Underwater BUBBLE Box Fort!

– I actually have something cool that I’ve been working on with Papa. – [Missy] Boys have their swimsuits on. – It actually looks like
there’s four walls of bubbles that you can swim and play through. Ollie what do you think? – [Oliver] Good. – [Bryan] Is it cool? – [Oliver] Yeah. – [Bryan] There’s so many bubbles, huh? ♪This is our life ♪ ♪ This is our fun ♪ ♪ This is who we are ♪ ♪ This is our dream ♪ ♪ This is our team ♪ ♪ Shot among the stars ♪ ♪ Take this shield and we’ll be fine ♪ ♪ Take this hand and watch us shine ♪ ♪ This is our life ♪ ♪ Let’s live it ♪ ♪ Live forever ♪ – Good morning guys. And welcome to a B-E-A-utiful day here in sunny southern California. That’s right, today is beautiful and sunny
and perfect and blue skies and its going to be our last
day like this for a while, because apparently the
forecast this week is all rain, and cold, but, we ain’t about that today. We are going to enjoy this sun. A couple days ago I asked
you guys to thumbs up the video if you thought we
should do a pool video soon, and we got so many thumbs up, I think it’s finally time. I think we need to jump in the pool. We’ve been heating it, so it’s like a very comfortable,
like 85, 90 degrees. And I actually have something cool that I’ve been working on with Papa, that I am going to surprise the boys with. Let’s go see what Ollie’s
up to and, uh, show him it. – Good morning. – Good morning dude! You excited to go swimming? – Yeah. – Yes? How’s the water feel? – Good. Feel it. – [Bryan] Does it feel warm? Ooo it’s so warm you guys. Well Ollie, I thought it
would be a perfect day to go swimming and show you something that Papa and I have been working on. It’s our bubble fort. Which it doesn’t look like much, not in the water, does it? – No. (Bryan laughs) Gotta add air. – [Bryan] You guys will see, but we have a cool plan. – It looks like the Christmas cage. – [Bryan] It kinda does, huh? But it’s red. – We almost got it done. We wanna strap this one down. You got this one Ollie? – [Bryan] Gotta put a couple
more zip ties on here? – [Papa] Yeah. – [Bryan] There you go. – [Papa] And that will
hole the bubbles in place. (Bryan laughs) – So what we got going on here, is basically a big red cage, that we are going to put in the pool. As you guys know, Ollie
is an amazing swimmer. He’s been swimming since
he was six months old. He’s been in swim school. He loves diving, and swimming,
and being underwater. So we thought this would
be something really great to incentivize him to practice his diving. So we’re going to put this
in the bottom of the pool, and then Papa tell us what
we got going on down here. – Well these are air
bubbles every four inches. They’ll come up. We hook an air line to it. And so there’ll be a bubble fortress. – [Bryan] Yes. So, Papa attached this to it. This hooks up to the air
compressor line in the garage. And then it basically
pumps air through it, and we’re gonna have bubbles
come all around this. And it’s gonna look so cool in the water. We’ve been working on this for a while, trying to get it perfect. And this is version two. And I think it is gonna be perfect. Are you excited Ollie? – Yeah. – [Bryan] Swim through a
big ol’ bubble fortress? Are you looking for more zip ties? Here you go. – [Papa] I think it’s pretty good. – [Bryan] Yeah you can
put one over here dude. Although maybe right here. This one’s a little
loose right here Ollie. There we go. Perfect. Then we don’t gotta worry about this thing falling apart
in the water, right? – Yeah. – [Bryan] Did we do it? – Yep. So it’s time for bubble fort. – [Bryan] Yeah dude. It’s gonna be so cool. – Yeah. (Bryan laughing) – [Bryan] All right. This is the air compressor
from the garage. We normally use this to
fill up balls or bike tires. I don’t think we’ve ever
used it for the pool. (laughs) (air compressor running) Got the compressor going. (electronic music) Can you feel the air Ollie? – Yeah. – [Bryan] All right. Making sure we got all the holes open. If you guys are new to our channel, and you did not see the
process of remodeling our pool, we actually did this last year. We’ve had this pool for about a year now. I’ve going to have the video
linked in the icard though, so you can check it out the first day we actually filled it up. It was so much fun. And we are definitely
gonna have a ton of fun with this pool this summer. – [Missy] Boys have their swimsuits on. You guys look so cute. Are you guys excited to go swim? – With CJ and Billy? – [Missy] Oh, are CJ and Billy
going to come over later? These boys are so excited
to get in the pool. And I am excited to go with you. I am so excited to see you guys swim. You’re gonna look so cute. – [Bryan] All right boys. Let’s turn on the slide and the waterfall, so we can get this pool moving. Okay? (boys cheering excitedly) (electro pop music) Ollie what are you doing? – I’m the life guard. – [Bryan] And what does the life guard do? – He swims in the pool and saves people. – [Bryan] And you can do that, huh? – Yeah. – All right Finnie, are you ready to go down the slide? – Yeah. – [Bryan] All right, let’s
see your slide skills. You got it dude. Wee-hee-hee-hee! Yeah! That kid is a pro. (Bryan laughs) These boys love a good pool. (electro pop music) Watch this you guys, Finn can climb out of
the pool all on his own. So good. Learned that from swim class. All right. We are putting the bubble fortress up here in the shallow end, so that Finn can play with the bubbles for a little bit. See what he thinks of them. All right Finn! Papa is scooping you up. (Bryan laughs) – Bubbles! – [Bryan] Look at all these bubbles! It’s like a jacuzzi in the pool, huh Finn? – Yeah. – [Bryan] Yeah, what do you think? (rhythmic dance music) Is that pretty cool? (laughs) Look it, we got the bubbles all going down. How’s it look? It look good? – Looks pretty good. – [Bryan] Okay. Okay, the bubble fort looks so good. It actually looks like
there’s four walls of bubbles, that you can just swim and play through. This is gonna be so cool you guys. I can’t believe it worked! – I can’t either. (laughs) My first design did not work. – [Bryan] No. (laughs) – Me and you worked on it, and now it’s working. – Practice makes perfect. All right. So we have our underwater bubble fort in the shallower part of the water. It’s not in the deep end yet. It’s a little not level,
but I think it will be okay. Let’s see how it looks. (electro pop dance music) – Ollie what do you think? – Good. – Is it cool? – Yeah. – There’s so many bubbles, huh? – Yeah. – And you can swim right through it? – Yeah. (electro pop dance music) – All right. Ollie and I are gonna swim
through the underwater bubble fort together. Hang on tight, okay? Okay. – We did it. (electro pop dance music) – All right, so they are now moving the bubble fort to the deep end, and we’re gonna see how it looks. Looks cool from up here. (electro pop dance music) These are some of the craziest
things that we come up with. And, how cool is it that we have a Papa, that can just literally rig up anything. (laughs) How is it? – So cool. (Missy cheers) It looks like a little
under water fortress. It really does. – [Missy] That’s so cool. – It’s got like four walls. – [Missy] Yeah. I love the bubble idea. I just think that’s so cool. – [Bryan] All right Ollie, who do you got? – Hulk. – [Bryan] And where is he gonna be? – He’s gonna be right there. – [Bryan] In the bubble fort? – Yeah. – [Bryan] All right, throw him in. – [Missy] You gonna go get Hulk? – Yeah. – [Missy] The bottom of the pool? – Yeah. – [Missy] All right. (electro pop dance music) – You saved him. He’s okay. (Olive roars) (laughs) Ollie is seriously the most amazing diver. It’s the coolest thing to see. Is that your favorite thing
to do in the pool Ollie? Is dive? – Yeah. (rhythmic synth beat) I’m gonna jump in the middle of the fort. (Missy cheers) (electro pop dance music) – That was seriously so much fun. And if you guys wanna
watch more underwater fun, I’m going to have a video, that our friends Carl and Ginger did, linked in the I-card. They also did an amazing
underwater box fort. That was super cool. So, definitely go check
out their video too. And I’m just so excited
we’re in the pool again, because that means that
fun times are to be had. But also I’m just like really
excited for summer time, and warmth, and sun, and I wanna hangout outside in the sun, and get tan. I got a little tan in Hawaii, but it’s already starting to fade, which is really sad. Because I feel like we’re
just cooped up inside. But yeah. This is like the last of the warms days, so we’re going to enjoy this day, and brace ourselves for the
cold and rain this week. (blows raspberry) (laughter) (blows raspberry) (laughter) – [Missy] Is he blowing raspberries? – Yeah! – We have had such a fun day swimming. I actually made it up to the barn. I didn’t take the camera, but I wanted to give you
a little update on Nacho. If you guys don’t know, I’ve been kind of talking about it, and I can link up a couple
vlogs you can watch, if you want more information. But, Nacho seems to be doing better. We lunged him today, and he’s definitely not as sore. It doesn’t seem like he’s limping. And he’s looking really good. I am kind of sure that the abcess popped. I kind of say some pus, and a little bit of like something. But, it’s that I’m not a hundred percent, so I’m probably going to
have a farrier come out, pretty soon here, and just kind of like look it over, and give me like an update. And make sure that it’s nothing else that it could have been, like either his leg is sore, or his back is sore, or something like that. I actually have a few other
appointments set up for him. Like a massage therapist. I had no idea you could
get a massage therapist for your horse, but I am looking forward to that. And a chiropractor, which might be really,
really awesome for him. They do a little adjustment and help so that if he is sore, it kind of helps things
get back into alignment. So I think he is on the mend. He’s definitely not a
hundred percent yet though, so I’m hoping, with a little bit more rest, and kind of just taking care of him, he’ll be better soon. Uhhhh, boys? I think you have a lot
of cleaning up to do. (laughs) Did you guys
have a fun day today? – Yeah – [Missy] Swimming, and
playing, and having a blast? – Yeah. – [Missy] You’re eyes,
lemme see your eyes. You have those swimming tired eyes. You know that? – No. (laughs) – [Missy] It’s like a lot of blinking. You just spent the whole
day in the pool huh? – Mm-hrmm. – But anyways, we are going
to go ahead and end the vlog. I am exhausted too. We swam today. I went up to my horse to
like take care of him, and it’s just been kind of a crazy day. But, I hope you guys
enjoyed today’s video. We had such a blast swimming
through our bubble fort. Such a cool idea. And big shout out to Papa,
my dad, for doing that, because it is pretty awesome. So anyways, give this video a big
thumbs up if you enjoyed it. Hey boys, thumbs up! (laughs) They’re busy playing. Alright guys, we’ll see you tomorrow. Bye! Boop. (electro pop dance music)

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