Top 10 Video Game Mechanics That Won’t Work In Real Life

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list of the Top 10 Video Game Mechanics That Wont Work In Real Life #10 Getting Shot
This first point is perhaps one of the most overlooked, yet oh so prevalent video game
mechanic that exists. How many times have you played a game such
as Call of Duty, or PubG where you’ve been hit by bullets and not just dropped immediately. Unless its a headshot the video game world
is very forgiving when it comes to getting tagged by bullets. The shots taken are enough to warn you that
you need to duck and take cover, heal up and get back into the fight. Yet in reality this would just never work. Bullets are much more deadly than any video
game will make them out to seem. Even a 9mm pistol contains a muzzle energy
of 580 foot-pounds and 5 rounds from that would be enough to make a deer topple over. #9 Waiting Your Turn To Fight
A game mechanic well never understand is this odd back and forth fighting where you attack
your opponent and just stand perfectly still while they counter. Imagine getting into a fight with someone
in the street and just having to get socked in the face until its your turn. Its a very gentleman like way of fighting
sure and in video games this gives you enough time to map out what you’re going to do next. However in reality if this were the case you
would lose that thought immediately upon getting thrashed on your opponents turn. It reminds be so much of those classic duels
you’d see in old western movies, but beyond that it would certainly make fighting not
just more dangerous, but boring as well. #8 Climbing Towers To See Where You Are
First and foremost God bless Google maps and well just maps in general. Could you imagine in order to figure out where
you are you’ll have to first climb that giant tower. This mechanic is often used in games such
as Assassins Creed where a portion of the map is hidden and the only way to reveal this
is by scaling the highest point in the vicinity. Thankfully in reality this isn’t necessary
although it may add a fresh perspective seeing the whole city or area from those heights. Everything would take so much longer though
if this became a required element for navigating the world. #7 Carrying Things
Video games such as Grand Theft Auto always baffled me with the strange but necessary
mechanic of being able to hold onto so many things. It would be a pretty useful mechanic in real
life if this were true. Imagine being able to carry an assortment
of belongings past what your small pockets could fill. As I mentioned in games like GTA you carry
quite a wide variety of weaponry and can whip out whichever weapon youd like at a moments
notice. Some games have added a cap to what you can
carry such as CODs Blackout mode where they require you to also pick up a backpack just
to carry more things. This certainly adds more realism to this wishful
thinking video game mechanic. #6 Rolling Versus Running
For whatever reason it has become a universally accepted game mechanic that every character
should be able to roll. Not just somersault for fun though, no no,
rolling is also a faster form of travel than even running. Many gamers swear by this technique of getting
from point A to point B because not only do you stay low to the ground, but in their opinion
they actually believe its faster. Imagine this same mechanic implemented into
our own reality. It would certainly make the sprinting events
at the Olympics much more entertaining. Now introducing the 100m roll. It just wouldn’t work at all, you’d be so
dizzy by the time you reach your destination that you’d forget why you rolled there in
the first place. The show Live PD would be pretty funny to
watch though, just cops chasing after these criminals rolling around. I cant get a hold of him he keeps rolling
around! They’re too fast. I guess well have to roll too. #5 Bodies Disappearing
Unless you’re Bill and Hillary Clinton you’ve probably never seen a body disappear. However in video games this is a strange phenomenon
that occurs in almost every game where death is present. We dont know if its meant to keep things tidy
for cleaner game walkthroughs but how weird would it be if when you pass in this life
you physically disappear. Come to think of it when I say it out loud
that sounds kind of magical. Sounds like something Disney would do. Although when it came down to convicting a
murderer the judicial system would have a much more difficult time prosecuting someone
with literally no body for evidence. On second thought lets just keep this mechanic
in video games where it belongs, as strange as it is. #4 Looting Houses
I’m sure we can all agree that video games can instill poor behaviours in some people
by simply normalizing them within the mechanics of how that world operates. One that’s so normalized and makes zero sense
is the ability to just loot peoples homes. Imagine sitting at your dinner table with
your family and out of nowhere some strangers waltzes into your home chats with you about
the weather and then immediately starts rummaging through your cupboards for supplies. You’d be a tad thrown off and probably would
call the police right away. In video games though the NPCs have almost
no issue with this behaviour. You can even enter a home in some games, never
talk to the people who own the place and theyll still smile as you steal their belongings. Its safe to say this would never work in real
life and nor should you ever attempt to try. #3 Defying Gravity
It would be pretty boring if the laws of gravitational pull actually applied to video games and would
actually render most games impossible to play. In most games you can perform maneuvers such
as double jumps where you actually gain a boost in height for doing this. This pretty staple mechanic though would never
be able to work in reality unless you were always on a trampoline. Games such as Duke Nukem or Crash Bandicoot
pull off these miraculous double jumps sometimes without even touching the ground. That means while in mid-air they wiggle in
a certain way and actually launch themselves higher. Unless you have a jet pack strapped to your
back the law of gravity would never allow for something as ridiculous as this to happen. #2 Doors
We realize this is a pretty generic point to go from but allow us to explain. Nothing has changed the way that we view doors
like video game mechanics. Some doors are locked and tell you that you’ll
need a key to open them, but other doors never give this prompt they’re just jammed shut
and as a result not even all the bullets in the world could open it. More ridiculous then trying to use your firepower
to open a wooden door are the ones that don’t even budge from tossing a grenade at them. This mechanic would certainly be an improvement
for home security companies, but in reality it could never work. #1 Multiple Lives
As far as we know the life were currently living is the one and only one that we get. Death is a scary thing to pontificate on,
but many use this as motivation to achieve great things in their time. For video games though all of that logic goes
out the window. It gives gamers this care-free attitude to
just take a leap of faith knowing that worst comes to worst they can just restart at their
last checkpoint. Unless you believe in reincarnation, the game
mechanic of multiple lives doesn’t work in real life and nor has it ever been proven
to. This mechanic just turns the entire idea of
dying into a simple inconvenience which as I said before is perhaps a terrible form of
behaviour to train into people. And that has been the Top 10 Video Game Mechanics
That Wont Work In Real Life. Thank you so much for watching and if you
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