Triathlon Taren’s Swimming Goggle Collection

– Could be a better answer. I got a lot of goggles. You guys don’t like running much, right? Morning trainiacs, after
Monday’s 4000 meters smash fest, kick boards, kick boards. Great kick board. I’m almost scared to find out what Pat has in store for us today. Probably something like,
ten times 400 meters, dragging an anvil through the deep end. It’d be a good strength set. (funk music) I like these NAK fit goggles. So I just mentioned
there, that I like those NAK fit goggles that got sent out to me, and I thought it would
be worth touching on which goggles I use when, where, and why. So the reason I’ve got so many goggles is because I like to change
it up depending on where I am, and what I’m doing for
training, I always go with like, less is more. The goggles are sitting
on your face for, an hour, hour and a half? When we start doing the long
swim, we’re getting up to like, four, five hour training swims, and what tends to work the
best for me in the pool, is really minimal goggles, so these are Swedish
goggles that are literally (knocks) just nothing
but plastic on your eye. That’s a little bit harsh
because it does cut into your eye socket a little bit, but if you want a little bit more cushion, you can go with Swedish
goggles that have this little strip of rubber around the edge, these are called Socket Rockets, these are about three or four dollars, these are about seven. The really nice thing about this, is because there’s so much less going on, you don’t have to tighten it up that much, so when the goggles are
sitting on your eyes for hours on end, it’s going to be fine. The downside of these is that
they don’t stay on very well, but for training in the
pool where the chlorine gives goggles just an absolute beating, I want something cheap
and I want something that can sit on my eye for
hours on end, I’ll be fine. Now we starting getting out into races, I start going for, number one, mirrored. So we got mirrored Speedo
goggles, Roka goggles, mirrored NAK fit goggles, why do you have mirrored
goggles during a race? And I’m talking specifically
about triathlons, ones out in the open water
and you’ve got glare, and sun, the mirrored takes that glare off of the water and ideally you can sight a lot better with the mirrored goggles. Some people need a mirrored
goggle with a bit of a tint, or some sort of color
that helps buoys pop out. Try a few different options, but in general a mirrored
goggle is going to do a lot better for you
out in the open water. Now why I don’t use these just for both, is because of what happened today. I started out by saying that
I liked the NAK fit goggle, but about a half hour into the swim, my eyes started getting really sore. Compare the size of the NAK fit goggle to the size of the Socket Rocket, there’s so much going on,
that in my experience, you need to tighten up
these goggles a lot more, to get the suction on
all edges of the goggle. So it ends up putting a lot
of pressure on your eye, and then when we start doing, I was going to say, Speedo
sets, they’re all Speedo sets, we start doing snorkel sets, and then there’s also
the pressure on your head from the snorkel sitting there,
it ends up becoming a lot, and what people often go
to is a bigger goggle, and they’ll think that a bigger
goggle is what they need, when in actuality, less goggle
could be a better answer. What happens if you really like these, and you hate big built up goggles? You can get these in a mirrored
finish, but what I would do to make sure this doesn’t
come off in a triathlon, put it on, and then tuck
the goggles over the top, so that it’s just kind
of in your sight line, and that’ll keep it
pressed against your face if you get knocked around. As far as what brand of goggle I like, I got three here that are
almost entirely different. Because I’m only using these for races, I tend not to fuss that
much about how they feel. It’s only going to be for like
11 minutes or a half hour. Not a big deal, I can handle that, as long as it stays on my face, and I can see really well
because of the mirrored finish, and a big viewing angle. Oh, that’s one thing
that I didn’t talk about, these don’t really have
a big viewing angle, because the socket is really small, but goggles like these that wrap around, they have a much bigger viewing angle, so when you’re sighting,
you want to be able to see out the top and out the
sides of the eye socket. Eye socket? Goggle socket. Goggle lens. Goggle lens. You want to be able to see around all edges of the goggle lens so you can get a good sight
off whatever you’re spotting on shoreline or finding buoys, and staying away from
feet that are leading you in a bad direction. I got a lot of goggles. To the office. (funky music) Charlie. Do you want to
be on Triathlon Taren? – I think he does. – Hard day at work, bud. (crosstalk) – He has not enough beans (mumbles) – Yeah, you got to have an
appropriate amount of bean. You need like a 30 to 1 bean to dog ratio. That’s about right. I’m taking you know who for a run. We’re not going anywhere,
nowhere at all, right? And I’m not certainly going with you. You guys don’t like running much, right? I don’t know what you’re so happy about. I’m just putting this one for fashion. Sit, stay, no. Okay. We’re going for a run, no
watch, no heart rate monitor. What? Taren, how are you going to
know what your metrics are, how are you going to know? Don’t matter, it’s just an easy run today. Alright guys, let’s go. Oh man, this is wet, this is wet! (muffled talking) He likes to creep ahead,
race around the park. Alright Pete. I like to push the limits. Sure do, that is a four
and a half K easy run. Funniest comment I ever
got on Youtube videos is somebody calling me a
dick for running with them. See, they’re just miserable. You hated that, right guys? They just hate it! That’s it for the day. Have a good night, trainacs. Okay, me first, then you.

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  • Geez man what are you doing???  if it's not on Strava it never happened.   The thoughts of going for a run without my Garmin is giving me cold sweats.

  • With your swim today it said 50 choice, what does it mean by choice? Do you switch up which stroke(s) you do or do you always do freestyle? Again, love love love your daily videos! Thank you

  • Pretty lame question I guess, but how much rest do you take between the different sets on your swim? I know it depends on intensity and duration..

  • Another day, another badass Taren in the vlog! No metrics?! More power to the people!

  • I have two dogs. One is a complete and total spaz when running with me. We didn't even have ice to deal with and she nearly took me out. So, um, ya. I leave her at home now. I feel guilty doing it too, but to run with both of them and then have one nearly take me out. I'm willing to live with the guilt. The other one is great, she checks where I am, doesn't try to do her on thing or chase geese, she runs with me just fine…. and I know she'd eat someones face off if I was messed with. Those looked like some happy puppies after that run was done.

  • this was a problem for me, did not realize the bigger goggles were not the answer to pressure and pain around the eyes, will now use my min. goggles more for training and save the mirrored for races!

  • @6:42, I feel like a dick when I don't bring my dog with me.  Sometimes she is the only reason I go for a run.

  • I saw you were running without the leash in your hands. What do you attach the leash to while you're running?

  • Sadly doesn't look the Magic5 swim gogggles are any better : see this review

  • I try not to introduce something new in a race, that would include new googles, even if its a model I've used many times. Take them to practice for a couple weeks, break them in. Then go.

  • These goggles are exactly what my children needed and they look fantastic.>>> Highly recommended

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