Try Not to Not Laugh Challenge w/ MiniLadd and BasicallyIDoWrk!

Marcel: Okay. Craig: That’s a lot of crying. Marcel: Are you good now? Scotty: *harsh coughing sounds* Marcel: Where’s the water? Mini: Where’s the water? Scotty: Oh yeah, right. Marcel: Jesus Christ!
*Craig laughs* Craig: Hey, do y’know what would be really funny? Craige: If we did a try not to laugh challenge- we had water in our mouths. *Both laugh* Craig: ‘s no fucking water. ♪♪♪ Scotty: This- this was all part of the plan. Marcel: Yup. Craig: I’mma put my phone… Marcel: Wh- what are we calling this? Scotty: Try not to laugh challenge. Craig: Try not to not laugh. Scotty: Try- try… Marcel: Try not to not laugh? Craig: ‘d be meta Marcel: Okay. Craig: Next owl (?) Scotty: Meta as fuck. Craig: Tr- try not to laugh is so overdone nowadays. Craig: Try not to not laugh. Marcel: Try not to not laugh. Craig: Just laugh consistently. *laughs* Craig: Laugh all the time. Marcel: Welcome Gentlemen, to the uh, 2017 try not to not laugh challenge. Craig: Try not to not laugh
Scotty: Thank you (x3) Craig: Brand new meta
*marcel laughs* Marcel: With water. Scotty: With water, we got our water.
Marcel: Each water bottle Marcel: Opponents, shake your hands. Marcel: -each other’s hands. Or kiss the lips, it doesn’t matter. *They laugh* iDubbbz: What are you fucking gay? Marcel: I will be reading, *clears throught* *Scotty burps* Marcel: I will be reading tumblr dumps Craig & Scotty: Tumblr dumps. Marcel: And you guys will… try not to laugh. Scotty: Try not to not- Scotty: -not laugh
Craig: Try not to not laugh Marcel: Try- try- try… Scotty: Try not no not laugh
*Cute double camera acknowledgment* Craig: New meta 202017
Marcel: Try not to not laugh. Scotty: There we go. Marcel: You’re gonna put your phone over here? Craig: Hold on. Marcel: Who you texting? Craig: Your mother. *Reaction meme* *Craig laughs* Scotty: Oho! Marcel: Try not to not laugh mini. Craig: I failed Scotty: I still don’t know what that means. Scotty: Try not… Craig: Try not to laugh… Marcel: Try to laugh challenge. Craig: Try- try- try to laugh challenge. Scotty: Try- Oohh. Craig: It’s the new meta, just laugh all the time. *Marcel clears his throat* Marcel: Gentlemen. Scotty: Cheers. Craig: I- don’t know how to cheers water but, fuck it. *Craig gurgles* Marcel: Don’t gargle it before you spit it at him! Marcel: Like, What the Fuck?! Craig & Scotty: *Laughing and spitting water* *laughter* Marcel: Just swallow it. Just fucking swallow it. Craig: Ahh Marcel: We’re… we’re not getting through this Marcel: This is not going to happen Scotty: Ok. Scotty and Marcel: First one! Craig: Lets try this again. Craig: You spilled already *laughs* Scotty: Don’t worry about it. Marcel: My sister got detention and a letter home, because a boy said to her, “Girls don’t fart”. Marcel: “So she shat…” Marcel: So she ‘sat’
*laughter* *laughter* Craig: It went up my nose! *laughter continues* Marcel: So she sat on him and farted. Craig: Ahh, it went so far up my nose. Scotty: He didn’t even get to the punch line. Craig: I know! I started leaking XD Marcel: Ready up. Craig: ah- Ready up! *laughs* Marcel: Ready? Scotty: Cheers mate! Marcel: This is in asterix; “Lawer voice” end asterix,
“Eat a dick your honor”. Scotty & Craig: Mhm… Marcel: ‘I would be an awful parent. My kid would say “I don’t wanna go to school, I just wanna sleep” ‘And I’d probably get in bed with him and say “I feel you.” Next one; “Why weren’t you at school today?
“My mom feels me”. Police sirens. *laughter* Craig: My mom feels me! *more laughter* Craig: Why weren’t you at school today? My mom feels me! Scotty: Oh wow! Craig: I think you spat in my mouth! *Marcel and Craig laugh* Craig: Good shit. Alright. Marcel: I don’t understand why people use ‘gay lord’ as an insult, Maybe I just wanna be the- *giggles* Craig: Hm? Marcel: Maybe I just wanna be lord of the gays! *Scotty cracks up* Marcel: Bow down to me! *giggles harder* Craig: That’s so fucking stupid! It’s so fucking- Craig: It’s so dumb! Craig: -dying!
Marcel: This is a good one, Marcel: This is a good one, this is a good one.
Scotty: Okay, okay. Marcel: I’mma try not to laugh, I’m a try not to laugh… I’mma try not to laugh not laugh ‘I swear people get five-hundred times cuter when they talk about what they’re passionate about. Unless it’s Hitler. Then it’s only ‘Nein’ times cuter *giggles* *laughter* *Marcel laughs harder* Scotty: Okay. Marcel: So, we have an Italian exchange student at our school and he and I were hanging out, and he saw a pony. He tried to show me, but he didn’t know what it was called, so he just pointed at it and said “Look” “Look, the compressed horse” *Marcel laughs* Scotty: Hmm? Marcel: “Look, the compressed horse” and then he grinned at his complete understanding of the English Language. I don’t know why that made me laugh. Okay, sorry. Marcel: To stop kids from using drugs, they should give the drugs less cool names. If Ecstasy was called… *Craig laughs* Marcel: Moist curdle… *Scotty and Craig crack up* Marcel: I can assure that nobody would be interested in trying it! *Laughs* *They keep laughing* Marcel: This is too hard! Craig: Moist Curdle! Craig: Fucking hell. Scotty: The computers pretty dry though. Craig: Yeah. Craig: It’s cause all of it’s on us! *Marcel clears his throat* Craig: This is just the ‘Try not to laugh at Marcel challenge’ Sorry, ‘try not to not laugh at Marcel’, Which is failing… Marcel: My teacher asked my class ‘What is a government mandate?’ Someone answered ‘When Obama and Biden go out to dinner’. The first person to ever fall asleep was probably like; “Ah fuck I’m dying” And then woke up hours later and was like; “Aw yeah, that’s the shit I be like”. *They laugh* Scotty: What the fuck! Marcel: Hello she said in a voice so Husky it could pull a dog sled. Marcel: Damn boy, are you the terms and conditions because I don’t’ give a fuck what you have to say. Scotty: God damn it. Craig: I spat cause you spat! *They all laugh* Craig: These fucking suck! Marcel: You support gay rights, so you must be gay. That’s in quotes. I support animal rights, do I look like fucking alpaca to you? Marcel: Bro! My brother is sitting on a chair in my room studying a practice test thing, for his final test before he becomes a fully certified EMT, tomorrow. And he’s mumbling some questions out loud. Angus went “A child has fallen from a monkey at school” And he just got dead quiet and stared at the wall for like a solid minute. With the most stricken look on his face, before he whispered; ‘There’s no protocol for monkeys!’ *Marcel laughs* Marcel: No! I don’t like Disney, It’s for kids. You need to bibbity bobbity back the fuck out of my life
*laughs* Marcel: My brother froze a dollar in a block of ice. He’s very proud of himself. Comment underneath it; “That’s what I call cold hard cash”. Marcel: Sit down Mini. Why is it called lukewarm? Like, why isn’t it medium warm? Who the fuck is Luke? Craig: Mhm! *Swallows* That’s my joke! Marcel: Okay. Craig: I’m Mini Cool(?) Fucking’… Motherfuckers took my joke. Marcel: “Things to say during sex” Gee Whiz. Are you feeling it now Mr.Krabs? Shark Bait Ooh Haha! Marcel: Keep going I got more! I got more! Scotty: Okay! *They laugh again* Let’s win this for Mother Russia
*giggles* Scotty: Okay Craig: ‘m good. Marcel: I got more. Scotty: That’s easy. Craig: Oh Christ, this is not-
Scotty: I’m so easy. Marcel: Whisper “What’s your gamer tag?’ Get your head in the game! I got one more, last one. Scotty: Okay. Marcel: Pull the lever Kronk! Scotty: That’s so good! Craig: Wrong lever! Marcel: You need to spit on Mini more, cause you are so wet! Scotty: He looks pretty wet. Craig: I am. Marcel: Look at your face! You have a stream of water Craig: Yeah!
Marcel: -dripping from your face! Scotty: So I don’t think anyone won this. Craig: No. Scotty: Marcel’s the real winner, he’s dry. So I- I would say Marcel’s the winner. Marcel: It was- It was solid It was solid. Craig: It was solid. Scotty: But thanks for watchin’ Like the video, subscribe if you’re new, Marcel: Ring that bell! Scotty: And we’ll catch you guys in the next video! Craig: Yeah ring the bell Marcel: You- you gotta ring the bell. Scotty: Ring the Bell! Scotty: Do it!
Craig: Twitter, instagram Craig: -Vimeo, uh, daily motion, Marcel: MySpace Scotty: Tumblr
Craig: uh, Craig: Pinterest
Marcel: MySpace Video Scotty: Facebook Craig: Yelp. Craig: Y- Five stars on Yelp. Marcel: And Uber Craig: And Uber. Craig: Bye! Scotty: Bye. Marcel: Test, test, test, test, test, Ha ha ha ha ha ha . Aha, aha Scotty: ‘s supposed to be try not to laugh. Marcel: Haha

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