’Two Artists, Two Wings, One Back’ Elimination Tattoo Preview | Ink Master: Season 7

[dramatic music]– Congratulations on making it
to this point. This has been one of
the tightest races in the history of
this competition, but this week
everything changes. There will be no more veteran
artists returning, making you the strongest
eight artists ever to fight for the title. Now you must battle each other, and only one of you
will win $100,000, a feature in “Inked Magazine,”
and the title of Ink Master. – Five of you have been
to a finale before. This whole group sitting here
is finale material. One mistake, you’re out. – This is the time
to really turn it up. This is it.
Be the best. – Today there will be
no flash challenge. We are moving directly into
the next elimination tattoo. – Wow. – You’re being judged on
texture. – Texture is a way of making
a piece of art look like you could run
your finger over itand feel how it feels
in real life.
– For this elimination tattoo,
you must completely transform your canvas’s back,
giving them a full set of wings. – Oh, my God. – And you must collaborate
with another artist. – No!
– Two of you must tattoo the same canvas
at the same time. One artist must tattoo
a good wing on half of your canvas’s back, and the other artist must tattoo
an evil wing on the other half. – [bleep] me. – You must work together to give
your canvas a cohesive tattoo, but you’ll be judged
individually. – Wow.
These canvases have no clue what the hell they’re in for.I hope they brought
some rawhide chews
because this is going
to be painful. – Let’s meet your canvases.[dramatic music]Cleen, you won
the best tattoo of the day in the last elimination tattoo. You now have the power
to assign the canvases. That means you will also
determine which artists are working together,
so choose wisely.– I feel like a mad dog
on a leash,
and I’m about to bite anybody
that gets in my way. You want to get
some wings on your back? – Yeah, I was thinking good one,
I would want native feathers, not fluffy and angelic, and the
evil being more dragon-like. Claws at the top.
– Claws. – Whoever you’re paired with
will make or break this tattoo.I don’t want to
get teamed up with Jesse
because the last time we got
teamed up we lost and lost big. – What are you thinking?
– I’m really open to see what the artist has in mind. – I was thinking the good wing
being whimsical, fairy-like, and then the evil side being
burned and crow-like with some bones
coming out of it. – Hmm.– Whenever Cleen
has skull picks,
it’s a complete crap shoot.Nobody knows what he’s gonna do.
He doesn’t understand strategy. – Canvases, one by one,
please read the artist’s name on the bottom of your skull. – Christian… and Matti.– I’m stoked to be paired
with Christian.
We have an alliance.
Cleen is a moron. – Jesse.[suspenseful music]Sausage. – Woo hoo hoo! Looks like Cleen
actually has a brain after all.These two [bleep] up
so bad last time,
obviously they’re gonna
screw up again. – Cleen Rock One. James.
– Me and Cleen
are the fastest tattooers
in this competition. If this person wanted a full
back piece, there you go. You’re gonna have a back piece. – Jime. Anthony. – It’s up to you to decide
which artist tattoos good and which artist tattoos evil,
but once the tattoo starts, you cannot switch. And this week there will be
no human canvas jury. All the decisions are completely
up to the judges. You will have six hours to give
your canvas a full set of wings. Good luck. – Pleasure to meet you.
– Right up here. – So we’re gonna do one kind of
baddie, medieval dragon-ish, and the other one
kind of Native American? – Today these tattooers
have to do a back piece, basically, on their canvases. – A raven’s wing would be the
bad side and then the good side you were thinking
more fairy butterfly? – This is tough because
they have to match sides.One side has to be evil.
One side has to be good.
– Do you have a specific side
that you’re leaning towards? – The angelic side. – What about that size? – But the actual sizes
and compositions should flow together. – How does that outline look?
– Big enough.Our dude, he’s a big guy.
I picked that for myself
’cause I’m a man, and
I’m here to go big or go home. Probably gonna get a pretty
good size tattoo. Impressive. I hope this dude can handle
two dudes at once, man, because you’re getting
a 12-hour tattoo in 6 hours. The pain is excruciating. You better make
sure you eat, and just try and get
in a food coma. It’s gonna be brutal, man. – We can do a normal raven wing
and fairy wing, or whatever. In my opinion, a little boring. The other idea that I have, I really like the concept
of butterfly bat wings. – Just making sure that we can
knock this out in six hours too? – I feel like I can do something
like this in about six hours. – I feel that’s a lot.
– That’s a lot?– Jesse’s ideas
are always crazy.
Now is the time for
bulletproof and simple. That’s why I want to see your
idea because, I mean, it might be different than
what I’m seeing in my head. – I want to do
creative tattoos, man. – I do too, but because we’re gonna be partners in this, and I know that we’re
being judged separately, and I think that we should just
dial it back so that we know that we don’t put her
through a bunch of trauma. – Team Sausage and Jesse
is [bleep]. You’re not feeling it–I can
tell you’re not feeling it.[industrial rock music]– Okay, artists, you have
six hours to show texture by giving your canvas wings. Your time begins…now. – Woo hoo!
– Get the stencil on. – The crazy part about
this challenge is they have to work in pairs
on one canvas.So while they’re competing
against each other,
they also have to work together
to make their wings cohesive.
– They’re right about
the same size. – Pretty good.
– There’s a lot of difficulties
with two people tattooing
one person at the same time. – Don’t push
or pull her body. We’re just gonna go
downward on her, okay? – There’s a lot of push, and
pull, and give, and take.You have to work togetherso that you don’t screw each
other up in the process.[dramatic music]– We’re on the same page. – Luckily I’ve done
a lot of tandem pieces.Matti and I are gonna take
the same wing, flip it.
I’m gonna make mine really soft,
white, and angelic. – Yeah.
– Matti can take his, rat it out, and make it look
like a fallen angel. – Oh, [bleep]. – This spot over here?
– Yeah. – That’s a lot of work at once. – Our design that we’re doing
is very elaborate.It’s a lot of work on someone’s
body in a short amount of time.
– Ohh.
– Breathe. You tense up,
it gets worse.– No matter the amount of pain
that she’s in,
we’re gonna coach her
through it.
There’s no way I hell that we’re
not finishing this tattoo.Things are a little rocky.Jime wipes very,
very aggressive,and I’m having to hold her down
to fight against him.
– Yeah, yeah.
– I’m very clean
and I’m very precise
when I tattoo.
That’s almost impossible
right now.I’m afraid that
I might not finish.
– I really like how
this is coming out. – Three hours to go.[suspenseful music]Our tattoo is huge.This thing is the biggest,
baddest tattoo
that’s ever been done
on “Ink Master.” You’re pretty much getting
a full back piece. My strategy on this tattoo is
mow it the [bleep] down. Nobody’s got the balls
to go this big, and I can guarantee that. – I was trying to get
a shade plan so it looks cohesive
in the thought process. – We’re doing dark
from the side over. Yours looks good because you
got the texture on your side. I’m trying to keep it
smooth going into yours. – Woo! I’m stoked.Me and Cleen,
we got this thing.
This fool’s gonna jump off
the damned table and start flying away. – Why did everybody
go so small? – There better be some bells
and whistles on that. How the hell y’all
spend six hours on that itty
bitty-ass tattoo? Y’all got the kitchen
sink in there? [laughter]Sausage, that thing
is small as hell.
Let me pull out
the periscope.
Is that a tattoo
over there that I see? – It’s a stiff competition. How you feeling over there?
– Okay. I feel like I’m swimming
in quicksandwith everybody’s boot in
the house on my forehead.
It sucks. – Sausage, can I get a few
seconds here, please? – Yeah, go ahead.– Tattooing with a partner
on the same body
is like trying to write perfect
calligraphy in a car
that’s driving down a rocky road
in the middle of a snow storm. I mean, it’s really causing me to not really get into
a rhythm to tattoo. – What?
– I’m just trying to see how you’re doing yours. – Sausage is stressing me out. – I’m trying to figure out,
like, texture. I don’t want to put too much. – It’s a texture challenge. You don’t wanna not
put too much. Sausage, pull it together!
Come on, man. – Five, four, three, two, one. That is it.
Time’s up. Machines down.
No more ink. – Oh, my God.
The feathers look awesome. – Oh ho ho.
Dude, those oil drops. – That actually looks
like I can fly. – Yeah, look at that.
– Texture. – That’s amazing. – Cleen’s tattoo is huge,
but it has no texture, tons of wonky lines, and a whole
bottle full of white just popped in there. This knucklehead thinks that
everything is about bigger. It’s not about bigger.
It’s about better, Cleen.

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