Triathlon Distances: Average Finish Time for Sprint, Olympic, 70.3, and Ironman

– An average finish time in
an Olympic distance race of… Sorry to end this on a bad note but. It’s dark in the mornin’ Trainiacs. Makes me wanna go back to bed. What do you think when, the swim cap has like a 16th
of an inch of mold on it, it’s fast right? (cheerful music) Now, Trainiacs. There has been somthin’
that I’ve wanted to find for the last little while and I think I found it this morning. And that is the average
time that it takes to finish each distance of a triathlon. I found a website that
analyze like thousands, across hundreds of different races, and what we’ve got is, average finish times for Sprint, Olympic, Half Ironman, and Ironman. Now, before you get all
uppity and land base me in the comments, I wanna say that, in my opinion, these
might be somewhere around 5% higher than I was expecting. The average Sprint
finish time is just under an hour and 30 minutes,
with the 750 meter swim being done in about 18 minutes, the 20K bike in around 40 minutes, and the 5K run in around 28 minutes, add a couple of transitions in there, which makes a big difference
in a Sprint Distance Race because the distances are so short. And you got yourself
just under and hour 30. That seems high. Now you might be wondering
what my finish time is, personal best in a
sprint, 1.0750 I believe. Now, on to Olympic. We are talking about
an average finish time in a Olympic distance race of three hours. For the 1.5K swim being
done in about 40 minutes, the 40K bike in about
an hour and 20 minutes, and the 10K run in about an hour. Now personal best was just a few weeks ago in a course where the
bike course was 3K short. I did 2.0406, I think it was. On like a straight legitimate course that was actually a little
bit long a couple years ago, I did 2.1401. Now, Half Ironman. Of 67,000 finish times, in
40 Half Ironman triathlons, the average was six hours. That really seems high. For the 1.2 mile swim,
in about 40 minutes. A 56 mile bike in three hours and the 13.1 mile run in 2.15. Personal best finish
time in that, was 4.4646. Just about exactly a year ago
on the Duluth Superior Man; the first Half Ironman I did. If anything the bike was about a kilometer too short on that. And then finally the
grand daddy of them all, the full Ironman distance. Whoa. For 41,000 finishers in 25 races. About 12 hours, 35 minutes
with the swim of 2.4 miles taking an hour, 16 minutes. The bike of 112 miles
taking six hours, 25 minutes and the run of 26.2 miles,
taking four hours and 54 minutes. And I have yet to do a full Ironman race. There ya’ go. You know what the full
Ironman time average, that actually seems basically
bang on what I was expecting. So we are heavily into race
pace, training, two a day, runs. Well, two workouts a
day, not two runs a day. ‘Cause that would just be crazy. Who would run twice in one day? Now swimming and running? Easy. Running and running? Awful. Magically we’ve been graced with another nice weather day here. So there’s gonna be a
lot of nipples out there! A lot of nipples. Now before you get all excited, she’s bike riding. She’s not running with me, no. It’d be a decade before I
can convince her to do that. (cheerful music) – Awesome view. (dogs barking) – What? I’m trying! (dogs howling) What, what, what, what? I’m trying, trying, trying. (grunting) Well that felt like a great run. I’m supposed to be doin’ that at about 4.20 per kilometer for 2K. And then rest, at 4.45 per kilometer. And I was down at like, 4.17 per K, and 4.35 per K. Feelin’ good! Feelin’ good. We gotta talk about somethin’
though that might be bad news. A friend of mine Jacques, who
did the long swim with me, has been talking about me
trade marking Trainiac. Well, I did some research today, looks like when I started using Trainiac, some asswipe went and trademarked it. If there are any intellectual
property lawyers out there that specialize in US
intellectual property law, that can help me out and
tell me if even using the word Trainiac is gonna
end me up in trouble, that would be much appreciated. ‘Cause that could be a very awful thing. Aight dudes and dudettes, sorry to end this on a bad note but, I guess mo’ money, mo’ problems, right? Kay, any help, very much appreciate. I’m out.

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