– Number five: the Pea Puffer. Now, it’s a little controversial, but I think you can do at
least one per three gallons. I wouldn’t put two in a five-and-a-half, but three in a 10 could work,
one in a five could work. Yeah, they need frozen food, so pretty much never convert to dry foods, but if you want an action-packed personality fish in your
plant-safe tank, a Pea Puffer, and anyone who sees it
will fall in love with it. You will instantly become cooler the minute you own a Pea Puffer, not only to you, but
everyone that ever sees you will be like, “Are you the person “that owns that Pea Puffer?” Yes, yes I am. They don’t get too big, they get to about the size
of a pea, hence the name. They are a hardcore carnivore, so they wanna eat frozen bloodworms and they don’t have any teeth problems, so they can eat that their whole life. It’s good to vary it up with maybe some brine shrimp and some
mysis and some snails, they will eat snails and
usually they’ll harass shrimp, even though they’re
not harassing this one. I think that one is just
the Chuck Norris of shrimp, he’s fightin’ him off left and right. I don’t know why, but it works, so we let him hang out there and he’s, you know, kung fu master, but Pea Puffers, number five. I do love ’em, a lotta personality and everyone will love you for owning one. Number four: the
Exclamation Point Rasbora. Another Rasbora, micro, and gets about inch, inch and a half. They’ve got a dot on
their tail with a line, hence the exclamation point. They get a nice little orange hue to them, real nice, subtle in a small tank against a backdrop of some live plants. Keep ’em in a group of six
or more, not too expensive, like, three, two, three bucks a piece and, you know, really get yourself some. It’s a nice fish and it
really sets the scale and that’s what you’re
trying to do a lot of times in the nano tank or at least in nano fish. If it’s a big tank, if
you want that scaled down, this is a great group
to have a bunch of fish, even if you only had, like, a 20 long, you could put, like,
30-40 of these in there and it’d look amazing. So, number four,
Exclamation Point Rasbora. So, my number three
fish, the Pygmy Corydora, besides the snail, the best
clean up crew you could have and these guys are so personable, you could have even just a
group of them in your nano tank and they’ll perch on top
of your sponge filter or your plant, that type of thing and they’re just super personable. I like ’em and they only get
about inch-and-a-half or so and they don’t have a
mean bone in their body. They’re not colorful, they’re not flashy, but if you’re, you
could have ’em on a desk and you’re working, you’ll
fall in love with them. I love ’em so much. You can combine them with
any of the other nano fish, if you get a catfish, it’s
not gonna harm anything and, you know, keep ’em
in a group of six or more. I don’t that’s a bit of a stretch when they’re a clean
up crew for other fish, but they really like to be a group, they’re really social
and they’re just so cute. Love ’em, love ’em, love ’em. Number three. Number two! The Golden White Cloud. Now, I know, I know what you’re saying, “That’s not super nano.” I do realize that, but it
does really well in nano tanks ’cause they’re crazy hearty,
they have a lot of color and you can breed them in
a relatively small tank, they don’t have a mean bone in their body. They are plant-safe and they
don’t have to be heated. That’s the only option I
think I put on the table today that doesn’t have to be heated and so White Clouds and nano tanks, they’re a match made in
heaven in my opinion. I would say, at least five gallons, but in my opinion, all aquariums should be
at least five gallons. You go much smaller than that,
you really gotta be careful. But these guys will handle
temperature fluctuations, they’ll eat almost anything,
they’re really cheap. You can buy ’em even as feeders sometimes. And I just think they’re an unsung hero in this hobby altogether and I don’t know if I’ve ever met someone that’s honestly, seriously kept White Clouds
for any length of time that wasn’t like, “Yeah,
White Clouds are awesome, “I don’t know why more
people don’t love them.” They’re an awesome fish, that’s
why they’re my number two. So my number one favorite nano fish is the Brigittae Rasbora, also
known as the Chili Rasbora. They get super bright red. They only get, they’re one of the smallest
fish we’ve shown today. They do great in a five
gallon, maybe even less, but really I don’t like anything
less than a five gallon. They’re super cool. Keep ’em in groups of six or more. Schooling fish, relatively cheap. You know, you might pick ’em
between three and four bucks, but it’s a nano tank and so,
what’s 20 bucks on fish anyway? And, like, right now they’re
just kinda schooling around, you can see one moving. These aren’t even fully colored up yet, we just got ’em in the
store in the display tank, we got 100 of ’em. This is the 33 long, but
you can still do nano fish even in tanks that
aren’t necessarily small. They look really cool, it
just puts scale to everything and, but yeah, number
one, Brigittae Rasbora. Get yourself some. You’ll love ’em, I promise ya.

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