Top 10 – World’s best Water Parks

Hey guys today we are doing a count down on
the world’s greatest water parks according to trip Let’s get going!
Nº 10 – Aquaventure in paradise island– This park is part of an international chain
of water parks and combines slides, lazy rivers and rapids with beautiful aquariums filled
with amazing creatures. The centerpiece of the park is the Power Tower with four water
slides ending in a pool full of sharks. Nº 9 – Aquatica – This South Seas-themed
park combines water park fun with opportunities to interact with animals and a large selection
of family-friendly rides and two large pools with man made waves. Its most famous ride
is the Dolphin Plunge where you slide into a a dolphins tank.
Nº 8 – Aquaventure in Dubai- This water park is very similar to its sister park in
Paradise Island, but is located in a palm tree shaped artificial island in Dubai. It
also combines numerous slides with striking aquariums pools full of sharks and other sea
creatures. Nº 7- Hot Park – Right in the heart of Brazil,
this family friendly park relies more upon its natural surroundings than necessarily
exuberant rides. It has a huge artificial beach and many activities for children that
include animal attractions, rappel and kayaking. Nº 6 – Wild Wadi Dubai – This park is
perhaps one of Dubai’s the greatest tourist attractions. The rides available include the
falcon fury, tunnel of Doom, Rushing Rapids and the Thunder Rapids. It has also Middle
East’s largest wave pool as well as artificial surfing machines.
Nº 5 – Waterbom Bali Park and Spa – This park spans over 3.8 hectares of Indonesian
Tropical Landscape and is renowned for its wealth and wellness services. It is also considered
Asia’s best water park according to trip advisor dot com.
Nº 4 – Disney’s Typhoon Laggon – this currently the most visited water park in the
world receiving more than two million visitors every year. The theme of the park is the “Disney
legend” of a typhoon that devastated a tropical paradise.
Nº 3 – Blizzard Beach – Despite its winter theme all of the water areas of this park
are heated, except for a cave where there is artificial snow melting. This is one of
the most visited water parks in the world and has rides like toboggan racers and snow
stormers, accordingly to its theme. 2 – Beach Park – This Brazilian water park
and tourist resort is the largest water park in Latin America with the number of visitors
reaching almost one million annually. Its amenities include a kids club, a spa, sauna,
fitness center, games room and a wet bar. Nº 1 – Siam Park – This park includes a
TAI theme on all of its rides, park buildings, and restaurants. Its rides include the volcano,
the dragon, the world’s longest lazy river, the largest man made wave in the world and
the lost city complex with more than 120 different games. The park is so huge it has its own
desalination plant and natural gas power plant. And that’s all from me today, if you like
this video please give us a thumbs up and I hope to see you soon.

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