This Waterslide Will Make You Scream!

Life on a cruise ship is relaxing… Entertaining… And delicious. But it can also be thrilling! This type of water slide
where the floor drops out from under you… Is fairly common at water parks on land.
But this one’s not on land. It’s on a cruise ship. And not just any cruise ship…
One of the newest and best in the world:
Norwegian Bliss. Let’s take a closer look at how this waterslide works. You climb up a big tall tower. Then you get inside this little chamber. And then you have the hell scared out of you
when the floor suddenly drops out
from under your feet! (SCREAMING!) You drop straight down. And there’s water splashing in your face. And the next thing you know,
you’re zooming over the side of the ship! And then you’re actually going up hill. And then down again. And right about the time you’re wondering
why the heck you put yourself through this… You make a big splash
and come to a very wet end of the ride. In real time,
it only takes about nine seconds… But it’s the longest nine seconds you’ll ever experience! And I’m not exaggerating when I say
that not everyone makes it to the end. Some people get stuck! It happens most often
to ladies wearing a one-piece swimsuit. All that extra fabric in the big swimsuit
creates extra friction which slows you down. And if you don’t get enough speed going
you won’t quite make it through the uphill section… And you’ll end up sliding backwards
and getting stuck in the bottom of the loop. This sets off an alarm
so the attendant knows there’s a rider stuck inside. He has to open an emergency exit
at the bottom of the loop to get you out. Next time, wear a bikini!
You’ll go fast enough to make it all the
way through. If you’re thinking about taking a
vacation… And you like the idea of riding
this very scary waterslide… Consider a cruise with Norwegian Cruise Line
on their newest ship: Norwegian Bliss.

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