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What up? Thanks for the mini pic. I’m about to pull out
every trick I got in my bag to take this little tiny photo
and make a great portrait. Today you had to tattoo
the ultimate test of precision, matching portraits.
Cleen and Aaron, this challenge was designed
to test your weaknesses. Golden Skull Tattoo,
you’re up first. Cleen, did you practice
before you came? Yes. I definitely wanna tip my hat
to you man, you did
a great portrait here. The eyes and the mouth,
you hit them perfectly, especially that little
turned up corner of the lip
on the right side. These what really
captures her look. Aaron, I like the way you did
the black in the hair. Your hair, maybe, is a little
bit better than Cleen’s, but as far as the application
on the face and everything, Cleen might’ve made
a little more smooth. Y’all did a great job
taking the exact same approach on the tattoo.
I mean, you really tried to mimic each other’s stencil
to the T. There’s a lotta precision
in this tattoo. I do portraits all the time. I don’t see anybody
in this house beating me
on a portrait challenge. Sometimes when you wipe it,
it’s worse than the tattoo. I took a big risk playing
my strategy the way I did, staying
in that middle ground. Now that things
are heating up, I need to step it up
and start winning. Nate. You captured the likeness. I like the way you captured
the little indention on the top of the nose, and the really subtle highlights
in the eyes, and that little glimmer
is perfect. I love the way you put a line
right on his hand. Normally, a lot of people won’t
do that and it gets washed out. Accuracy.
It hits the mark. Thank you. What’s your favorite
style of tattoo? This right here. Portraits? Do it all the time.
This does look good. Yeah.
Going to be pretty rad. I need to crush this today. I need to let everybody know
in the house that this wasn’t
even a competition. Christian. As far as capturing
the likeness, you really get the personality
and the look of this person. You cut down
on the number of wrinkles but kept the direction and the
flow of the wrinkles just right. Small choices
on how to interpret what’s in the real photo. The actual way that you do
the hair coming over that
right ear, perfect. It’s beautiful because her hair
is really white and light over that ear.
You nail it. This was a great attention
to detail. You’re definitely
ahead of the curve when it comes to portraits. Let me see what
I’m working with here. I mean, man, if you’d let me
go like right there, I could go pretty good size and
that spot on your leg is open. It’ll give us, we’ll be able
to get way more detail because the skins a lot
more solid and forgiving. Yeah. Man, I was thinking
about more on the butt. Let me knock this thing
out of the park my man. Well if you want to do it there,
let’s do it. Killer. You’re the man. You’re going to make
my life easy. I’m going to make sure
I kill this thing. All right. I’m stoked about how
this thing’s going to look. It’s going to be ridiculous. My goal is to make my picture look like a black
and gray portrait of Oliver run through a red filter.
That’s what monochromatic means. Everyone else’s looks like
a normal portrait just shaded with kind
of the wrong color. Everything you have, right here
in this mustache- Yeah. If you line that with a three
or something, you’re …
it’s done for you. Yup and then just blend
this shade off it. That’s the plan. I’m going to knock this out
of the park and make this
a landslide victory. Josh. As far as this looking like
Oliver, it hits that 100%. You really hit the wrinkles
under the eyes. Oliver definitely
has these deep cheeks. This mustache
and the facial hair are killer. I mean, it is me.
It’s weird to look at it. I mean, that’s my nose.
Like, that’s not just a nose that’s kind of like my nose,
that’s like my nose. Even the one little
chipped tooth I have, the front tooth,
it shows. All these little things
that kind of make me a funny looking guy,
all come to life in this thing. I like your approach
on a monochromatic idea. More of a earthy tone,
but it’s deep. It’s solid. There’s a lot
of saturated areas. The highlights
are very pronounced. It’s miles beyond what we usually see
on portrait day here. Thank you. There only can be one Wolverine. Ah, yeah, it might be me. I think it might be me. My guy
won the last challenge, so- Only time will tell, amigo. I am so focused. There is no way that Manny’s
going to beat me. It’s awesome man, if he wins,
he can validate his skill. If I win, oh well,
that’s cool. I used to get
in a lot of fights. By the time I was 21,
I got in a really bad fight. I put a guy in the hospital.
I could have killed him. Finding tattooing,
it saved my life. It’s bold, man. I dig it. Scott. You stuck to the structure
of the face. You kept the likeness
of the character. Not going with the dark
background around the hair, I think, is a wise choice. This tattoo has a ton
of technical precision. That nice, clean netting
in that armor? It’s beautiful. The glow
in the background is nice. It’s a good use
of color palette. Overall, it’s a really
strong tattoo. How are you? Good. How are you? I’m all right. I’m really at the end of my rope
with this aggressive, competitive, weird strategy
and bizarre flash challenges. Let me see what kind of
morph business we got going on over here. This is making (bleep), right
here. Hanging out with Cleen is sort of my only motivation
to stick around. If this wasn’t my style
of tattooing today, I would probably
already have left. How do you feel about it? Super cool. It’s big. Next artist up is- Please not me. Please not me.
Please not me. Megan Jean. -Damn it.
-What’s going on? I hate being here right now.
I’m completely over it. I want to go home. I am tired of living here
and I’m tired of tattooing here. I don’t appreciate that attitude because we all have families
at home. We all have lives at home and I don’t think
that you’re respectful to the people behind you
or the people in front of you. If you don’t want to be here, we can take out the worst tattoo
of the day and send you home. Should I critique you,
or are you done? Are you throwing
in the towel? No, I’m not throwing
in the towel. I’m just crying. I figure I’m just going to have
a couple of (bleep) days and then, like, get over it. This is probably the most
surreal tattoo of the day. I think you hit
the surrealism challenge better than anybody else. Also, it’s my favorite
composition of the day. A lot of open skin.
It flows really well. You keep your realism
down to a small amount and then you have all
this fantastical stuff around it and it just played really well. I was hoping that this would be
the wind in your sail to move you forward, not to for you to fall
on your sword in front of us. It’s tough.
You can be tough. Don’t break. Thanks.

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