Trick- Freshwater Refugium (& really saltwater sump refugium too)

Hey everybody, Devon here from American Aquarium. How you doin? We’re dong the question of the day today,
in regards to a refugium. We got a question from somebody with a fresh
water tank and wanted to know how they could make a refugium freshwater refugium and looking
into something called miracle mud. The idea behind a refugium is that you actually
have nitrate control, but not just ammonia and nitrite, but some nitrate. So , in this case, we want some denitrification,
not nitrification. Plants will take care of the nitrification. So, instead of this miracle mud, which is
more for a marine set-up, we suggested to this guy you’d want to use something more
along the lines of a, lets see here, volcanic rock. So go ahead and fill half your refugium with
some volcanic rock. It’s so pores, that deep down in there, you
get some denitrification from your aerobatic bacteria and say do they other half of the
refugium, ,then your really getting a real go anaerobic, aerobatic and anaerobic. So, your getting your Ammonia, your nitrite,
and your nitrate removal all in one system. Another good product we recommend is this
SeaChem Matrix. Not really in focus, but that’s a real good
deal. Then you worry about your mineralization in
another aspect, something like the AAP wonder shell is a good choice, not trying to do it
all in one system down in the refugium. Plant your plants, you can put them right
into that volcanic rock or matrix and just make sure to feed them. man you have a real good filtering system
for your tank. So, this is for a freshwater set up. We’ll go over a saltwater set-up at a later
time. Hope that helps. Question of the day, Please like, subscribe,
share with friends. Of course, always. And ask some questions. If you guys have some questions, we get them
all from our forum, our emails, our youtube, we get them from all over the place and we
just try to hit the highlighted ones and share them out to you guys and get them out there
in our articles, but also a nice easy digestible video format. So, if you like it make sure to stick around,
much more to come. Cool, hope that helps, thanks guys, talk to
you later.

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  • So I have an established 30 gallon miracle mud refrugium on my 90 gal. I want to grow plants in my display tank. I assume you recommend getting the MM out of there and filling the large center chamber with lava rock? How do I keep the center chamber with the lava rock clean? Chamber 1 has a filter sock and chamber 3 has a thin pocket for bioballs before the return pump which I was going to remove the bioballs and fill with matrix. I also thought about placing a sheet of filter material before the lava rock and before the return pump. Does any of this make good sense? Thanks!

  • Have you seen this video?

    I called the store to get an update. The miracle mud 2 (freshwater version) seems to really work. Everyone i have talked to that used it sweats by it.

  • This is a simple to understand video explaining some basics over a fad product (which also definitely can work here too), even with a few audio stumbles 🙂
    I am one who personally pioneered the use of porous volcanic rock for aquarium (& pond) nitrification and de-nitrification. Matrix and similar products due an even better job with less volume needed (but like miracle mud cost much more too). Crushed Coral crumbles are a source in marine/reef aquarium.
    As for mineralization, my experience and long term testing has shown only marginal benefits for these types of substrates as there is simply not enough interaction to degrade and then release mineral Cations to be of much benefit, especially in higher bio load aquariums A Reacor using oolitic sand can work here or the AAP Wonder Shell is a long proven and economical way to provide minerals & essential mineral Cations for Redox balance (& lower oxidative stress).

  • Anaerobic*

  • So i fill galf refugium chamber then plant plants. How do i keep the rocks clean

  • Question – can you have too much media in the refugium? I have several rectangular sponges, I have 12 unused hob filters, and 50$ worth of ceramic hex media. …would there be any negative effects if I used all of these???

  • American Aquarium where do I get lava rock from?

  • My old Refugium setup as your vid pic 👌🏻

  • Are saying not to use miracle mud, why?

  • Simple explanation. Very nice. I'm going to put a bunch of pothos in my fresh water sump. Does it make sense to reverse the lighting schedule opposite from the display tank? Meaning, the light is on at night over the sump. This way there is always plenty of oxygen.

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