Top 10 CRAZIEST Water Slides In The World!

From straight drops through trap doors to
full 360 degree loops…Hold on tight because here comes the top 10 craziest waterslides! Number 10: Twister and Speedy. To kick of our list, we’re taking you to Austria. Whether you’re living in Europe, or you’re
just visiting, this is definitely something worth checking out. Located at Sonnentherme Lutzmannsburg thermal
spa in Austria, Twister and Speedy are the names of two awesome waterslides that never
cease to amaze their visitors. And before you know it, you’ll be spinning
around! These two waterslides are positioned in such
a way that they wrap around a watch tower platform. And not just once, but several times! Until you reach the bottom, you will be spinning
around and around, in one of the craziest rides in Europe! If you like to go fast, then you should definitely
go with Speedy (hence its name), but if you want a long, exciting ride…be sure to check
out Twister, as well. With over 660ft in length, this is one of
the longest waterslides on the Old Continent. Number 9: Jumeirah Sceirah. If you want to see a feat of architecture
and technology, then you should definitely go to Dubai. Here, you can find all kinds of amazing stuff,
once of which is the Jumeirah Sceirah. You think the name sounds crazy? Wait till you go down it! This waterslide is located just outside Dubai,
in the Wild Wadi Water Park. This water park is a great place with so many
fun things to offer. However, its crown achievement is definitely
the Jumeirah Sceirah…one of the biggest waterslides in the world. Outside the two Americas, Jumeirah Sceirah
is the fastest and tallest free-fall waterslide on the planet. It’s 108ft high, and when you ride down it…you
can go up to 50mph! But the waterslide is made in such a way that
you have to cross your arms and legs before you are dropped through a door…unaware of
what awaits you in the ride! The view of the whole waterpark is amazing,
and the adrenaline rush makes the ride even more memorable. A true waterslide attraction. Number 8: Summit Plummet. Before we talk about his insane waterslide,
take a moment to like this video and subscribe to our channel! Be sure to click that little notification
bell, too, so you’ll always be notified of our newest videos! For all things amazing, the right place to
go is Disney World. If you want fast, and tall…then don’t miss
the crazy ride on the Summit Plummet. This is one of the major attractions at Blizzard
Beach, as it offers you a breathtaking view of the whole surroundings. The way Summit Plummet is designed it resembles
a ski jump, making the whole ride even more awesome! And the best part is that the slide is at
almost a 90-degree angle. This means that it’s practically impossible
to see what lies ahead before you head off into the unknown. Then, once you pick up speed….you go through
a tunnel, and you’re literally swimming in water, because it’s everywhere! And then…before you even know it, it’s all
over….you’re at the end of the slide. The whole thing is so exciting and adrenaline-packed
that most people have a hard time realizing what actually happened. There is also a digital readout for your sliding
speed; you can measure your progress and see whether or not you’re better than your friends…pretty
cool! Number 7: Insano. Yes…I know what you’re thinking. “It sounds like the word “insane!”” Yup, it does, and for a reason. Because the whole waterslide is kinda insane. This waterslide is located in Brazil, at Beach
Park waterpark, which is a popular tourist attraction in the country. This is one of the tallest waterslides in
the world, recognized even by the Guinness Book of Records. And the speed is crazy…65mph! At the bottom of the slide, there is a pool
waiting for you. But, because of the actual speed, a rider
can reach the pool within a couple of seconds; usually, it’s around five! The ride is so intense that even the water
park officials describe it as “one of the most extreme water park experiences ever.” This is why the ride itself is not allowed
for pregnant women or people with disabilities. It’s clear now why “Insano” got its name…you
have to be a bit insano to take the ride on it. Sign me up! Number 6: Wildebeest. Now, here’s one of the most famous water rides
in the world. Named after the African mammal, in keeping
with the Safari-themed “Splashin’ Safari” in Indiana, USA, Wildebeest is the ultimate
fun-for-all. This water coaster was finally completed in
2010, and it was immediately groundbreaking, because it kept the record for the longest
water coaster in the world. It immediately became extremely popular among
visitors – and for a reason…it offers some of the best water rides ever! The actual waterslide ride is nothing short
of amazing: you’re going through tunnels, up and down, with sudden turns, at a moderate
speed, but it’s always interesting. You never know what might happen next, which
is why the whole ride is exciting and unpredictable. This is a fun attraction, suitable for families
and friends alike. No wonder why it’s all the rage. The whole ride is around two and a half minutes,
but it’s a time well spent. Wildebeest is wild, so brace yourself! Number 5: World Waterpark. Located in Edmonton, Canada, this is one of
the biggest entertainment venues in the country. It’s also one of the biggest tourist attractions
in the world, and the largest indoor water park in North America. World Waterpark has 17 waterslides, which
makes it a fantastic place for all of the waterslide lovers out there. The rides are separated into three categories:
beginner, intermediate and advanced, depending on where you are, expertise-wise. But that’s not all…there are also extreme
slides! Some of the best ones include Nessie’s Revenge
and Tropical Typhoon. If you look at all the waterslides here as
one big attraction, it’s clear why so many people consider World Waterpark the waterslide
capital of the world! Number 4: Ramayana Water Park. This is the biggest waterpark in Thailand,
with the capacity to take 2 million visitors every year! If you’re a fan of water parks and everything
they have to offer, it’s the right place to be. As for the waterslides, where shall we start? There are 21 of them, offering thrill slides,
competing slides, raft slides…you name it, they got it! To name just a few, there’s the famous AquaLoop…a
loop-waterslide that actually loops around in 45-degre angle, translucent tubes…and
it will make your head spin. Then, there is the AquaDrop, offering the
adrenaline rush of being dropped through a trap door; the drop is almost vertical and
the visitors love it! Finally, we cannot skip the Whizzard…when
you get the chance to ride along fellow watersliders, down several water lanes, all the way down
a sudden drop! All in all, these watersliding beauties make
Ramayana Water Park the place to go! Number 3: The Kalahari Resorts Waterslides. It wouldn’t be fair to mention only one waterslide
at the Kalahari Resorts, because they are all great. The resorts are located in several places,
and they are really doing their best to give visitors the ultimate waterslide experience. The waterpark’s staple rides are those with
rafts; you get inside a small raft and off you go! The waterslides are fast and steep; they go
up hills and through various tunnels…many of which are pitch-black! Also, many of the tunnels have multiple turns,
which really gives you an illusion of being inside a different world. Oftentimes, it’s like experiencing something
out of an adventure movie! What’s really great is that the tunnels are
made in such a way that they let in light coming from the outside and, because of this,
the inside of the tunnel can glow…from orange and yellow to red and blue. Tornado Alley will keep you spinning, while
the water splashes around; Zig Zag Zebra will do just that…keep you zigging and zagging;
and Anaconda will show you what a speed ride really looks like. And this is just to name a few. Number 2: Aqualoop in Terme 3000. Out of all countries in the world, you probably
wouldn’t think of Slovenia as having one of the craziest waterslides…but it does! Terme 3000 Water Park has so many things to
offer; plenty of swimming pools and other water activities. But what we want to mention is the Aqualoop. The Aqualoop at Terme 3000 is one of the first
waterslides with a 360-degree loop, and it was opened in 2008, drawing tourists in large
numbers since then. It also ranks high on the European waterslide
chart, being the fourth fastest on the Old Continent. Going down this waterslide will give you the
ultimate adrenaline rush; it’s fast, fun and full of sliding excitement! If we add to this the fact that you reach
the end of the ride within just seven seconds, it’s clear why the Aqualoop at Terme 3000
is one heck of a ride. Number 1: Toboggan. Imagine going on a vacation, and being able
to ride down a waterslide. Wouldn’t that be great? Well, this is something you can do if you
visit Citta del Mare Hotel Village, in Palermo, Italy. This is one of the best water attractions
Italy has to offer, and it blends perfectly with its surroundings. The hotel itself is positioned close a cliff,
and the Toboggan waterslide is built in such a way that its end point reaches the seawater! Imagine that: one minute, you’re at the hotel,
and the next…you’re in the sea! There are three parallel waterslides; two
of them end up in a small swimming pool, right at the end of the cliff…while the third
one stretches all the way down to the sea. The waterslide passes three decks, and you
get a chance to enjoy the view while you’re headed down to the sea. This is definitely one of the greatest waterslides,
not because it’s crazy, but because it’s a perfect combination of excitement and spectacular
surroundings to complement it all! Nothing can beat the sheer craziness and excitement
of riding down a waterslide, only to be plunged into salty seawater…a real treat! Have you ridden any of these waterslides yourself? Let us know in the comments below and…take

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