Unboxing package from Steenfott Aquatics – I Thought They Were All Dead!

hey guys so today we have a mystery box
from Bob Steenfott who we all know and love and I’m going to open it it’s very small what could it be this is where my voracious baby started
to eat the box luckily the contents are undamaged from
that okay here I go Let’s open this So I said it was a mystery box
it’s not actually a mystery box what it is is about six beautiful
mystery snails and I hope that they got here safe and unscathed I guess we’ll find out nice and secure Uh-oh I see some pink stuff hopefully that’s not blood let’s open it up What is that? I don’t know what that is please don’t be a crushed snail please don’t be a crush snail Oooh here we go so how do I know if
they’re alive or not I really don’t know anything about snails these are kind of
my first nice snails that aren’t just terrible pest snails I guess the fact that they’re not like
falling out of their shell means they’re alive right? Huh? come on little guys you
alive or not? Okay I’m going to go drip acclimate them and hope they are alive please be alive I’ve never been a fan of snails I think because I’ve never given
them a shot I’ve always seen them as pests which in my defense I’ve only had pest snails and I thought they were annoying I’m just tired of fighting the snail
battle and I’m ready to embrace them they’re a great cleanup crew, they come
in cool colors, they eat algae. Why not? And they’re so grateful *laugh*
sometimes Hey! Thanks for watching! Thanks to Steenfott
Aquatics for the gold mystery snails here’s the link to his channel be sure
to LIKE and subscribe and have a great day

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