv rays! Please acknowledge this x have a look at "leopard gecko" on YouTube she has loads of videos on this!

  • i love the photoshop walking

  • the turtle looks like someone wrapped a rubber band over his shell for years

  • I hope the turtle gets spoiled to death for the rest of his life. ball boi

  • animations 10/10

  • I rescued a little leopard gecko girl from a 9 year old boy who lost interest (classic) she has MILD mbd and weighed only 14 grams when we picked her up. She now weights at least 30, looks so much more vibrant, and her joints are doing a lot better. it’s so sad, but it’s a very rewarding thing to see when you can turn an animals life around

  • I was cleaning my leopard gecko cage while watching this (I like him to hear other voices, he doesn't often and It's helped him adjust to the random times people are around him) and when you said 'this Leopard has metobolic bone disease' mine walked straight off of a log and into a hide 😂

  • These cases make me so angry and sad.

  • Does UVB hurt leopard geckos?

  • Dude your only 19 years old

  • please do a yellowbelly slider care video

  • My roommates have 2 red ear sliders :"(( in a BIN, how can i send it you my guy or anyone who have a home for them?

  • Lucky may be able to get limited mobility by swim therapy.

  • Omg, he roasted the baby at 1:38, 7:19 , and 11:19.

  • I’d love to adopt one one day and try making them little braces. It would be a fun project and would make a life better.

  • My two adult bearded dragons wont eat anything but bugs..I've literally tried every trick I found..also tried every green,veg and fruit,flower on the ok..list..even didn't feed them for 11 days..still refused. Help!! I'm worried about their health..

  • The turtle looked like a Peninsula Cooter- because it looks like my Peninsula Cooters-

  • We had a bearded dragon that had mbd and they gave her three months she lived for 11 years she was such a beautiful reptile it sad how it affects the

  • Goddamn, there are some awful humans in the world. These poor animals! I wish that people wouldn't get animals that they can't take care of.

    I wonder if Lucky (bearded dragon) could have some kind of physical therapy to strengthen his legs like humans who've lost muscle mass due to illness or injury. Like people who've survived polio.

  • your 19!

  • 6:25 they said I could become anything so I became a beardie snek

  • I had a bearded dragon when I was in elementary school and seeing this beardie’s condition breaks my heart. I can’t believe someone would let this happen to a beautiful animal like this.

  • Unrelated, you should breed American toads

  • How do I help my turtle to eat his food easier? he. has difficulty to eat his food (fast) compared to yours

  • Very blessed little dudes to get you to care for them! You are the BESTEST on the YouTube! Peace and blessings and nice job on the neglected buddies

  • Do you have somewhere we can donate to your rescue?

  • Maybe try to have the beardie swim? then he at least uses his muscles ?

  • I'm sorry but when he zoomed into the Leppard gecko I laughed a lil

  • That bearded dragon is just cosplaying as a snake.

  • The beardie needs physical therapy.

  • Beardie needs physical therapy!!

  • Poor animals. If I ever get a lizard I will make sure it gets enough calcium and light

  • The beardie makes me so sad my boy passed away the 8th from old age and medical problems. I hate how people disrespect animals 😭

  • Speaking of proper growth, I want to recommend a slight caloric increase.

  • So you sell animals people give you for free sounds like a money thing to me

  • I showed my brother this and he said it looks normal.

    I'm never gonna let my brother near my reptiles again

  • Poor turtle, I would love to get him as a play mate for my little Jade, but I think he's too big for the tank. What organizations are the o es that rescue & foster turtles?

  • You should get a Chinese Cave Gecko, they are pretty rad

  • I appreciate that you spread awareness upon taking care of all animals properly

  • It's sad that these animals are not properly cared for and that they are suffering because of it and that due to their in proper care they have been physically deformed and that I'm partial to turtles because I had a red ear slider for 8 years before I handed them off to a wildlife rescue center because I could not accommodate for a bigger aquarium then I had I had a 55-gal aquarium my exotic veterinarian told me that I needed a 200 gallon aquarium for my red eared slider and we could not accommodate for that size of an aquarium so I spent I think a good year and a half trying to find somewhere for him to go and ended up contacting my local Indianapolis Humane Society and they got me in touch with the lady named Amy and she said her mother to come down and get my turtle coat time I couldn't drive I still can't drive but he's been there since and he's quite happy and quite healthy

  • Since 1992?!
    The fuck? So they just keep it in their basement and forget about it?

  • No with the bearded dragon I would wonder since you said you can move his legs I would wonder if there was a way you could do some kind of physical therapy with him to try to get those legs to wear their somewhat functional

  • Now the gecko you have there that has already been adopted out or sold out I'm curious to know how long you had him for and have you noticed him having any problems with him shedding because of way his joints are now due to the improper care I am curious to know if he has any issues with getting the skin off him when he sheds


  • Leopard gecko's aren't strictly nocturnal animals, they do bask, they do benefit from UVb (and as such should be provided with it), they do climb.
    Those were common misconceptions and old beliefs.

  • That's is crazy I have my red ear in a 75 with light and heat I feel like I'm neglecting hin

  • Nice try but getting free sick animal's then selling them. This is so sad. Not going to watch this channel.

  • Must be so boring to be a turtle. 100 years and all you do is eat bugs and love in a tank.

    And live in a tank, I guess the love in the tank would be the one highpoint.

  • You are a good guy. Taking care of animals like this, so few humans treat their pets well, and you are out there giving them the best life they can have now. You rock!

  • You live in NC?! AWESOME!!! Where abouts in NC do you live? I ask because I live near Goldsboro.. 🙂

  • Poor baby!! I am so happy that you save and give all these reptiles better lives! Thank you for doing that!

  • Hydrodynamic* lol why would a turtle need to be aerodynamic? A flying turtle is a silly thought.

  • This was too sad

  • Have you thought about seeing a vet to trim his shell down some so he can move easier? If he needs extra protection while it regrows maybe you could jury rug something like a 3d printed shell protector?
    He'd be good for a zoo attraction to show people, especially kids, exactly what can go wrong when not cared for properly.
    You might also try a little Lego crutch underneath him to help him move steadier.
    These are just ideas. I come up with so many even my cats occasionally ignore me.😊 So feel free to ignore me or use them. I'm sure you know a lot more than I do.
    Poor babies. Have you thought about physical therapy for the lizards? Is that even possible?

  • That yellow belly hasn't had proper care for my whole damn life. Yikes.

  • On Hannah Shaw's channel 'Kitten Lady', she recently successfully treated a kitten for Swimmer Syndrome– legs that are splayed out to the side instead of in the proper position. She used serial taping to coax the limbs to form properly.

    I know reptiles aren't mammals, and newborns are uniquely plastic. But I wonder if something like this could help the leopard gecko and the bearded dragon. Just a suggestion which you might want to look into. 🙂

  • Alex we’re the same age :O

  • Omg, so my add for this was academy sports and outdoor

  • Hey. My beardie will not eat anything but crickets, and crickets here are pricey and are nit the best man in food option for beardie a. She won’t eat vegetables, super worms, horn worms, I’ve tried everything. She only will eat worms when she’s super hungry, and she will bite at them once, miss then give up. I also have to herd the crickets into a corner so she will eat them. This has been happening for around 6 weeks now. How can I help this?

  • Fish, reptiles, rodents, insects, birds all deserve as much love and care as your cat and dog they are still very much are pets, they are not training animals for little Timmy or Susie they ARE pets.

  • So sad

  • Hello I have a turtle 🐢 and I never put lamp but yet she’s healthy

  • 😢

  • My blue tongue skink was born with a strange jaw, and a crooked tail, but it wasn't particularly noticeable at first, his lip looked like it just had a slight odd line, and the base of his tail looks like it has kinda a bump. As he grew, the lip became quite obvious, and at some point the tail bump was too, and naturally I was worried so I took him to this vet in this tiny little clinic that's kinda out of the way, but thankfully the vet (who is an ABSOLUTE CHARACTER tbh, kinda quiet and people-awkward but definitely very focused, and as an autistic introvert that is my kinda people) reassured me that the Sausage child's abnormalities were not caused by anything I had done. Doesn't stop me from having anxious-pet-owner nightmares, but at least I'm more secure otherwise.
    Sausage Baldrick was born in 2016 so he's been fully grown for a while now. Now, his jaw is basically slightly crooked, and it's plainly visible if ya look at him from the front, or on the side with the odd lip… where you can actually kinda see his little teeth nubs. It hasn't advanced any more though, and it certainly doesn't seem to effect his ability to skink around at all. He's an exceptionally friendly little thing, and he seems to be living quite happily, so I guess I'll just continue to do what I've been doing. Of course, HE'S always been getting UV and calcium from the start, I was NEVER about to make THAT friggin' mistake when I got him.

  • Poor babies…. I hope in their new homes they can find comfort

  • That's complete bullshit that people do this,Why didn't they just let it go if they cant even provide something like light?

  • Omg I just went to your sight I have 3 turtles in 150 gallon swimming pool on my full window enclosed front porch with lots of natural uv!!! I was so going to buy that little guy I loved him!! And his silly shell!! He was gone already 😕 but I’ve had my turtles for 8 years they are at their forever home 🙂

  • Does anyone eles think this guy looks like sub urban?

  • "Wink Wink were watching you" lol!😂

  • This is heart breaking…. I suggest to do a tons of research and ask expert before buying or adopting an animal….

  • I remember him saying in a past video that he is (was) 18 and i was like "yeah, my age group!", but in this video he says that 92 was 8 years before he was born, so he is from 2000 and i was like "wait, what? What year is it? Oh wait, totally not my age group. Wow, I'm so old". I really need to get over the fact, that if someone's birthyear starts with a two, they are not necessaryly a toddler…

  • Well I’m genuinely angry right now ……..

  • Oooh poor turtly, it breaks my heart 🙁

    But what a nice young man to help, adopt, find a new home and educate <3 First video I watch from this channel. I will subscribe.

  • You should do i reptile room tour plzzzzz.

  • You're killing it with these videos I can't believe I forgot to sub before. Didn't make that mistake again. Keep the uploads coming!

  • Poor babies.

  • My beardie absolutely loves her UV light. I thought she would prefer her heat lamp, but nope. Always under the UV light.

  • Have you thought about starting a go-fund-me to get the x-rays and whatever other Veterinarian services these beautiful animals require??

  • Would it be possible to treat Lucky the same was a kitten with swimmer syndrome. By taping or something the legs and arms in a correct position (if it is not to uncomfortable) the body might realise at some point that they can use them to move.

  • I know I made mistakes with my first leopard gecko. She developed the same bone disease here that you described, and I didn't know it until I took her to a vet. But the main thing was that she had one little fall off my lap and hit her head I guess, and she started showing neurological issues. It wasn't even a big fall. But I did care about her health. But I didn't want her to suffer. She couldn't eat anymore the right way, and I wasn't going to force feed her. I had her humanely put down. I have two more geckos now, Snow Macks, and I did learn from my mistakes. I've had them for over two years now. Both are well fed, proper vitamins, heat source, and such. Sometimes finicky eaters.

    But a baby turtle that I have developed maybe some of that too. His shell scutes started going inward on him. Seen a vet and he's still growing, so hoping he'll get a better outcome later. I've added some things to his diet that he was lacking. He just turned a year old. Yes, I had him under lights, tho he keeps trying to avoid them. He's a rascal. But he has good appetite and energy. I'm not giving up on him anytime soon.

  • Roasting that poor turtle hard. No wonder he looks so grumpy.

  • Nothing makes me madder then to think of such heartless ppl!! Those are beings, they are just like us idc what anyone says about that!!!

  • I hope the slider gets a good home!

  • Actually leopard geckos are crepuscular and recent research show there is benefit to giving them low level UV lighting. I have an albino and use a low level bulb and she does great, and yes she does use it, if she doesnt want it she goes into oneof her many hides, Whats funny is thereare times whee her whole body is out absorbing the ligt but other times she'll just stick her tail out or her leg, they are great self regulators.

  • Does anyone know where I can adopt a chameleon from a rescue or that someone wants to rehome

  • What area of north Carolina are u in i want a pet ball python

  • Big oof

  • I need help I am having a hard time decreasing humidity levels in my corn snakes enclosure. I have added a smaller water bowl . I have a dehumidifier near her enclosure I have added ventilation I don’t know what more I can do . I have 4 different hygrometers because I thought it might of been false readings . But it’s always around 70% and i am extremely concerned. Please help

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