This Week in Fish and Wildlife: Preventing the spread of aquatic invasive species

this Thursday with the warmer weather folks are gonna be thinking about taking their boats out of Montana’s waterways this week in fish and wildlife we have some tips for you from Fish Wildlife and Parks before you do that this weekend Fish and Wildlife sponsored by your local Montana Toyota dealers Thursday morning time once again for this week in Fish and Wildlife oh we’re outside at region 3 headquarters joining us this morning Morgan Jacobson Morgan it’s that time of year we’re standing in front of a boat and folks that want to get out on the waters need to do a couple of things before they can do that don’t they that’s right so this this time years is when people are starting to hit the water what we really want people to think about as as they’re moving their their water crafts around is is preventing the spread of aquatic invasive species and this is something we’ve been talking about for a number of years and but it’s it’s becoming something that people need to be more aware of as time goes by because the likelihood of spreading those invasive species becomes becomes greater so in order to kind of slow that spread we have inspection and decontamination stations throughout the state and so we’re asking people to pay attention to those and and to follow the regulations we have for them and it is working I know that we were talking about this up before we started this little segment you have found aquatic invasive species you have found mussels in these inspections it is doing the job that it’s supposed to that’s right so so far this year we found eight vessels in Montana with with mussels attached to them these are quagga mussels and so you know just just kind of reminds us of the reality of this problem aquatic invasive species especially quagga mussels pose threats to some of our iconic waterways to Montana you know they pose threats to to the economy to recreation and to all kinds of things and so what what we’re requiring people to do is is if they’re entering Montana from another state with their watercraft whether that watercraft is motorized or not they need to come by for for an inspection if they’re traveling west across the Continental Divide they also need inspection or if they’re coming off of Canyon fairy or Tiber reservoirs those those boats and water crafts need inspections as well and if people have questions about this and there’s a number of resources that they can go to clean drain dry Mt comm is one of those resources and they can also call any of our regional offices at Fish Wildlife and Parks yeah I would think being able to find the resources where do I go I want to go out on the waterways I meet one of those requirements where I need to have that one of those websites would be the place to find it that’s right clean drain dry em t-dot-com is has the most comprehensive answers for people who maybe want to know where can I find an inspection station there’s inspection stations all over the place and that website lists the operating hours of those stations people can also come by a regional fishery elephant parks office for an inspection during business hours and you know if they have any other questions about you know specific rules and regulations and they can go to that website if people encounter an inspection station while they’re traveling with their watercraft they are required to stop and that just helps us you know catch other boats that that may or may not have have known about these regulations but again if people have questions about any of this they can go to that website or they can call any of our regional offices and we’ll be able to help them that’s perfect again mortgages in joining us this morning talking about something very critical to the waterways here in southwest Montana Morgan thank you very much and that’s this week in Fish & Wildlife this week in Fish and Wildlife was brought to you by Toyota let’s go places

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