Toysee learns Zoo and Sea Animals Names – Colorful Toys for Kids

unicorn mommy shark red t-rex baby
shark octopus dog Hey my dear friends, let’s learn some more animals
names in today’s video while we playing with toys that’s gonna be so much fun. Let’s GO! yellow dog blue pony pink flamingo a brown horse an orange lion Blue Dog jellyfish Wow an orange clownfish Hippopotamus Baby giraffe orange tiger white polar bear pink unicorn Red t-rex a brown monkey it’s a green sea turtle orange fish haha it’s a goldfish orange dolphin an octopus Brown tortoise yellow baby shark wow in the water the green crocodile pink mommy shark octopus orange and green starfish. Thank you so
much for watching I’ve just create a bring new video for you my friend,
and I’m inviting you to watch it. I’ll see right there right now.

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