welcome guys to my brand new YouTube
video today I’m at the gates of a national park which is close to izmir kusadasi and will explore for you this National Park so guys I have just entered the National
Park I’m very excited about it let’s explore together what kind of
beauties we have in this National Park and let me tell them to you so maybe you
can also arm plan a vacation or a trip to this wonderful place campanula editor
in Ian monk seal Christian Haywood a neon Dalmatian Pelican Anatoly Leo part
P G me for months I sold Kestrel what kind of changes
while our crew cracks Piguet mio Falcone no no money
Irish whip smash look at this guy our dangerous snake white skin Evan stink
European read tote it’s not green anymore but anyway coming tree frog
starts a gamma spore Pigott tour toys yeah
this middle guy European glass lizards this looks
actually like like snake you can see right behind me if you choose to enter
the park with public transport there are some wooden stops and they look actually
very cute I’m literally the only person who enters the National Park on foot
everybody is coming with with their cars very interesting this is actually also
national park where you can go swimming because it’s next to the coast of sea
and you can see behind me people are driving to the coast with their cars to
go swimming I have just read that in this National Park there are more than
250 different species of birds I don’t know if you will have the opportunity to
maybe see a couple of them guys check out this view how incredible is this kind a windy here it’s a lovely place you
should definitely visit if you come to this region okay slowly I understand why everybody’s
with this car because this place is freaking big yeah you have to walk walk
walk and never comes to an end wonderful yeah so my target was actually
to walk to the end of this road but I’ll give up this has no end really so I’m
turning back right now and we’ll try to get to the sea level so I can shoot some
clips for you maybe a little information for those who are actually planning a
trip or would like to visit this wonderful place and you have to book a
flight to Izmir and from Izmir there are some coaches where you can reach to
Kusadasi and from Kusadasi this is a destination which is around which is
around 20-22 kilometers so as I already showed you you can also reach the
national park with public transport so the entrance fee is around 6 Turkish
lira for for people who are entering it on foot like me on barefoot and I will
check out the price with the car so I will also inform you after I have the
precise information right so I have to tell you something a car just stopped
buying the man asked me we would like to go to the national park do you know
where it is and I said and this is the national park and then he said you know
we just want to go to the national park where the animals are and I said like
yeah they’re all over the place and the man looked at me like so finally going down
let’s look up how it looks like on the coast at the shore you can see this is like a camping place
or people bring their food you can also enjoy the sea you can see right behind me there these
boats where you can attend a daily tour and they actually sail to you all the
coasts and chores where you can go swimming and enjoy the Magnificent
scenery and this National Park view oh the price to enter the national park
with your car is 18 Turkish lira I asked about the price the entrance fee
actually it was a bit sad that we couldn’t see any wild animals maybe a
bird or a turtle or something else would be nice I can remember that I have seen
last year some wild pigs but I couldn’t see them this year so sorry I have to beat right now and tried to
swim a little bit it’s very windy as you can see I’m waiting the Sun it’s about
to go down so I think it will be a nice sunset
here I’ve tried to show you this little province which is close to
located in Turkey so if you consider about visiting this nice tiny place you
can contact me also if you would write or
go and research I can reach out to this province so I would actually give you
also tip bounced photographs the time before the sun’s goes down is actually
one of the best luck you can get for your cameras if you can see I don’t know
how it looks like but I think it’s a very soft light and you look mostly very
good with this light so don’t forget this trick and try to use this evening
light for some of your photography this Sun is nearly down I think it’s just a
couple of minutes now we’ll get these dogs behind me they are marking so guys
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