Triathlon Swim Training With A Pull Buoy & Band

– I’m literally distraught that it’s over. (whoosh) I got in that pool lane’s face. (whoosh) I am just on a rah-rah triathlon
endurance kick here, folks. (whoosh) Morning Train-iacs, it’s
just a short get-wet, do-anything, be-here kind
of pool morning today. Which is great because I could use a nap. Unrelated completely non-triathlon news, if you aren’t watching West World yet what are you doing with your life? Kim and I crushed the entire first season of West World in about four days and now I’m literally
distraught that it’s over. Black kickboard: fastest
of all kickboards. (splashing) 7,000, fast, continuous, what do you say? (hushed conversation) – Going to shoot for about
2,000 of whatever now. Nearly decapitated my pinky finger with a butter knife this morning. Probably make me faster. (splashing) After messing myself up
yesterday with nearly a 7K swim with 2,100 yards, today I
got in that pool lane’s face. Didn’t take any crap today. (water dripping) Okay, so I talk a lot about learning how to bring
your legs up to the surface of the water in floating. These tools: Pull Buoy and a band are the best ways to do that. Okay, so a Pull Buoy comes
in a lot of different forms, the more common ones that you’d see are like this, made of foam. I use this one, nice big
and thick on one end, because I am Scottish and
made for Caber tossing, and my legs are like tree trunks. So I need a little bit of extra flotation. Smaller one is going to be more common. The trick to this is
that you do not use this and kick at the same time. You put this in between your legs, typically up just above the
knees, and you don’t kick. How you get your legs to
the surface of the water is by using the little
bit of buoyancy with this, and then you tighten your core so that your legs drift
out closer to the water. Alright, so now where you
start getting super advanced on getting your legs up to
the surface of the water, is when you pair this with this. This makes your legs float. This makes your legs sink. It’s just an old inner tube. You can get a fancier one that’s a little bit softer
on the ankles from Finesse, just a few bucks. You wrap this around your ankles, and I wouldn’t recommend
starting without this. Because as you’d expect, you
wrap this around your ankles, you’re going to want to sink. So start off with a band,
a Pull Buoy and a band, and do just one length of the pool. A 50, a 25, start with small little bits to really get your body in the habit of bringing your legs
up close to the water. You’re going to have to
pick up your cadence, so strokes are going to be a lot faster. You’re going to have to force your core to hold your legs up close to the water. And eventually it’s going
to become a fair bit easier to have this paired with this, and then that goes away, and
then you just have the band. And you gotta build up
the same way that you did when you added the band to the Pull Buoy. This is not really going
to allow you to kick, just teeny tiny maybe
little dolphin kicks, but that’s going to be the
best way for you to learn how to get your legs close
to the surface of the water while not kicking a whole lot,
so you can conserve oxygen and still feel fresh for the bike. You’re going to hate me when you start, I guarantee it. Alright, feeling good,
ready for the office. Ready for a day. Over the last couple weeks
I feel like I’ve been on a little bit of a rah-rah
triathlon motivation slant, and I’m feeling very motivation-y
with the marathon swim. Even though last week
and the last few days I’ve felt like a bag of trash because I got beat up in
the boot camp workout. Sticking your face in water
and staring at a black line gives you a lot of time to think about how you’re going to
motivate yourself to train. Something that comes up basically
every time people ask me why we’re swimming for
three hours Monday morning, obviously I answer well,
we’re going for a long swim. And then they say how long is long? And I tell them 37 kilometers
through the Red River. And right then, almost without fail, there’s a look on their face that’s about a second of
processing, it goes to “why.” Why would you do that? And this is where we’re going
to get deep on this now. Occasionally, that “why”
becomes fairly dismissive. And occasionally it becomes dismissive from people who are close to you. Particularly in our case, because the Red River is kind
of known to be very dirty, silty, you can’t see your
hand when you’re in it. There’s a thought that
it’s extremely polluted. There’s been some testing done, it’s not. And if the question isn’t why would you do that,
just for clarification, it sometimes does get into oh my god, you shouldn’t be doing that, and dismissing us from wanting to do it. Which is kind of what a
lot of you will go through if you don’t yet have a community
of like-minded triathletes and endurance athletes around you. Your family, your friends, your coworkers, the people around you are going to wonder why you want to take on these
new challenges in your life. And I think the reason for
that, they themselves are scared to do those challenges in their life. So they want to put that fear onto you. And even if you’re not scared, and you know that you can do it, they are reacting to
their fear, not yours. There’s no reason that
you shouldn’t be able to do a triathlon, run a half marathon, run a marathon, an ultramarathon. All of these things are
done by thousands of people all around the world, so that
fear is completely unfounded, and you don’t need to listen to it. The reason that it’s happening
is because they’re afraid themselves, they’re not doing it because they’re afraid for you. So you, keep on going. And then when you end up doing it, typically what ends up
happening is those same people that were dismissive of
why you should do it, they are going to want to then
do the things that you did. They are going to
celebrate in your success. Which is kind of why I look at
it, and I say you know what, they’re thinking about their own fears. When they see that you can do it, they themselves know that it’s
something that they could do. So don’t pay attention to those fears, know that you can do it, go out and do it, and then yeah, let them celebrate with you and understand that these challenges that you’re overcoming
are doable for them. Be that motivation in their life. I am just on a rah-rah triathlon
endurance kick here, folks. Go do it. Alright.

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  • How do you balance work/life/etc, myself, I have 3 children under 5 , all training stops if one is ill and the it can be alot , my 70.3 is in 19 weeks , and I am a bit behind , it can be difficult to balance everything..

  • Westworld is pretty great. Can't wait for second season.

  • Have u ever done an ironman

  • I find if you cut a strip out of a swim cap it can also make a great band.

  • Pr'ed today in my 1.2 mile swim…52 mins. Trying to focus on technique…I've dropped 10 minutes off my time; changing little things over the past two weeks. Your swim tips are helping a bunch! Thx!

  • couldn't agree more with the fear bit. My favorite part is people not necessarily believing I can do then the change in attitude once in done doing it haha. So great having others that feel the same and have gone through the same. Good luck in your training and your marathon swim!

  • hahah the hiccups were pissing you off.

  • love the slow-mo pool shot (~1:20) ala JAWS/Sharkweek and kickboard carrier walking behind you waving to camera (i think). 🙂

  • Is that marathon swim you are training for an open water race like the 32km Traversee du lac St-Jean near Quebec City or a swim you are doing on your own?

  • Hi from France.
    Not a big fan of the buoy, I find it changes your posture in too an artificial way. I'm rather a floaty pants guy; your floating is more natural. Still have to try the band though.
    Regarding out-of-the-tri-tribe- people favorite question "Why?" my best answer is just "because".

  • You are lucky if "they" celebrate with you after you do it. Mine "they" still say: "you did it because you are crazy", or at best: "yeah, whatever".

  • approximately how big a loop are you making with the band?

  • I got in that pool lanes face; that just made my day Taren…..

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  • The end of this video should be it's own video. I am having a hard time trying to find a pool to learn and swim in, most of them are overcrowded and filled with swim teams and much faster, fitter swimmers.

  • Greetings from Dundee – should have guessed " Ginger" from Scotland 🙂

  • Awesome post. I just stumbled on to your channel while looking for information about swim bands. I'm new to the world of Triathlon and I'm aiming to do the ironman 70.3 in 2020. My weakest sport is swimming and I'm looking to improve over the next year. I totally enjoyed your video and you have inspired me to grab some bands to help me with my body position. I too have heavy legs and the way my swim coach like to describe me as a Manatee. Thank you.

  • can you give a SOLID advice because I'm having a problem to float in swimming pool a newbie in swimming I'm sinking through to the bottom

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