Triathlon Motivation From Open Water Swimming

– Just like I left it. (whoosh) Oh I forgot about that. (whoosh) It’s more a lifestyle of saying yes. (whoosh) (car door opens) (moans) Morning Trainiacs. Got back from 10 days of travel yesterday. Actually feeling not too bad. That means training is back underway. Heading to the pool right now
to do the very first long swim for the 39K marathon swim
that we’re training for. Now that Iron Man Campeche is over, time to start getting
prepped for that long swim which means that every single weekend, I start doing a long swim. Today we’re gonna start with 4,500 meters. Do it in three chunks of a half an hour. Driving a one mile through the pool. I miss that pan am chlorine and kids from River Heights
in Winnipeg pee smell. Smells like home. Ultraband pool swim box appears to be. Just like I left it (light airy music) Before I get going, always lick in your goggles to avoid fog. Allow me to explain how we
do these long swim bills. Had to switch goggles there, the socket rockets died
in the four seconds in between moving the
camera from there to there. So how we do these long swim bills is for time not distance because during the long swim, we go in 30 minute chunks and stop the boat every 30
minutes to take our nutrition, which is very specialized and I’ll tell you about another day. Got nutrition and electrolytes
for every 30 minutes, we stop and we take our nutrition, so that’s what I want to
get in the habit of here during the long swim, to train my gut and my body
to go in 30 minute intervals with nutrition every 30 minutes. I also use floaty pants
during these long swims, when they’re indoors because I’m gonna be using
a wetsuit in the long swims so I want these to be as similar to the long swim as possible and today I’m guessing it’s gonna be something like three times
30 minutes, continuous. Should probably get me
to around 4,800 meters. And that 30 minutes
also includes the break. 4,800 meters to 5,000 meters,
somewhere around there. Starts right now. (R&B music) Googles are not agreeing with me. Hang on, hang on, hang on. Nope, not today, Taren. Alright third time’s a charm. One 30 minute rep down and
1,500 meters on the nose. This is not very fast swimming. It’s not intended to be. It’s actually intended to be really slow. Oh I forgot about that. Looks like old cough syrup
and rotten coffee cake. Remember when I said I have
to get my gut used to this? That there is 3,000 very
slow meters in 59 minutes. Two of three done. I might have been a little
bit ambitious wanting to do this about 16 hours after landing. Stroke’s already falling apart and that is 1/8th of the way
done compared to the long swim. At least, I got the lane to myself again. Had a dude and dudette that came in and joined me for about 1,200 meters. (mellow music) Ooh yeah and that is it. Actually did that last 1,500. I know I said I wasn’t going for 1,500’s, I was going for time but I did that last chunk
fastest out of the three. Check this out, I outlasted
all but one person in the pool. That’s pretty quiet, eh? Alright, let’s go over there. I’ll tell you a little bit
more about this long swim. Why we’re doing it. Alright it’s time for
some hashtag real talk about this long swim. The reason that I did the long
swim a bunch of years ago, is the same reason I’m doing it now. Kind of in line with when
I talk about how people should adopt the triathlon lifestyle. And what I mean by that isn’t necessarily that you need to just do a
whole bunch of triathlons, be an awesome triathlete. It’s more a lifestyle of saying yes and taking on challenges
that you don’t think that you can do to prove to
yourself that you can do it and to prove to other people
that they can do things that they don’t expect
they can do as well. So whether that’s doing
triathlons, doing marathon swims, doing marathons, climbing a mountain, taking on a business venture. The reason that I started
doing triathlons was to start ripping off the bandaid and getting in the habit of saying yes, I can do that and going through
the steps and the process and doing whatever it takes
to accomplish those goals. And the cool part about it, is
that when you start doing it, the first one seems daunting, but then the second one
seems a little bit easier and the third one seems a
little bit easier than that. So whether you are starting with a 5K run, a half marathon, a sprint
triathlon, a Try a tri, why I say you have to start by starting is because I think the hardest
part is taking that first step and going into that first
race, first challenge, first goal, first bucket list
item that you wanna check off and once you get in the
habit of doing that, all of a sudden, the next one becomes a little bit more reasonable and a little bit more feasible. It’s cool how it snowballs. A few years down the
road, you’re doing things that you never thought that
you would be able to do. You got so many fluffies here today. Come your hair guys. The reason that I know
that this happens is because I’ve gone through it. And it’s also the reason
I know that anyone, no matter how fit or
unfit, or uncoordinated or afraid of the water they
are, can do a triathlon. Absolutely anyone can do these. Seven years ago, I shurt you
not, I was afraid of the water. I did not go into pools. I thought there were sharks in there. Open water, even with a life vest, scared the bejesus out of me. I started that first triathlon. Before I did it, I was only able to swim, literally 14 lengths of the pool. I did not go into open water
because I was afraid of it. I did not get in the
middle of the swim pack during a triathlon because I
was afraid of all the churning. But that first one was the gateway drug that made me want to keep going and got me addicted to the sport. Why I did that first marathon
swim was to have a mark that I was tackling a challenge that was my absolute
biggest fear, ten years ago and I wanted to prove
that through triathlons I had changed my life
and overcome those fears. If I can impart anything
through this channel, it’s that I would love if
you all got into the mindset and a lifestyle of saying yes. Anyone, absolutely anyone
just needs to say yes. Then good things will happen, trust me. I gotta get home to get up today’s video and then go to the office and bring a week’s worth
of stuff to the office. I’ll see you there. Now I rarely get all ra, ra
triathlon on you like that, but sometimes I think it’s important to communicate not why I’m doing this but I think putting it into perspective of why I think other people
should do things like this. Because it can be life-changing and I guarantee that if you do it, and you take on more and more challenges, your life is gonna be more fulfilled and you’re going to be happier, thrilled that you did it and you’re going to look back
on your life years from now and be really glad that
you took that first step. Sometimes, well first step booster. It’s not warranted, important, just as important as hanging is and just as important as
sunscreen is, apparently. (mellow music) Now that’s a little bit more orderly, take a bunch of stuff to the office. (door unlocks) Look at what the jerks did. Look at what Teddy and Mel did. They were clearly very busy. Somebody’s getting more work this week. Thanks ladies. You did a good job with the channel. You wanna do a Facebook Live? – Yeah – Let’s do a Facebook Live. We did a heavy, heavy volume on the run. Lots of over distances on the run but not a lot in the bike and I was worried about that. Worked out. Coaches know what they’re doing. That’s why you hire them. Oh you’re still going. Ha, good luck cutting that together into an eight minute video, Mel. I think, you got 40 minutes of footage. Bye Trainiacs. We’re going for burgers.

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