UBC Aquatic Centre Talk and Tour

Hi I’m Maia and I’m a swimmer here at UBC and I’m in my third year at the
Sauder School of Business. We’re standing in the new UBC Aquatic Centre,
which replaces the only pool built in 1978. This new pool ushers in a new era of Thunderbird
excellence and community excellence in the pool. We’ve been eagerly watching construction on
the new pool for the last 2 years, and now it’s finally here. We’re really excited to show you around. Let’s go take a look. Welcome to the universal change room an inclusive space where everyone can get
ready to swim. There are lockers for your valuables and cubicles
to get ready in but let’s go check out the pools. This is the recreation pool. With 8 lanes and 2 diving boards, this pool
is a great place to get a workout in. And on this side, the leisure pool. It’s got basketball hoops and an awesome lazy
river and is super fun. Throughout the facility, there are lifts and ramps to help everyone of all abilities enjoy this place. Like this one in the hot tub. But let’s go check out my favourite place:
the competition pool. This is the competition pool. I train in here 9 times a week and with 10 lanes there’s more than enough room for the entire team. The temperature, lighting and general atmosphere
make it a great place to train. Another cool feature is that as water is lost
from the pool throughout the day, it’s replenished by treated rainwater collected from the roof. This pool is the home to the next generation of Thunderbird Swimming and is a fantastic amenity to the community. We can’t wait to see you here!

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