Triathlon Training in Boulder: Swim workout with Jeanni Seymour and Bike Workout with Ventum

– Mornin’, trainiacs. I take back everything
I’ve said about Boulder being warm as a blanket statement. It’s chilly, it’s like minus seven. And we gotta be outside a lot today. With this guy right here. Justin the Ventum photographer. Say hi. He’s the quiet cool. – That’s right. (pop music) ♪ Oh here you are ♪ ♪ Face-to-face in this tragic bar ♪ ♪ Another glass then
I am going to places ♪ ♪ Makes me laugh ♪ ♪ By the irony of everything ♪ ♪ I like the way you thinking ♪ ♪ I don’t really care about
the music on the dance floor ♪ ♪ I don’t really mind all
the smokers in the bathroom ♪ ♪ I don’t care at all baby,
you got my attention ♪ – Can one of you explain
what this day is all about? What are we doing?
(group laughs) – We’re doing a photo journal with Taren and professional Ventum athletes. – Why with Taren?
Was that too monotone? Why with Taren?
– Yeah you have no emotions. – Probably mostly because of those– – I have the worst ratio
of talent to followers. – Yeah but the toe booties
really do it for me. (group laughs) – Are they covered in dog hair? (upbeat music) – How to look good 101. Well, you put on a cycling kit, then you put on a nice big Canadian parka, then a Ventum toque. – That’s style. (pop music) ♪ Where’d you wanna go? ♪ ♪ I am all about adventure times ♪ ♪ Another drink and I’ll go anywhere ♪ ♪ The way you smell Like
a flash in the universe ♪ ♪ You are illuminating ♪ (sigh) – That was big. That was a big day. 45 minute swim and a two hour ride with five times 15 minutes
at or above race pace and a 20 minute run immediately off the bike. Altitude hit me today. How was the workout? – Super fun. – Yeah. – Working out hurts. (mumbles) – Whoa. – Considering that I’m
day five here in Boulder and the altitude whacked me… That was hard. That was really hard. Like when the altitude hits you if you’ve never gone from
low level to altitude think of when like lactic acid really builds up in your muscles
and it feels stiff. That’s how it felt after a
thousand yards of sweating. And the last 15 minute
effort that I did on the bike I could not put out more than, well I could get surges up to 250 watts, where race pace is
around, gonna try for 230, I just fell apart. So that whole thing with Ventum is a photo journal of a day in the life training in Boulder. Not a day in my life. I think they just wanted to maybe use me, make me feel good about myself? But essentially the concept is
what makes Boulder, Boulder? And thinking about it today, because I’ve gotta write the blog post that gonna be on, is a few things. Number one, every single last expert that you could want in endurance sports is like within a half a mile of you. Aaron Carson, I could bike to RallySport right now. Matt Steinmetz, Ivan O’Gorman, some of the
best bike fitters in the world. They’re all around here. People that do swim
analyses in endless pools testing at the university it’s all here. If you want access to experts, absolutely everything is here. Next thing is that if you want availability of good swimming, you’ve got awesome master swim groups. You have Siri Lindley’s group, you have Dave Scott’s group, you have Julie Diben’s group. You just have some kick-ass
master swimmers around. Here is one of the best long-distance, open-water marathon swimmers in the world who’s training to do the gulf swim, and he’s a master swim coach. So you’ve got some of
the best swimming around. Biking, I just leave here and
you can bike year-round, granted today was really cold. Running, if you want to
go up into the mountains and do hills, you can do hills. If you want to do trails
and have soft surfaces, get a load off your body, like we did today on the dirt road,
dirt roads everywhere. If you want tracks, I think that there’s a track where am I? Like a really nice track. Oh, the track that Talbot
filmed me at last year. (upbeat music) About a mile that way. It’s all here. And then the biggest thing
that sets this place apart from every other place that
I’ve been to is the community. So granted, I’ve got some hookups. So no matter where I go those hookups might be available. But it’s only when I come here in Boulder that every single day I could train with somebody who I know fairly well. Did the swim this morning
with Jeanni Seymour. Did the bike with Kevin Collington and met new pals Lesley
Smith and Justin Daerr. Did the run with Rachel from Ventum. And these are people that it’s not like, “Oh hey, if you wanna train
while you’re here, let me know.” Like these are pals. These are people from races in
the industry and like they’re good friends. And they’ve all clustered here in Boulder because of not just the altitude, which has that good training effect, but the availability of good facilities, of good people, good coffee, good food, it’s a pretty cool place. Now of course as I’m standing here and I’ve just spent an entire video riding and hangin’ out with Ventum people and I’m wearing a Ventum shirt right now, a lot of you are still probably saying, “You shell! “Shell! “Corporate victim! “Shell!” I don’t really care. The bike is legit, they don’t pay me a dollar to say these good things. I ride it because I think it is one of the best triathlon bikes out there, and more importantly, some of the best people out there. This wasn’t planned weeks in advance, they didn’t pay me to do all this. It was just literally like, “Hey pals, wanna get together
and do something cool? “This could be fun.” That breakfast this morning? It wasn’t business. Just friends. The Ventum people are awesome. Every single last one of ’em. On that note, we are going to
go to a food truck collective, gonna sport this, and it’s gonna be with the Ventum people ’cause they’re fun to hang out with. All right, last day in Boulder tomorrow. Later, trainiacs.

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