Training Koi Fish

Hey I’m Eric Triplett The Pond Digger. tosy I’m gonna teach you How to Train Your Corey how to seize
watermelon I remember some I try to defuse the watermelon my pond and they didn’t care for it at all I did
it for about a week they still in eat it it was so annoying I just got
persistent and I figure out how to get to eat it immediately let me show you my secret okay
watermelon like this like a little wagon wheel what you want to do is what I first
break out the center like this his way to stimulate them by putting
some other favorite fish food in the middle of this ring when it floats and
I’m gonna come right to it what’s cysts notice they don’t want nothing to do
with Ed a start feeding him a little bit on the side now to fill the center with their
favorite fish food now going for the fish food get a little
taste that watermelon on accident

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