Top 10 Scary Things Found Underwater

Over 70% of the Earth’s surface is covered
by water and only 5% of the world’s seafloor has been mapped out in detail. Can we just take a moment to appreciated that
number? Only 5%?! That leaves 95% of the ocean left unexplored. So, who knows what secrets the ocean holds? Well we are about to look at some of the scariest
things that have been found underwater. So brace yourselves because you’re probably
going to want to avoid swimming in oceans and lakes after you watch this video. How’s it going you YouTube? I’m your host Landon Dowlatsingh and welcome
back to another most amazing video. Before we get started, be sure to give this
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below. Alright, who’s ready for our list of the
top 10 scary things found underwater? Diving right into number 10 A gigantic eye. This humungous eye requires two hands to hold
it. If we put a human eye next to this behemoth
it’ll just look like a tiny speck of dust. This giant eyeball washed up on the shore
of Pompano Beach in Florida where someone picked it up and sent it over to the Wildlife
Conservation Commission to be analyzed. If I saw a huge ass, bloody eyeball washed
up on shore, I’m pretty sure my instincts wouldn’t tell me to pick it up and ship
it out. I would probably pack up my lunch, grab my
umbrella and make a B-line to my car and pretend like this whole thing never happened. So once the scientists analyzed this gigantic
eye, they thought that it came from a swordfish or a deep-water fish. But I’m thinking there is an undiscovered
massive creature, lurking the ocean floor with one eye who is waiting to be discovered. And now in at number 9 we have the Bermuda
Triangle. No water list would be complete without mentioning
the infamous Bermuda Triangle. This remains as one of Earths greatest mysteries. It is located in the Atlantic Ocean between
Bermuda, Puerto Rico and Florida. A ton of airplanes and boats have vanished
in the area and no one knows what happened. Some speculate that bad weather or human error
are the culprits but other people theorize that the area is cursed or aliens are involved. More than 1,000 ships and planes have disappeared
in the triangle but this doesn’t stop some cruise ships from sailing into these waters. Would you be brave enough to sail or fly over
the Bermuda triangle? Next up in at number 8 we have blob face. Someone call Guinness Book Of World Records
because I think I found the ugliest underwater creature in the history of the world. He looks like his family just left him and
he’s going through a messy divorce. I kind of just want to give him a big hug
and tell him that everything is going to be alright. Well, things are about to go from bad to worse
for him because his species is in risk of becoming extinct. Fishermen in South East Australia are over
fishing in this area and as a result, the blob fish are very vulnerable to become extinct. Now that I’ve seen his squishy face, I can’t
imagine a world without the blob fish. I hope that we can stop over fishing and start
conservation measures for these little guys. And who knows maybe his frown will turn into
a smile. The vampire squid bites onto this list in
at number 7. This thing looks like he came straight from
hell. Judging by his appearance and name, I would
expect that the vampire squid is a fearsome predator who terrorizes other animals in the
ocean. But luckily for his, he just looks terrifying. The vampire squid collect and eat drifting
particles and they like to stay in dark, low oxygen water with only a few predators. But they have the ability to turn themselves
inside out and I don’t know but that gives me the chills every time I think about it. Slithering into number 6 we are talking about
the Fangtooth snake eel. This creature looks like he was ripped straight
out of my worst nightmares. After seeing this picture, I’m done with
the ocean forever. No seriously, it doesn’t get much worse
than this. The Fangtooth snake eel dwells at a depth
of 30-90m or 100-300ft and males can reach lengths of 33 inches. They also enjoy eating bony fish and crustaceans. One of these creatures was found washed up
on the shore in Texas after Hurricane Harvey hit in 2017. So who knows how many more of these terrifying
creatures are still out there. The colossal squid swims onto this list in
at number 5. The colossal squid lives in the deep-sea surrounding
Antarctica and it is the largest invertebrate on Earth. Keep this in mind because this squid measures
in at 46 feet long and weighs at least 1100 pounds. Their tentacles are covered with suckers that
have extremely large hooks which make them very good at capturing and fighting off prey. There are even reports of Sperm Whales being
injured and scarred from the Colossal Squid. So, these guys actually get into fights with
Sperm Whales. Is this real-life right now? I don’t even want to know what the Colossal
squid is capable of doing to a human. Ancient skeletons crash onto our list in at
number 4. At the bottom of Lake Roopkund in India, there
are hundreds of ancient skeletons that are believed to be about 1,200 years old. They were discovered in 1942 but their origins
are unknown and the location where they were found is so remote and far from any human
settlement areas so no one knows how this underwater graveyard came to be. People are theorizing that these skeletons
are soldiers who were on a mass suicide mission or they are victims of a natural disaster. But I don’t think we will ever find out
what actually happened here. And now biting into number 3 we have the Goblin
Shark. This thing looks like he clawed his way out
of the depths of hell and now he’s lurking at the bottom of our oceans. Someone needs to send him back to where he
came from. Just look at his slimy skin and little pointy,
sharp teeth and pointy head. Damn mother nature, you’re creepy as fuck. In this next clip, pay attention to how his
jaws come out to bite his prey. I’m not usually scared of sharks, but this
goblin shark is scary as hell. A bag of human hands brings us to number 2. A man was fishing in Siberia when he reeled
in a bag that contained 54 severed human hands. He must’ve been really disappointed because
he probably thought that he was reeling in the biggest fish of his life. This has to be one of the creepiest things
that anyone has ever caught. The fisherman took the bag of hands to the
local police but they weren’t overly concerned. That’s because they were able to trace them
back to a local forensics laboratory who were guilty of disposing of the body parts improperly. What the hell? How do you just take a bag of severed hands
and throw them into the water? What kind of lab is this? I’m pretty sure that’s highly illegal
and they should be shut down asap. The Frilled Shark bites onto this list in
at number 1. Here we have another creepy animal from the
deep sea. This thing looks like a hellish hybrid of
a snake and a shark. The Frilled shark has 25 rows of teeth but
they like to attack their prey like snakes so, they will wrap around their prey and swallow
them whole. All of those 300 teeth are used to trap the
animal and make it impossible for the prey to break loose. Luckily for us, they live at depths of 50-200
meters so we don’t really have anything to fear, but deep sea divers definitely do
not want to cross paths with this beast. Well there you guys have it…

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