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I’m a good boy. I’m home early. 9:30. Home to eat. Just thought I’d show you how kick-ass my trainers are. Look at that. I’m such a fucking badass. I’m Kris Gethin. I’m going to be training to prepare for an Ironman. Most people give themselves two years. I’m giving myself six months. And we’re going to do it. Legs are absolutely destroyed now, so what’s the best thing to do? Running. Good morning. It is day 64 of the video series. It’s a Monday and I am in London and I am at the London Aquatic Centre. This is where the Olympics were held here. 2012, I think it was. And what is fantastic is in front of me I got a 25 meter pool, but I could get that anywhere. Behind me is a 50 meter pool. So that’s what I’m going to be
in today. So, I’m going to see how I’m going for time with the workouts, which is going to be shoulders, triceps, and abs today, and then I’ll decide if I can do the swim directly following, or I’ll have to come back later because it is a very big swim with a lot of different drills. It’s going to take a lot of time. Um, yeah. I wish I’d brought some more food with me, now. I’ve got my Re-Kaged, obviously, but I don’t know if that’s going to be enough to fuel me through that cardio session. But anyway, we’ll see how we go. Got a good night’s sleep last night and I’m fuelled. Got my Pre-Kaged here, so I’m going to go and check out the gym and see what equipment we have available to us, and then based on that I’ll see what this workout is going to look like today based on a little bit of instinctive navigation. When you’re using your plates it becomes a little bit wobbly. And obviously when we’re swimming, we have to use a lot of our stabilizer movements. So it helps with the assistance of that direct tracking of the swim. Then once I’ve done that set to absolute failure, I’ll then come to the Smith machine where I have them locked so I’m only getting a three-quarter movement here. I need to get used to locking out now, because when I’m swimming, I need to reach as far forward as possible. All right. So, we didn’t do our swim straight after the workout because we’re just too tight on time, so we are going to go back to the pool, unfortunately, later on this afternoon to get our meters in. So, we’re on our way to a meeting now. But of course we got to eat straight after a workout. Gotta have my Re-Kaged. And now, about an hour later, we are
eating. Carb load and protein load. And get these nutrients in later to try to fuel this bloody big swim we got today. Alright, just wrapped up our swim. So we’re back here again at the London Aquatic Center. This is what I ended up doing. There, OK, now you can see the distance that I put in and the swim time and the pace. We just got a little bit creative. We started doing swim drills, power drills, some sighting drills, some catch drills, and there was some one-arm superman drills in there anyway. But we got it done. Like, we had the workout done this morning, and then I had a couple of meetings, and then we came back for the swim. Not as efficient as I would prefer. Normally I would like to do them back to back, but, you know, if you don’t have the time, you just don’t have the time. So you just got to fit it in whenever you can. As long as you get it done. That is all that matters. Time to get some food down us and stay on track. We made it to Gatwick on time, plenty of time. I always freak out, in all honesty, if I’m a little bit late. I get very anxious and I freak out and I start forgetting stuff. So I’d like to be in plenty of time. Not like Sunshine. Sunshine likes to get everywhere by the skin of her
teeth. Anyway, off and away we go to Tampa. So we did our workout this morning. We did not have time to get our run in. Because we screwed up the times with the gym. We were told it was actually opening earlier than it actually did. They changed their times, apparently, recently. So we’re going to do the run when we land in Tampa. It’ll still be Tuesday. So that’s OK. Alright. Bon voyage. It’s day 65 still of this video series, and now we’re not in London anymore. We’re in Tampa, Florida. With this badass over here. Chris Cavallini in the house. So you know all that food that you see me eating all the time that I keep mentioning of Nutrition Solutions? Yeah, he’s my chef. He’s my personal chef. He’ll spit in it every now and again, I’m sure. Sure put some toe clippings in it. But Chris is so kind to pick us up from the airport, take us back to the hotel to have a very fast shit, shower, and shave. And now we are heading out to… we’re going to a park or something? Yeah, it’s a river walk. It’s a river walk. Alright. So we’re going to get our runs in. We got some drills to put out there. Let’s go get it did, son. We’re just over a mile, just over a mile into our run here in Tampa. I’m quite glad that we didn’t have enough time to run this morning and just get our legs done when we’re in London. So gladly got plenty of Hydra-charge and glutamine with me here. But I for one feel so much better once I just, whenever I land somewhere I either go to the gym, get a workout done, or now, since starting this Man of Iron video series, just getting out there and hitting a run or swim or whatever it may be. So the workout for today is a two mile warm-up, and then we have one mile going at a seven out of ten effort. And then we walk for a minute. Then we got half a mile going at a eight out of 10 effort. And then walk for a minute. And then we got a quarter of a mile going at a nine, nine and a half out of ten effort. And we’ll repeat that twice, then cool-down for a mile. Right. So it’s day 66 of this video trainer. This is a very special day because here in Tampa I contacted Ben this morning to see if he was available to get in a workout. And he was, which is awesome. So Ben Pakulski,
IFBB pro is putting us through a workout this morning. We’ve got back and we’ve got biceps, obviously, I’ve done back with Ben before and he’s absolutely amazing at working the muscles, getting that mind-muscle connection, disengaging, engaging how you should work the back without using too much of your assisting muscles. And he understands that we have these disciplines that we have to work upon. And he’s going to put us through a back workout that’s only going to positively influence our disciplines with the swim, with the bike, with the run. Alright, guys. Day 66. Still here in Tampa, Florida. Had a great workout with Ben Pakulski this morning. So it was really good to get that session in. And obviously we split that up with our cardio because we run out of time, so we will hit the bike later on. Now we are…the reason why we’re here is to go over to Nutrition Solutions now. So this is the food company that I use, that you see me eating from all the time. Absolutely fantastic. I always fill up my backpack with them when I go out on my bike rides, just to sustain my fuel sources. I’ve been honored to come in and talk and speak to the guys. And then maybe I’ll get on the line and cook up some pancakes myself. It was great to see the inner mechanics of the food that I’m eating. What, I tell you there’s one
part that I didn’t like, and that was going near the doughnuts and the cookies
and having to walk away. Walking away is like leaving a family member there to die. That I can’t eat. I need to eat it. Alright, so we’re back in the Mi40 gym, Ben Pakulski’s gym, here now. And we have some great company here today. My man Chris Cavallini
put this workout together. Thank
you, sir. And he introduced me to a
couple of his good friends. Here we have Jinder and we have
Sheamus over yonder. A couple of WWE wrestlers in the house here, so we’re going
to have to see if these guys are for real or not. Alright, just finished the swim. Yeah so, the swim today is so weird. I don’t know what’s going on in my head. When I looked at the workout, I got a little bit frustrated because there’s a couple of things that I just didn’t know the fucking terminology. TT plus 5 70.3 pace. I dodn’t know what my fucking 70.3 pace is. And I don’t know what a TT point five is. So I started getting frustrated and I thought, you know what? Bollocks. I’ve stopped at 1400 metres. Where’s the details? I don’t know. About 1400 metres. And I just thought, you know what? I’m going to fucking stop. Something’s telling me I’m okay with it. Normally I would be frustrated and pissed off, and I’d think, fuck it, I’m just going to do the Two and a half thousand meters anyway. But today I’m just thinking, you know what? I’m fucking good with it. I’m not going to be frustrated by it. I’m not going to be pissed off. I’m ain’t going to finish a swim and I’m good with that. I’ll live to see another day. The last couple of weeks of travel has been very, very hectic. And I know I got a fucking big weekend ahead of me. I’ve got a 10-mile off-road run and I get a 70 mile bike ride I’ve decided to do. And, yeah. Anyway, I’m going to
get the fuck out of this pool and get some food down me. Good morning. It is a non-training day. Different circumstances, different background, I love it. So where are you going to find us if we’re not in the gym? You’re going to find us in the kitchen. Eating. Making food. So a big part of any program is the fuel that you’re going to be feeding yourself for performance and recovery. Not only that, but for your health as well. So when you’re looking at the types of foods that you should be eating, they shouldn’t be so convenient that you can go to a drive through and pick them up. They should be foods that you prepare and, in most cases, the most natural form possible. I like to go for an array of colors. I don’t like to go for recipes that take too long to make. Only because my brain doesn’t think outside the box when it comes to the kitchen. Morning. It is Saturday. Up early, had my little concoction. My apple cider vinegar, and I’ve saved the other half for Sunshine here. Still crashed out. She’s knackered. And I figured because we haven’t been anywhere near a scale for a couple of weeks, jump on the scales. So I’ve got the weight of the camera as well unless…actually going to do this. I’ll jump on the scales first, and then I’ll get the camera. 221. There you go. But we started this program like 215. Who would’ve thought. People thought I was going to
lose weight on this program. Not a chance. But now, I will start losing a little bit of weight as we’re just over, like, four weeks away from this half Ironman. It’ll make sense now. I’ll lose a little bit of fat. And this was all part of the crazy strategic plan. Anyway. See you in a little whiles. I’ve put my Strava on, on my phone here. So I’ve put it on run, and then I press go. Activate. All right. We are about an hour into this run, about five miles. So we’re, like, halfway. So this is probably going to take us, like, two hours to get this run done. A little bit longer than I anticipated. But that’s OK. We’re going to part ways with Zach now, the videographer, So we’re going to continue going this way, he’s going to go that way. We’d better get back to it. Good morning. It is day 70 and this morning, very special guest here: Sam Kristensen. Now, we have never really hung out. We met once in Tri Town, but we haven’t really stayed in communication. Until recently, when I just started following, like, on Strava and seeing the amount of miles this guy puts in was just blowing my mind. It’s gonna be interesting today. So, he offered to take me out on this ride. Damn. I’ll take it. I don’t know how I’ll be able to hang, but I’ll definitely take it. So
today what we’re going to be doing is, it’s called a Horseshoe Bend-Emmett loop. So it’s about 80 miles round trip. We have five different climbs within, within this loop so it’s beautiful scenery. It’ll be challenging but breathtaking views too.

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