TRAPPED UNDERGROUND | Vacate The Room (HTC Vive Virtual Reality)

(wapoosh!) Top o’ the morning to ya laddies my name is Jacksepticeye and welcome to “Vacate the Room.” A short room escape bane- *yeuuh* room escape game by Heiko Hoshi Ihde. I don’t know how to say that… But it looks really cool! If any of you know about these, like, escape games you’re, like, put into a room you have to solve puzzles to get out of them- oh! Hi! Vacate the Room! Yes! Start! I-I would like to! Yes- Oh, Jesus! Fuckin’ hell don’t do that to me- oh God, This room is tiny! Oh God. Ohh! Hi! It’s Ten Cloverfield Lane all over again! Right so, I don’t know what I’m supposed to do. “Way out: Up.” Well no fuckin’ shit, “Shylock.” Yes, I know it’s “Sherlock,” there’s a joke there shut up! Um, right. What do we do? This is showing me that this is the handle to get out. Ta- uh, hello?! Can you- tink tink ti-Hello?! Okay, why am I in here?! Who put me in here? It’s very dark, I’m sorry if you can’t see anything. Is that a camera? Hi there! Yeah, I’m stuck! could you open the door? Oh. There is no door in here. It’s a very well furnished place for somethin’ that’s, uh, underground. Soders! Can I- can I pop the top- *glug glug glug* Ugh! So glad I’m able to survive down here! Oooh! What are this? I don’t know what this are- are you a fuse? You seem like a fuse. Where do I put this? What did that do?! That’s not doing anything! Okay, you stay there- Ooh, there’s a mouse. *Incoherent words* Awe fuck! I’m messin’ up everything! I’m sorry! I’ll put e- I’ll put everything back where I got it. I didn’t mean to mess up all your shit! Is this the mouse? How did you fall off the table? Get off me hand! Thanks. Flashlight! Do you actually work? Oh, thank God! Oh, thank god! There’s a QR code right there that says “Hoshi.” I don’t know what that means. What are we lookin’ at? Oooh! Hi.. That’s a nice picture. I can barely see it. That’s a car driving down the road. Awe, that’s cool how the shadow actually goes through that. That’s very convincing. K, put you back there, nice. Uhm… there’s a little game I can play! Okay, we’ll play the game in a minute when I get really fuckin’ bored. Are you-? *Grunts* Can I-? Do you smash? Is there something inside you? *More grunts* There’s nothing in it. Okay. This is, so far, going well. Well, fuck ya. Uhm… “lost and found.” Yes, I am lost. Can someone find me? Ohhhhhhh! Not the ball of paper! This one! “All this stuff? Books, movies, and even music… I guess I used them as some kind of escape…” Okay, that’s written on the exact same- that’s weird. That’s a lot of dedication- uhm… can you let me out?! There, if I do this you can’t see anything. Shhhhh! If I do this then they’re no gonna know where we are. hehehe, wait… Am I facing backwards right now? Oh, no, I’m facing forwards. Oh, thank God. Uhm… Ok. What do I do? There’s a button on this. Touch the button. Flick the buh- That’s not a button! Looks like something actually comes out of that- Oh, hi! That’s another one of those things! What’s in the bin? What’s in the bin? Can I-? Can I?? (grunts) Hello? There’s- there’s- there’s- there’s a note in here. I don’t want that one! I don’t want these ones ! I want the bottom one. Get out! Fuckin’ paper… What’s on this? Ooh- Ohh. Hohhohhoh Hahaha… That’s not helpful! It says something on it underneath the red writing but … Fucked if I know. A cane ! A CANE! (Old Man Voice) I’m an old man!!! Gosh darn it! will you let me out? Gosh darn it, will you let me out ? Can’t you see … No power? try this! No power try this whoa Ooo (Jack makes new discovery) Theres a key hole The keyhole- That follows me ! Stop it ! Ooh codes … okay. (Beeping sounds) Nothing works. Oh that’s a face ! Is that Morpheus ? Can I take the pin ? Yay ! Ooooh ! ooooh Ohhhhh! Is there more pins in this ? How do I ? How do I get behind it ? There’s something behind this ! Hello. Hello!? I can’t like, pull this off!! Oh god my hands are going through the wall ! Oh that’s really freaky! Why can’t I pull this off!? There’s something underneath it, let me at it ! Do I need something else ? Can … Can you ? I can’t grab these things now, because
the fucking the pic yeah come on the The fuckin papers under the ground The fucking paper’s under the ground ! Fuck sake! Stuff is … Now I can’t grab stuff ‘coz its too far away ! I can grab this again … Grab the cane. here we go, Can you- *heuh* C’mon ! Nothing’s working properly ! Coul’d you work ? God dang it ! What does this say ? 1 … Ok, I don’t actually pull the poster off the wall … I just look … OH GOD what’d I do ? Stop I- Ah, fuck’s sake ! everything I can’t grab shit when it
goes on the ground I’m messing everything up … I can’t grab shit when it goes on the ground ! Are you fucking serious with this shit!? ok.. what does this say, 1 4 5 0 4. Is that for you? uh, one four five O four! That didn’t do anything! Cause there’s no fucking power… how do you have power and nothing else does? Is there a key somewhere that I’m missin’ ? I have no … flangin idea There’s no keys in there. There’s no keys in ther- Hello!? Keys!? Is there a key somewhere ? I need a key! Yeah see, none of these work ! ‘Coz there’s no power … God I’m getting… Fuck’s sake! stay on my head, headphones ! I’m getting fucking sweaty… (stutters) All this constant looking down is making the headset fall off my face! (mouth noises) Do you open ? No … Ok, then where the fuck do I get a key for you? K, I’mma get you … Thanks ! Shut .. the fuck up ! I don’t know where to get the key for that thing ! Thanks for falling through the fucking table ! Again, that doesn’t fucking do any thing! Key!? There’s the key! Hey fella! Come on out now ! In this … Yes ! And turn.. Hooray!! Ok, so these are color-coordinated, so blue … Shpadoosh! … Yes! Co- Come on. Co- come on now. Come on now fuckin game messing up on me, don’t do that! BADIENK! NICE! I’m getting them all now … C … Sir, can you come down ? Yes … uh … what color are you ? You are this one. I’m missing three ! Where are they ? The three that I’m missing that is. Are any of them hidden? I feel like some of them are probably … What do we have? Silent Hill No thanks. Oh, there’s one in here.. Agh god! How does that make any sense i’m
clipping through the fucking floor to get it! Right, so purple and yellow are left. Purple and yellow, come on down, to Jacka-boy town No, yeah, there we go … There’s yeller beller Ah, you go there … now where’s purple oh where oh
where oh where is purple Where you hiding little buddy, where you hiding little purp!? Are you behind this somewhere ? Little problem fr- I’mma climb under this!! No , no okay ah fuck! K- maybe, maybe I could
put my head Through the thin- Can I- Ooh god! Oh jesus! The world is weird out here! hahahaha Are you behind the computer screen? Yaaa there you are! Thanks mr. purple! Ok, got it! Oh! That’s really nice looking! Do we have power now!? Ya! So what was this? 1 4 5 0 4 (crazy loud bone pops) Uhh one four five O four! ok you don’t have that many digits you do though! uh- one four five O four! Oh god you scare me! Nice! Ok, what is this say!? “How to escape, find the keys” “Find the fuses, find the letters, climb out” ?? It’s a big-ass key! Oh wait, are you for this? Yeah! Turn that son-o-bitch Oh k- wha da fu– this is weird! Ge-grab the letter! what does this one say? Um “All the time” “whenever I did not want to see anybody” BAAHH! scary face! “Now I want to see somebody, but I don’t think I can” four Okay, we should actually um, collate these
letters. Put them- put them put them over here There’s one. Two! em- K there’s that as fuck I’m just move
where they put the other letters where you going into the passes here’s one there’s one now i miss the
number three what else was it you I I light bulb what
do you have with you go hello wait you guys do something now
right they turn on the power? oh that’s much
nicer Now I don’t need the flashlight it won’t get
off my hand there we go, I’m making a mess in here ya know what? it’s just the way I like it. oh wait, can I use
the computer now?*button boop* ah ok what’s going on it seems as if I’m
locked in this room well I get out maybe I have some clue
somewhere oh I did not discard it you probably did leave a clue some- oh wait, this is the other letter is that all the letters? and there’s one in here, there’s this thing, I don’t know what
this is useful for. there’s a lot of shit on this that I can’t really see, It would have
been cool if I held it up to like a different light and it shown
something differently right now, i don’t know where I put this. I’ll leave it just right here, I don’t know what this is for, this is a bulb. *smacks ceiling button* boop boop, can I? there you go, you got it, wait is there
even a place to put this in? oh, Oh, can I? is there a button on you i can push to turn you on? Uh, apparently, oh wait, there we go. Ooh, there’s something on you no, ok the mouse doesn’t even work that’s poop! four, five, oh ,eight what’s the code for this thing? is it
the- is it these? is it the, shite. this says safe code on it, can you see it up there? on the top? the red light gets rid of the red letters only one left is the black, I
see an eight, there’s eight in there What are the rest of the numbers though? wait,
what are those what are those numbers 2874 2874 2874 yeah okay, last letter! I have to stop
hiding myself the real life is going on outside, I have to get out, number five, what is
this? Exit Yay! what fell? ooh, god go ‘way Fuck off what is this? I can’t even grab it. oh, god agh fucking head tracking *reading* I did it! I found my way out of here if I want to escape the
room I just have to take off the VR headset.
that’s it to escape the room you take off the VR headset are you serious? are you trying to be- agh! okay I’m done, are you trying to fucking
meta with me saying that the way you escape the VR room is actually just go
out into real life? really? I spent all the time finding colts, finding pages, finding
letters, and all you tell me is just go and take off the headset I could’ve fuckin’ done that ages ago I put on the headset to get into the room I mean
it’s clever, in a way but now I’m salty cause it took me so long to figure it out okay well that was ‘Vacate The Room’ then,
that was actually pretty interesting i liked it alot, except way too much involving you like, looking down ’cause when the headset is comfortable it needs to sit perfectly on your eyes
like a nice is it perfectly in the same place all the time for you to get the
most benefit out of it if you’re swinging your head around, it gets a
little loose you can tighten, it but then it starts like like mashing into your
face, and its really uncomfortable but when you lean down the thing kinda hangs
from your face and then all the texts and everything gets really blurry
because the lenses start to like shift from your eyes a small bit and if they’re
not dead center then takes top and bottom of the screen starts to look
pretty blurry so you have to like adjust the headset like a pair of glasses
or a pair of binoculars or something you’re looking through a pair of binoculars, and you’re looking at them like this, you kinda have to get them like dead on to
be able to see through them, that’s the kind of effect with VR, it’s
not as exaggerated is that you can still like I have them on and still see
some stuff, but it’s really hard to see stuff if they’re not like directly
centered on your eyes, all right I like having to lean down having to crawl
under things is really great use of VR, but too much of it, and then the headset starts to feel heavy ya start like coming back up you getting
all disoriented everything all the time plus the physics of the game weren’t
there, the physics of the game weren’t the best. it was just kind of like you, you clicked
on stuff and then the floor ended up being closer to me than the actual floor
and the game sites like Jimmy around the controllers to try and pick stuff up off
the ground it was a cool idea though I like that a
lot, i can’t wait to see more people use VR like that, cause it used room space alot, I was able to like walk around and i was able to pick up stuff and everything I just I can’t wait for fucking Wireless
VR as much as the VR is cool having to stumble over yourself with wires all
the time is super annoying and there’s there’s no way to fix it right now this you have super long cables make it
unless HTV and Vive and them bring out a super long
version of that and you have them attached to your wall and in your roof
we have some sort of pulley system so that when you walk it extends when you
come back at retract or something so anybody can do it because right now
it’s just like you’re stumbling over your own cables I need to get some wireless headphones
as well and that’ll that’ll ease a lot of it but i don’t know a lot of the VR games end up feeling clumsy rather than intuitive which is kind of annoying so
hopefully people fix those things in the future and VR gets a lot better but
that’s a really cool idea I like that a lot anyway thank you guys so
much for watching this episode if you liked it punch that like button in the face… LIKE A BOSS!!! and high fives all around… *whapsh whapsh* but thank you guys and i will see all you dudes IN THE NEXT VIDEOOoo!!! ok, I’m sorry. Okay? I’m sorry that I’m bad at this. But, oh wait, I need to be pressing D on this… lets speed this up. I need to learn how to pause as well pause the game. yah
I need to learn to just pause at certain points. I have a new lens well I said it in
another video before that i have a new lens but it’s it’s a much wider lens
it’s not as clear as the other one for this camera umm which is kind of annoying and
there’s no like depth of field or proper focus on it or anything but you get so
much more of the room in one image and it’s so much better for VR I mean you could get even more of the
room if you wanted to but then you just see lights and then you have this weird
effect weeee wweeeeeee *giggles* why is he so adorable?

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