Top 10 Beautiful Aquatic Plant Layouts in Aquariums

Did you know planted aquariums also have a
worldwide contest commonly known as International Aquatic Plant Layout Contest or IAPLC which
receives entries from planted aquarium hobbyist from all over the world and top 27 entries
are awarded with prizes based on highest point ratings from judges. The grand prize of the IAPLC is about 1 million
Yen that is nearly Twelve thousand USD ($ 12K). You should see these aquarium layout if you
are planted aquarium hobbyist because the top grand prize winner always comes up with
a truly immersive and beautiful layouts. So here are the Top 10 beautiful planted aquarium
layouts which are the world no. 1 ranking entries of International Aquatic
Plant Layout Contest for past 10 years. At Number 10 is Ashy Range
This amazing planted aquarium layout was created by Chow Wai Sun from Hong Kong and it was
the grand prize winner of IAPLC for the year 2007. This Immersive layout symbolizing a beautiful
lagoon was called Ashy Range. At Number 9 is Mount. Donha
Mount Donha was created by hobbyist Cheng Siu Wai again from Hong Kong and it won the
grand prize at IAPLC for the year 2008. Mount Donha truly creates a natural look of
a green uphill mountain. At Number 8 is Moment in Time
Created by Nguyen Tien Dung from Vietnam. It won the grand prize at IAPLC for the year
2009. This layout certainly gives you the moment
you might need. At Number 7 is Forest Scent
Wining the grand prize for the year 2010. Forest Scent was created by Paul Boutin from
Russia. This layout does gives an immersive feeling
of dark wooden forest filled with trees and hence it stands by its name Forest Scent Number 6 is Delecate World
This layout of aquatic plants was made by Long Tran Hoang from Vietnam and it won the
grand prix prize at IAPLC 2011. The layout works includes the coral like mountains
with long floating branches with perfectly planted green plants. At Number 5 is Amazon
This layout won the grand prize at IAPLC 2012. The dense forest like plants on sides of narrow
pathway creates the immersive look of the amazon forest. It was created by Zhang Jianfeng from China. At Number 4 is Evergreen
Winning the grand prix prize at IAPLC 2013, Evergreen was created by Truong Thinh Ngo
from Vietnam. It gives the look of a rocky mountain. At Number 3 is Passage
Passage was created by Grégoire Wolinski from France and it won the grand prize at
IAPLC 2014. It is also one of the most mesmerizing layout
of a wonderful place. At Number 2 is Longing
Takayuki Fukada from Japan created the beautiful aquatic plant layout called the Longing. It won the grand prize at IAPLC. Giving the view of a mesmerizing dense forest
location, Longing was certainly the best aquatic plant layout for the year 2015. And at Number 1 in this list is Mighty Cave. Mighty Cave was also build by Takayuki Fukada
from Japan and he won the grand prize for world no.1 ranking at IAPLC 2016. Making him the person to win the IAPLC grand
prize for the second time. Check out more amazing aquatic plant layout
at IAPLC website. I hope you liked this amazing aquatic plant
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