Top of the mornin’ to ya, laddies! My name is Jacksepticeye, and welcome to a game called ABZÛ. I don’t know how that’s pronounced. Maybe “ABSHOO”? Or somethin’? There’s a little accent over the ‘U’, so I don’t know how you pronounce that. But this is a game that looks PHENOMENAL. It’s made by uh, some of the same people who made ‘Journey”, and I absolutely LOVE Journey. It’s such a cool game. It’s, it’s so pretty, just, it’s a weird game because it evokes so much emotion out of you, without ever saying anything. There’s no text, there’s no dialogue, there’s nothin’ like that. It’s just scenery and sound, and it’s AMAZING. So, this is an underwater kind of Journey game, So I’m looking forward to it. It looks really cool, it looks– Above all else, at least it just looks super, super pretty. *background game music playing* *sploosh* *background music continuing* *dolphin noises* I hear dolphins! I no see dolphins *music intensifies* * ♪ * Oh, they’re jellyfish! * ♪ * *music grows eerily* Underwater is one of those things that’s both gorgeous and terrifying all at once. * ♪ * *intrigued Jack* Oh hoh, whaaat? *silence* Is that just some sort of like– Pacific Rim? Breach? Well, it looks like a butthole, but. Awweh, I’m adorable! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ *splash* Hello! (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ Good morning! You were out drinking last night. *giggle* Woooooh! I’m in control! Aahh. I know I’m supposed to dive, but I wanna look around for a bit. Doesn’t the… The sky looks like the new Wind Waker remake. Diiiivvvee! Diiiiivvvveeee! *music returns* *Jack trying to imitate music in a high pitched voice* DEEEEH DUH DEEEHH Would’ve been the Tomb Raider II music. *laughs* * music continues* Awwwh, this is GORGEOUS! Hello, fishies! Do you want to play with me? Aw and the sand all kicks up when I get close to it! C’mere! I wanna play with all the fish! Aw man. They swim away from ya. Awwh. At least it has like, the same aesthetic almost, and the same music as Journey. Which were like, the two best things about that game. Hello– THAT’S A BIG FISH You’re gonna eat me?! Don’t eat me! Oh. He’s a gentle giant. πŸ˜€ “Hold to ride”? WOOO HOO HOO! YEAAAAHH! Go little buddy! *reads* Goliath Grouper. Well, you’re not uh, a little buddy, if ye have ‘goliath’ in yer name. Why am I using th- you though? It feels like I would’ve gotten through here on my own. HOLY SHIIIITT. AWW, SO COOL LOOKIN’! I’m getting Subnautica vibes again. Hopefully this is more– beauty, rather than scary. C’mon, fish! Lemme play with you! Ooh. Ooooohh, I do have a thing that can uh, bring the fish! Just like Journey did!! Okay. I don’t know what I have to do with you, though. Maybe I have to do it over here. Yeeahh. Aaaannd bloop! Hawksbill sea turtle. I CREATED LIFE! Right outta the sea.. floor.. butthole! Heh. Hi! I’m upside down now. *giggles* Oookay. I don’t know what I’m supposed to be doing, or why I did that. What is this? This is like a man-made structure. Is that a shark? :0 *interesting noise* Oooohh! “Back button to meditate”. I’M MEDIATIN’! UNDERNEATH THE WATER! I look like a cat I look like I have little cat ears. I’m so adorable. Ooh. (◕‿◕✿) *giggles* Er, right. Where do we go? Let’s just sit here and admire the fish for now. It’s such a peaceful game. *pinging noise* So, they’re coming out of my helmet. Okay. Let’s end meditatioonnn. Hello, fishers! How are you doing? There’s like, little– –glowy shit everywhere that I wanna check out. Is that a Staryu (pokemon) on the ground? Hello? *gasps* IT’S A LITTLE ROBOT FRIEND! *claps excitedly* HI! Woooh! Hello! Could you help me? He talks back! Let’s do the big one. Yaaaay!! Aahh, Jack’a m’ little bud! Alright. Where do I go? I assume this way. Doo doo doo doo doo doo. Doo doo doo dodododododo doo doo. Oop, I see another little robot! You’re still following me, right? T-then why is there another robot over here? Imagine just a massive army of robots. Hellooo? Go, little friends! Help me unlock the pathway! Aha, I get it. Okay. I thought he was gonna take out a laser or something and just go *BLEEUUH* *laughs* Awesome. Can I have a light? *raspy voice* ‘ey, buddy, got’a light? *normal voice* Oooohhh, no, no, no. That are the sharkness. I don’t want anything to do with him. Aww, its so pretty! Hello little robots! *imitates robots* Rawrr. Aweh, they’re so cute. Uhhm. Dudes? I’m just gonna lay this out flat. I have no idea what we’re doing, or why we’re here. But, I’m glad that you’re with me. I’m glad that you’re with me, too. I don’t wanna go on this trip alone.. ‘Cause er, uh, I have a feeling we’re, we’re seeing the majesty of the sea right now. Hello, little eel! See, like the majesty of the ocean right now. Aw, he puts up his hand. And then after a h’wile it’s gonna be like “yeah, now you’ve seen that, here’s the darkness of the ocean.” And something big is going to come up and devour my ass. The conch has spoken! Wha was dat? Is that a collectible? Ookay. It’s doing a very good job of like, showing me where to go, without actually showing me where to go. Ooh, I can go up top! LET’S DO IT! WHEEEEEE! Bloosh. Dammit. So I am literally- like, nowhere. There is NOTHING around here. Maaan. ‘Kay, let’s keep going down! There was nothing up there. Aaaagghh. Controls are difficult sometimes, ’cause the camera just stays in the one place. AAAAH-WOOshh. See ya later, fishers. Am I going after that Great White? ‘Cause I don’t really feel like doing that. Aww, they repeat it! Ahahah! That’s so cool! Wooaaaaahhh. Ooh, it’s like playing ‘Inside’ again. The secrets! The underwater majesty and glory and secrets! Ooh, this looks like, technologically advanced. This looks like a temple from Journey! Can I go in..? It’s a Moon Pool! DON’T GO IN!! Here we have the majestic sea butthole. Awh, that’s cool! Am I even in water anymore? I’m in water, but there’s water underneath me as well..? Oh, god. That is freaky lookin’. Oh, no, no, no! I don’t wanna go back! I wanna stay here! OOOHH WEIRD Awh, it’s fucking gorgeous. OKAY! ‘Nuff talkin’ about how pretty it is! ..But it’s so pretty! Let’s go into this.. Vvv- underwater vortex. Woah-hah-hah-uhhm. Whaaaatt? *laughs nervously* OH MY GOD THIS IS LIKE AN LSD TRIP I GAVE LIFE BACK! Awwh, awesome. But the, I was already in water! How did I make the water rise up in the water? This is weird! It’s messing with my head! I did that! So I’m giving life back to these areas, it seems. COME TO ME! MANY FISHIE! Can I grab any of these? Wait, I wanna see if I can grab this dude. The, the, the ray. C’mere C’mere, ray! C’mere Steve! Can I grab the rays? C’mere. I CAN! AWWW MAJESTIC! And you can kinda control them, which is cool. The Manta ray! THIS THING IS GIGANTIC! Am I just tiny? I’m probably tiny. A lot of the fish are the same size as me. Unless they’re gigantic fish. My people that came before me! ..Did what, exactly? I’ve no idea. They gave life, gave birth? Gave life to the sea beds. I’mma just say that. Wait can I do anything with this? No, I don’t think so. :c Moving on! Hello, little jellyfish! Do you want to be my fwend? I don’t think they wanna be my friend. Ooh, we can go out up top. Let’s try that! Yeaaahh! My flippers disappeared there for a second. Aw, man. I can’t go out! Just turns me around. Okay. It’s REALLY easy to lose your fuckin’ coordination in this game. And the camera is NOT helping. Hey what way did I come in? I came in that way, so I’m going over here. BYEE JELLYFISH! I won’t disturb you any longer! I won’t put you on a sandwich. Guuyyss? Where are we going? Are you leading me into a bad thing? I’m gonna get eaten by a whale. WOahWOAHWOAHWOAHWOAHWOAH WOAH OKAY MAYBE NOT A WHALE BUT A SHARK UHHM I know he was your brother, But, we’re gonna have to go on without him. Is that okay? He said twice for no, but.. I mean, I don’t really have a choice. Why am I going after this fucking shark? He’s gonna kill me! *music starts* Ahh, this is cool. Is that an eye? I really love these kind of things, where you’re in this beautiful landscape, where it’s just nature, it’s just wildlife or whatever, and then there’s these huge- -like, mechanical structures in the middle of it. I love that so much, because it’s that weird juxtaposition of like, there’s something bigger going on that I’m aware of. Ahah that is so fucking cool! *sploosh* Really creepy, though. Did my little friend follow me? I sure hope so. He was my little bud. I’m sorry if there was a cut there! I-it kind of- It kind of fucked up my recording. Because the game is playing in a window, but when it goes through, like, different areas it zooms back out to fullscreen again. This music is incredibly Journey-esque. And well, it’s done by the same guy of course, but some of the notes almost sound the exact same. TAKE ME ON THE SLIPSTREAM! Can I- can I be with the turtles? Like the ones from Finding Nemo! C’mon, that’s just the music from Journey! It’s almost identical to it! I fucking love it, though! I’m not complaining! Hello friends! YEESS! GO WITH THE SCHOOL OF FISHIES! YEAAHH! *laughs* IT’S SO FUCKING COLOURFUL! I love me some colours, I do! C’mon fishies! Aaannd booshk! Aaannd booshk! Hah hah hah! It’s like the little scarf creatures. DOLPHINS! AAWH I WANNA RIDE WITH THE DOLPHINS! *intense Journey music* Can I? I wanna grab one! Yeahah! I AM ONE WITH THE OCEAN!. FEAR ME! ..or just ride alongside me, and be all cool and cute like this. Wooow. ‘DAT ALL THE FISH! Whadafuq? ‘Kay, I can’t do it again. Do you just like, boost me once and that’s about it? Are you making me faster? It doesn’t feel like they’re actually doing anything. I do that little twirl. And then that’s about it. I can’t see anything, all I see is a wall of fish. xD Byee dolphins! Awh man. Ooohh, the shark’s back. He doesn’t seem interested in me though, which is weird. Do I even exist? Whaat the fu- where am I right now? What a fuckin’ journey! Hah hahah! That was awesome! Where’s my robot friend?! Awwhh, man! I don’t have a robot buddy! Do I have to go find a new one? Nooo! Man, this is peaceful. The– The soundtrack to Journey, it’s uh, it’s done by Austin Wintory, or Austin- I think its Wintory? (it is) Uhm. I bought the, the Journey soundtrack. OH I CAN GRAB A DOLPHIN! YAAAY! Common dolphin. They’re not being very nice to you guys, just calling you ‘common’. It’s like calling you a ‘basic bitch’. But, I-I bought the soundtrack to Journey after I played that game. And I loved it so much. Some- Great Reef Shark! -I sometimes listen to it just when I’m out and about, ’cause it’s so peaceful. Can I grab a Great Reef shark? I sure fuckin’ can! Oh, god. OHH, GOD. THEY’RE- AAH THEY’RE PULLING AWAY! STAHP IT! COULD YOU FOLLOW MY ORDERS, PLEASE? AAH! I have to let go of him. He’s not helping me. I wanna go up here! I think- aw man there’s just a collectible up here. Maybe I have to go down here. LOOKIT ALL THE FISHIES! LOOK AT ALL THOSE FISHES! Maybe I got my little bud in here! I like how all the fish are all super curious as well, and they all come here. *spots robot friend* Yaaaay! OH WHAT’S WITH THE WORMY PENIS THINGS FLOATIN’ DOWN ON THE BOTTOM? Eew! Eww they’re so weird lookin’! *disgusted sound* There you go, little bud! Doo do. Doo do. Nicee. ‘S go, little fwend! We got a hatch to open! *dolphin sounds* Those dolphins don’t seem bothered by me either. I like those dolphins! I wish the dolphins kinda crackled back. That’d be cool. Go little bud! Could you open this for me? Thaaanks, friend! Oh, god. Do I have to do it again– THE TURTLES! I KNEW I’D FIND THEM! YAY! C’MON, LITTLE BUD! WE’RE GOING ON AN ADVENTURE! WOOOO HOO HOO HOO! Aw man I missed those ones. Oh no I didn’t! Aaaand ploosh! Yeeahh. Where da turtles? I wanna float with those bros! I can’t grab any fish as I’m flying along, though. We call this place the ‘Swiss Cheese’. Jet stream! Cool! I got an achievement. ARE THOSE PIRAHNAS? OH GOD I DON’T WANNA BE NEAR THEM! ORCAS!! But these are killer whales. Those things are very fuckin’ dangerous. YEEAAAHH! I’ve no idea what I’m doing in any of this game so far. But I am having a WHALE of a time. Oh, all I have to do is go through them! Is it- Yeah! All I have to do is hit them. Aaaahh. Orcas, where we goin’? They’re just gonna eat me at the end of this. Orcas are scary as all hell in real life! They don’t call ’em killer whales for nothin’. I JUMPED WITH THE WHALES! AAH THAT WAS COOL! *laughs* Ohh, these sections are fuckin’ haunting. *whispers* what the fuck Bud! How’s it going, little friend? You’re gonna help me? Can I just grab onto you? You’re clearly faster than me. Sometimes my flippers disappear as well, which is weird. Down into the swirling vortex we go again! It just looks like some monster’s gaping.. mouth. Aaah, now I can see the little shrimp-crawdad things that I unlocked! There’s two of them! See ’em? Ahh, you’re my favourite Pokémon. This also has a very Monument Valley feel to it. ‘Cause that had a thing where you got to- the little monuments at the end, and you created a bunch of life. And you created- well, you didn’t create life. You created the shapes. But I like, I like watching these big bursts of life after I fill them in. I’ve no idea what I’m doin’. So there’s what, one, two.. I see at least two more [temples] in the distance. Yay, now we get the orca one! Ookay. Aww, hah hah. They’re so cute! Fish are cute. ..some fish. Some fish are ugly as all hell. Some fish look like aliens. Heh. Wooooww. Whoever did the art for this game just had a fuckin’ blast. Ahhh, there’s meditation stations! DORY!!!! πŸ˜€ *coughs* Where Nemo at?! Oh god, there’s a lot of Dorys. I wanna meditate on this. Aww, it’s so fucking pretty. What’re you doing, little bud? You just floatin’ around. You dunno wassup. He’s just curious. He wants to know what’s goin’ on but he dunno. Oh I’m meditating! That’s how I do it! ‘Barracuda’. Left stick to switch. Oookay. Bi-colour parrot fish. So you can switch between all the fish and see what they are! That’s cool! B-barracuda again. You’re just another barracuda! *coughs* God, can ya stop switching between all of the barracudas? Okay, ‘food chain’ [achievement] I got. Nice! *coughs* Sorry, there’s something in my fuckin’ chest that’s making me cough. Let’s see if I can go down underneath this! Ooooh, that’s freaky. It’s like, oozing upwards. Are you the life essence of this world? Seems like you would be. ANYWAY. I think I’m gonna leave this episode here. This game is really cool! I really like it! Very, hugely strong Journey, like, vibes off of it. Not a bad thing! I adore Journey, and I adore this game. It’s super pretty! It’s so pretty, and I’ve absolutely no idea what’s going on, but hopefully I’ll get a little better understanding by the end of it, by the end of Journey, I didn’t really.. I mean now, I know what Journey was about, whatever, but. At the time it was kinda like “whaa?” I did a full playthrough of Journey on the channel, by the way, as well. A lot of people don’t realize that, so you can go watch that if you want! But for now.. THANK you guys so much for watching this episode, if you liked it, PUNCH the like button IN THE FACE, LIKE A BOSS!! And, high fives all around! *outro theme begins to play* *Wapshh* *Wapshh* THANK you guys and I will SEE ALL YOU DUDES *high pitched voice* IN THE NEXT VIDEOOOOO! *badass bass drop* ♪ If I could walk with the animals, swil-swim with the killer whales, maybe not die from them, da da da da da da. ♪

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