Top 10 Scary NASA Urban Legends – Part 2

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best topic of conversation. Some of these urban legends have even turned
out to be true! WHAT. Before we get into this video, I want to remind
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this one and tell us what you think to the list! Do you believe any of these urban legends? Let me know in the comments section down below. 10 – The REAL distance to the moon
A conspiracy theorist by the name of Ritchie From Boston uploaded a video
to youtube claiming that NASA is lying to us about the distance to the moon. The moon is at its furthest, 252,088 miles
from earth, and at its closest it is 225,623 miles away. It takes about three days for a spacecraft
to get there…. Or so we are told. Richie uploaded a sensational video to Youtube
claiming it is only 4.7 miles away from earth. Claiming to have used a normal digital camera
to zoom in on the moon, he says that NASA is lying about the real distance and that
he estimates it to be mere miles up. He said – “I can zoom in more on the Moon
than I can on a building that I can see with my naked eye.” Right. Why exactly Nasa would be lying to us about
the size and distance of the moon….well….he doesn’t get that far. 9 – Astronauts wear Diapers
Think being an Astronaut would be the coolest job in the world? I do…although apparently they wear huge
adult diapers and have to relieve themselves in. This Urban legend is actually true – NASA
Astronauts are issued with Maximum Absorbency Garments. It seems that back in the day, Astronauts
had to wee and poop themselves when they needed to go. These days they are mainly used for urination,
but they are comforting to astronauts who aren’t sure when they can make it back to
their space craft. 8 – The Great Wall of China
Okay, this isn’t so much a SCARY urban legend but this is one of the most popular urban
legends surrounding NASA – a lot of people think you can see the great wall of China
from space, but it turns out you can’t really. You CAN, however, in low orbit, see the Hoover
Dam. The rumour comes from a book written by Richard
Halliburton in 1938 in which he said that astronomers theorized the Great Wakk was the
only man-made object visible from the moon. You’ll note from the date this was longgggg
before Nasa actually went to the moon. Somehow the idea stuck. 7 – Nixon’s Death Speech
On the 20th July 1969, President Nixon made the longest distance phone call ever made
at the time when he called the astronauts of Apollo 11 to congratulate them for the
moon landing, however it seems that he wasn’t all that confident the NASA team would make
it. According to his speech writer William Safire,
an emergency broadcast had been scripted in the event that the mission failed. This speech was leaked some 30 years later. It read: Fate has ordained that the men who
went to the moon to explore in peace will stay on the moon to rest in peace. These brave men, Neil Armstrong and Edwin
Aldrin, know that there is no hope for their recovery. But they also know that there is hope for
mankind in their sacrifice. It continued with some bodies on the moon
imagery. Scary. 6 – Sperm in Space
Is NASA blowing its load all over space? What does this mean! According to the internet, In April 2018,
Nasa sent human AND bull sperm to the international space station. It seems the experiment is actually true – Nasa
wants to see how weightlessness affects sperm. Why? Well they didn’t give a full reason for that,
a lot of people are saying it is because they’re preparing for the apocalypse and they want
to see whether or not humans can reproduce in space . In 1998, it was found that Aquatic
invertebrates were able to reproduce in space…but it is thought babies born in space would develop
a whole host of issues from the lack of gravity. 5 – Anonymous
In 2018, Anonymous released a video saying that Nasa knew about intelligent alien life. The Hacktivists said that there is something
going on in the skies above. A NASA spokesman, Thomas Zurbuchen, was reported
to have said the following: Taking into account all of the different activities and missions
that are searching for alien life, we are on the verge of making one of the most profound,
unprecedented discoveries in history. Anonymous since removed the video and NASA
denied any knowledge of intelligent life. What is going on? What is the real reason NASA hasn’t gone back
to the moon since the 1970s? Why did nobody ever set foot on the dark side….?
4 – The Ghostly Moon Music The Astronauts on the Apollo 10 mission passed
around the moon, and when they were at the farthest side away from earth, the dark side,
they lost all radio contact with ground control and the rest of the earthlings. As Apollo careered around the moon, they heard
some really weird sounds… like…. Really weird sounds. So weird that the Astronauts talked about
it constantly . The weird sounds were not reported at the time, but they were recorded
and received by Nasa when the mission returned to earth. The recordings were classified – which means
that they were being safeguarded from human ears. Why…. We aren’t sure. In 2008 the newly declassified recordings
were found, and we can hear the transcript of the conversation and weird woo noises. 3 – The White Flags
It is said that all of the flags left by astronauts on the moon – a total of six American flags
– have all turned white. It was said that the initial flag planted
by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin fell over when the Apollo 11 mission took off on its
return mission, but the other 5 flags are standing up tall and proud….although eerily
they have all turned white. Why? Well because the moon doesn’t have the same
atmosphere as earth and doesn’t filter out UV rays in the same way. Some people highlight the creepy irony here
– the moon was planted with American flags… but you can’t tell what country the flags
are from anymore …is this because you can’t lay claim to the moon? 2 – Astronauts Go mad in Space ….and NASA
don’t like to admit it. There is a lot to be said about mental health
and space – spending days, sometimes weeks or even months on end in the darkness is a
scary prospect. Life isn’t the same up in a shuttle – not
only does it take intense physical training to go up into space, it also takes a lot of
mental focus. Dr Patricia Santy, a Psychiatrist who has
worked with NASA employees criticized the space agency for denying behavioural issues
in its Astronauts, and suggested further screenings for mental health issues prior to and following
space travel. In 2007 former astronaut Lisa Nowak, who worked
on the International Space Station was arrested for attempted murder then pleased insanity
and depression in court. Does this have anything to do with her time
in space? Some people certainly think so. 1 – The Alien Signals
For the last decade, Scientists have been picking up unexplained Radio Signals they
call Fast Radio Bursts from deep Space. In fact, on the day I scripted this signals
were last reported in August 2018. The signals have ranged in frequency, but
the most recent are 580 Megahurtz, 200 lower than previously heard. The lastest sounds detected come from very
very far away, possibly billions of light years. The radio signals you are about to hear are
not the most recent, but they are pretty unsettling…especially when the thudding kicks in…. just listen… Okay, and then some more…. It sounds like the plucking of a string, maybe? Currently, scientists don’t know where exactly
the sounds are coming from, but they’re trying to pinpoint them. A lot of people are saying that NASA knows
where the signals are coming from and are involved in some kind of elaborate cover-up. SO that was the Top 10 Scary Nasa Urban Legends
Part 2 – which did you think was the scariest? Let me know your thoughts in the comments
section down below…. What are your thoughts on NASA? Do you think they’re hiding something? Comments from part 1
Fury Destroyer Said: I don’t believe in aliens, I KNOW they exist. Scorpion the Sphinx said: I don’t know what
is scarier – that we might not be alone in the universe or that we might be the only
intelligent life in the universe.? Claire Baloyi said: Meh I still wanna work
at Nasa – mateeee so do I! What a dream job! Encrypted Aqua said: One night I saw was sitting
at my bed looking at the night sky and I saw some lights that looked like a plane but…
it was moving at Speed faster than any plane or military jet and it stopped mid air instantly
and sat there movement less for a good minute than blasted away again. It was an unidentified flying object. It could have been an extra terrestrial space
craft or it could have been a military test I don’t know of. Nor will I ever know of?. BLIMEY What a tale! LIKE SHARE ETC

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