Triathlon News February 12, 2019: New Triathlon Channel, Trainiac Updates, Cancelled Races

– What’s up, Trainiacs? We’re back! Welcome to the first
Triathlon Newsday Tuesday in a month and a half. Despite me being away, the world of triathlon continued on, and things happened. In today’s Triathlon Newsday Tuesday, new pro triathlon YouTube
channels got started, iconic races get canceled, and there were actually a couple of races. I had to dig deep for
’em, but they happened. (energetic electronic music) What’s up, Trainiacs? Welcome to this week’s
Triathlon Newsday Tuesday where every single Tuesday,
as long as I’m not training and it’s not the holidays and there is something to talk about, we talk about what’s been going on in the triathlon world. Make sure you stick around to the end where we share everyone’s favorite part of Triathlon Newsday. That is a story from
the Trainiac community. We have a couple of fun announcements beyond just our unusual Newsday stuff, and as always, full links
to everything we talk about will be in the description below. (clapping) I’m excited. Let’s get into it. We got a self-promoting shirt. First little bit of news is that our pal, Sarah Crowley, the 2017
third place finisher in Kona, who arguably in 2017 had
one of the best seasons in triathlon and has been on the podcast, started recommitting
to her YouTube channel. Now, we helped Sarah get her followers up earlier last year, but
she has recommitted, hired a videographer
to do regular content. She put out her first video talking about kind of her history in triathlon, coming up all the way
from where she started when she was learning how to swim and all the way to today. It’s a really nice video. Go check it out in the description below. Congratulations, Sarah. Keep it up. Next, less good news, a
little bit disappointing is that after coming
back from being canceled, the Wildflower Triathlon
Festival announced again that they are canceled for 2019. They announced this on
their Facebook page, said that they will be back in 2020 and that athletes who
were registered for 2019 have the option to get a refund or get priority entry into next season. Now, this is very unfortunate because this has been one
of the most longstanding, most popular races out there
on the triathlon circuit, and it’s also one of the most difficult. So people love to hate it. We hope you come back, Wildflower. In racing news, the ITU
short course athletes are getting under way, and they did so with the Discovery World
Triathlon in Cape Town. It was a sprint distance race that was won on the
women’s side by Ai Ueda, and the men’s side was won by Alex Yee. Now, quite often, these early
season sprint distance races before we get onto the World
Triathlon series events, they don’t always generate the most top notch caliber
athletes out there, but Ai and Alex ended up
beating some really good competition out there. Rachel Klamer was in the women’s side, and Henri Schoeman was on the men’s side. So good on you to Ai and Alex. Impressive stuff, fast times. And in Ironman racing,
it’s been very, very quiet. There’s not a lot to
choose from over the course of January, but Ironman Dubai happened about a week and a half ago now. It was won on the men’s side
by Adam Bowden in 3:40:11 while the women’s side was
won by Holly Lawrence in, get this, four hours, four seconds. Now, it’s very common that we see times in the 3:40s for the men’s races, but seeing something
flirting with four hours, especially with Holly Lawrence having been kind of back and forth a little bit, in and out of injuries, good on you for coming back. That’s an amazing time. (applauding) Trainiac clap. (applauding) Now, to fun bits of self-promotion beyond just Team Trainiac
being live at Get yourself a free 14 day trial. Try it out. The Scody Trainiac Kit
Shop is once again open just for the next week. We’re doing a run of
all the Trainiac gear. I don’t make a dime
off of you buying this. We’ve just set it up and every few months, open it up. We now have the addition of the much requested
Trainiac trucker hats. They look okay. We’ve also got some Trainiac
shorts, Trainiac kits, and people that got in on the last order of Trainiac gear, they
dig it, and it looks good. Also, the Triathlon Taren
podcast is still up and running even though I was traveling
over all of January. We’ve had some really
good podcasts out there. Some one-on-one, just me and
you talking about training. Patrick Lange, two time
Ironman World Champion was on. Had great feedback about that. And later tonight, we are going
to interview Martin Gibala, professor and author of
The One-Minute Workout, which has studied the effectiveness of high intensity interval training. A shorter workout is just 10
minutes a few times a week being as effective as 50
minutes three times a week. So we’re gonna talk to him about that because it’s a lot of
what we have included in the training with Team Trainiac. Now, onto everyone’s fart. Fart (snickering). You heard that? – Yeah, I could see you scream fart. – (laughing) I did. On to everyone’s favorite
part of Triathlon Newsday, that’s the story from
the Trainiac community, and this story comes to
us from Anya and Menandi, two South Africans living in Taiwan. A little over a year ago, I came home one day and I asked my wife what she thinks of the
idea of doing a triathlon. I have no clear recollection of why I felt the urge to suddenly and totally out of the blue do something that I’ve never done before
or showed much interest in in the past, but she said yes, why not? Off the bat, we entered ourselves into an Olympic distance race and washed the dust off our hybrid bikes. Neither of us have ever
done any endurance training, and we both come from a netball, sport similar to basketball, background. So we were truly the
definition of beginners. We took baby steps in
all three disciplines and tried to learn as much
as possible over the internet and local triathlon groups. Five months later, we
completed our Olympic triathlon with a few minutes before
the cutoff time to spare. It wasn’t pretty, and the
four hours included a lot of swearing and yes, crying, but somehow we managed to drag ourselves over that finish line,
and that’s where the love of this sport really manifested itself. We’ve had endless conversations about why we’re suddenly
shaping and planning our lives to fit in these new training schedules and picking up extra work
to save for new bikes and why we are waking up in the morning with a newfound purpose. Because from an objective perspective, it really doesn’t make a
heck of a lot of sense. Why are we making all of these sacrificing for something that will
always just be a hobby? We’re still trying to
find the answer to that, but we think that it boils down to finding out that you’re
capable of doing so much more with your body than just
work, eat and sleep. Surprising yourself and
overcoming boundaries and labels that you’ve set
for yourself is so freeing. Getting through tough training sessions and completing races that
you once thought were crazy and impossible gives you a
sense of pride and self-worth that is hard to explain. We’re just at the beginning
of our lives as triathletes, but we are already so grateful for what the sport has taught us, and we are so overwhelmed
by the huge sense of community among triathletes. In a world of hate and animosity, it’s refreshing to be a part of something that drives and inspires
you to be your best self. Onwards and upwards, dedicated
Trainiacs, Anya and Menandi. Normally, I like to add
my two cents about that, but that’s it. Good on ya. Congratulations to all Trainiacs out there that have gone through their
first season of triathlon, and if you are just about
to enter your first season of triathlon, thank
you for joining us here and good luck to you. Hopefully we can help. That’s it for Triathlon Newsday Tuesday. If you aren’t already subscribed, hit the subscribe button below, and if you are subscribed, send in those emails to
[email protected] to get your story shared here on Newsday. Later, Trainiacs. I yelled fart.

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  • First, Taren I've been hanging off the start blocks at the end of the pool during every swim workout for several months now and my shoulders feel great. Thanks for the tip!

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  • Hey Taren. You missed the Ironman 70.3 at Buffalo City in South Africa on the 27th Jan. Rated as top 3 toughest in the world. I think it became the toughest with 35km an hour gusts.
    It was the first 70.3 that I have done. I had a great event thx to your videos and all the other great triathletes that helped me with training and support.
    Now onto IM Nelson Mandela City on the 6th of April

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