Troy Innocent – 2018 Melbourne Art Trams

My name is Troy Innocent, I make art
which is really exploring language and code. My public art practice focuses on
what you call playable cities, situating play in urban environments and connects
elements that already situated in the cities, such as street art with digital layers
such as augmented reality. The Melbourne Art Tram project was a
great opportunity for playful take over. What I really wanted to do was to
appropriate a C2-class Melbourne tram, and turn it into a thirty five and a
half metre long musical score. It is quite abstract to me,
you’re testing everything in theory. To see the actual tram,
I’m not quite sure how I’ll feel Awesome… musical tram.
It works for one thing! I won’t have to do any more app fixing. So, musical tram, fully operational. You hold up your phone to capture the tram, within the frame of your phone camera, and as it passes it triggers a bunch of generative music systems, and so it generates a score
as it moves through the camera. This is not just kind of functional piece of infrastructure that transports people around the city, but it’s also now a moving kind of musical score, so that idea of kind of poetic infrastructure,
poetic takes on urban code. I love machines, it’s like having my
own giant robot, I guess. …as close as I’m going to get to that.

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