Top 10 Superhero Weapons That Need To Be Destroyed

Greetings nerdy list aficionados and welcome
back to top 10 nerd if you’re gonna fight crime you need an arsenal of some kind be
it your own fists of fury, or tech or some kind of cosmic device that everyone wants
not just the heroes. However, some of these weapons let’s be
frank maybe they should be destroyed some from a well how am I supposed to comic crimes
now perspective and others because heroes have proven they just can’t handle that
much power, it is too much. I’m Sasha and these are the top 10 superhero
weapons that need to be destroyed. We’ll stop them villains unite, I mean for
the common good. Number 10 – Batarangs – Now I know Batarangs
are Bruce’s go to signature item and one that people don’t make fun of when it comes
to having the word bat in front of it but let’s be real the one part of batman vs
superman BVS that was pretty accurate is how a batarang would damage you you would be crippled
or scared pretty severely plus does he go back and collect them all cause if not they’re
just going to be in the city it isn’t like Spider-Man’s webbing which dissolves these
would be around and criminals would use them. In Shazam it was shown that Freddie had one
as a collectible so kids, kids playing with batarangs Bruce did not think this through. They’re sharp pointy taking eyes out god
I want one. I wonder what they would be worth if you melted
them down. I have too many plans see they need to be
destroyed. Number 9 – Cosmic Treadmill – The cosmic
treadmill first appeared in 1961 in the flash 125 and was created so that Barry could time
travel he would run on it really fast and generate a portal and get where he needed
to go it’s how he met the reverse flahs pre crisis he lived in te 30th century with
iris pre crisis as well. How is this a weapon you may be asking. The flash can alter the timeline at will with
this thing we all live at his mercy what’s changed we don’t know we’ll never know
only the flash knows. The cosmic treadmill would vanish for a bit
and the idea would be that the flash’s could just tap into the speedforce directly no exercise
equipment required but then Rebirth brought I back when batman and barry were investigating
the button what did they use the cosmic treadmill and look what a mess that storyline has turned
into sure we could blame the artist delays but that treadmill is shifty. Don’t let heroes just have access to the
timestream it’s dangerous. Number 8 – Ant Man Suits – Shrinking is
not something that everyone can handle there’s a mental component to changing size that is
oft times flirted with but rarely examined. The ant man suit is one of those devices that
is well only as good as the person using it and if they snap you have a very dangerous
person on your hands we can also extend this over to dc with the atom’s suit look what
happened in identity crisis when jean loring got her hands on one and ended up killing
sue dibney the elongated man’s wife cause she wanted her husband back. Look at eric o grady who stole an ant man
suit so he could creep on ladies in the shower, look at hank who suffered a psychotic break
and thought he was yellowjacket and then had all of these abilities. It’s just you really need to trust a person
with a suit like this and with so many other heroes maybe…ok still useful just be careful
in the shower. Number 7 – Phantom Zone projector – This
was a punishment device from krypton criminals were sent to the phantom zone a pocket universe
created by jor el superman’s father. The projector which allows the user to send
people into this pocket space has found it’ way to superman. The people in the phantom zone can see the
regular universe but not interact with it, but they can still plan looking at you Zod. You can also send people there in stasis to
keep them alive like what happened to Mon El. Here’s the thing this is a lot of power
and Superman’s fortress of solitude isn’t the most secure lots of people know where
it is and this device has fallen into the wrong hands plus there’s the whole moral
question of using it this is manybe a device that the dc universe could do without also
in the modern era it can tend to be deus ex phantom zone, an easy solution for narrative
awkwardness. Where was this person phantom zone. Number 6 – Lasso Of Truth – Wonder woman’s
lasso of truth is an iconic part of her character way more so than her invisible jet this weapon
first appeared in issue Sensation Comics #6 (June 1942) and this lasso compels the person
who is trapped within it’s confines or as it would later expand to just touching it
to tell the truth. Now this is useful but depending upon your
wonder woman it has been used as an instrument of torture in the now cult famous tv pilot
for a wonder woman series commissioned in 2011 wherein there is a particularly brutal
wonder woman who tortures a criminal in the hospital and then forces the truth out of
him using her lasso. It’s intense. Also it’s been shown to be dangerous if
someone breaks free of the lasso for example in superman red son where she is invokved
in a realationship with superman and in a fight she gets tangle din it he tells her
to break free and she does but it breaks her spirit and damages her aging her and rendering
her unstable. This has so much potential to be abused and
I love wonder woman but she goes hard. Pants to be darkened shout out to all the
people who get that reference where my people who love watch failed pilots at. Number 5 – The eye of agamoto – this first
appeared in Strange Tales #115 (December 1963) so the eye is presented to the sorcerer surpreme
which most of the time means doctor strange but that can mean whoever it is so for example
Loki or doctor doom and this amulet has a lot of power it the eye allows you to see
through disguises it can weaken demons but here’s the thing it can probe minds and
create portals to other dimensions that’s a lot and would we not be safer as a planet
if we cut ourselves off from some of these mystical elements we need a designated person
to keep them at bay. That’s a huge responsibility why must earth
be the epicentre for weirdness and darkness there are so many other planets and dimensions
out there we will share. Sharing is caring. Number 4 – Iron man’s sentient suit – there
is a terrifying arc in the 1998 run of iron man that is often referenced in passing but
not fully dived into people are often like oh well his armour came to life and fell In
love with him ha ha. No this was terrifying his armour was an abusive
boyfriend it killed in his name it killed whiplash as he cried in the sky saying he
just wanted to get his kid back out of foster care. The armour felt that it was a better iron
man than tony ever had been cause it was willing to go the extra mile and it pulled the whole
if you don’t like the way I am then look in the mirror it took tony to an island and
trapped him there torturing him trying to get them to remerge all while continuing duties
as iron man and people didn’t connect the dots cause this was the era when he still
had a secret identity. So iron man was tony starks body guard. This armour killed itself when tony started
to suffer a massive heart attack, this saved him for reasons that were explained in later
issues but this armour was terrifying no sentient armours for tony. Number 3 – Cosmic Cube – Now the cosmic
cube can be used by anyone but it really should be used by no one this cube called the tesseract
in the mcu. For years this was just an item but then hydra
cap happened because of the meddling of the cube the cube can alter reality and it was
used to turn Cap into an always hydra agent the cube is too dangerous to be used by anyone
anything reality altering should just be locked away and best destroyed cause the temptation
is there someone is going to crack and if it’s a hero it’s even scarier cause then
you get the whole oh this was the greater good cause I know what’s best for everybody
I’m a hero sit down Reed. Number 2 – The infinity gauntlet speaking
of Reed, so in the comicverse the infinity gauntlet can be wielded by anyone but the
thing is it corrupts that much power needs not to be wielded by one person. This was the mindset of the illuminati which
set out to gather all the gems for the gauntlet which reed just had cause sketch and he attempted
to wish it out of reality but couldn’t so he gave a stone to each member of the illuminatti
for safe keeping. Here’s the thing their actions and hunting
these stones was a catalyst for secret invasion which was a huge disaster in the marvel universe. Heroes questo to control this gauntlet has
led to disaster as have villains getting their hands on it’s unfortunate that it has to
exist but maybe it could be sent to another dimension it’s been proven it doesn’t
work in other universe such as when darkseid got his hands on it but couldn’t do anything
with it cause they had no power in the dc universe. Number 1 – The ultimate nullifier- this
first appeared in Fantastic Four #50 (May 1966) Johnny storm took this from the home
of galactus eater of worlds it’s a hand held device that didn’t seem to do anything
except well scare galactus reed used it to threaten him and bargain with him to not eat
the earth. It is apparently the universes most devastating
weapon it can destroy any target but also the user if they’re not concentrating enough
it can also destroy timelines or erase the entire multiverse and reed had it it was chilling
in his basement. This is a dangerous item and I’m convinced
the only reason more people don’t seek it out is because they don’t know about it. No one should have this it should be destroyed
and it can be unlike the gauntlet I see you reed. Power move.

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