yeah what’s going on guys today we are
three loner got down on the ground plugged into your personal account you
did not like nerf gun object or should I say no God open vehicle yeah well I
really hurt bro anything in the heart we are back and we’re doing another video
today got it but guys today I woke up like this I know this nigga I have
dreams too let’s still have a question Kenda’s nerf guns shoot underwater it’s
a new treat why what do you mean why what if there was a nerf war and the ice
caps flooded and the nerf war went underwater who would win who could even
fire the nerf gun we don’t know – scuba way I’m looking into it can’t be proven
no one’s ever done informative oh my god Muji once she’s proved they work in the
water why don’t we just did to us I really want you talking over uncle right
now but that’s not important question right now a Dementor from Wingo please
can we stay on the topic at hand can a nerf gun fire underwater hip not can it
be modified to do something there’s a nerf war coming and are we going to be
ready for it mr. flamingo we mean you’re just going to swim away you’re off the
fight oh you’re Logan what’s up bro hi well
I’d be crazy to drink I had a drink can we shoot nerf gun underwater and I
needed to answer that question today has it ever been done before
what is Aquaman used to fight off enemy because it’s not gonna can shoot on the
water then the whole world makes pleasers upside down
what are you saying ji she needs to be answered kid nerf guns fire into water
and if they cannot can we modify a nerf gun enough that it’s submerged
underwater no stop you’re looking what’s in here we’re just
gonna dump it out let’s see what we got here guys
oh baby there’s some good stuff here we got pizza he’s super cute look at that
little bb-8 there and then these were like Sookie
it’s like Iron Man dude when you put it on you feel like Iron Man no dude that
looks so sick hold on I want to put mine on designed
it on its place the air is my plug is not breathable in
your mask on there you go we’re either astronauts or we’re like going to clean
up some toxic don’t you look like you’re about to murder stuff what loud sob mr.
flamingo watch out all right guys let’s go in the pool
alright guys so looking already fallen is mr. flamingo what did you do
Joey’s upside down man you’ll save them you can’t swim the little pile on this
wing go there you oh my god you can go ride me setup double hang out yo mr.
flamingo straight savage boys just use throw Logan off his back we of course
got our underwater scuba masks including the GoPro which we’re going to use to
film underwater I think it’s time for me to jump in and start testing this out
here we go my long while we have this one here this is the ride strike so
we’re going to see if this construed underwater obviously right now if you
shoot it up water it just up it doesn’t do anything but we need to test this out
underwater we need to know if there is a nerf war and the war goes underwater
which it might we’ll be ok Logan put your masks up
we’re going down well that was you know Joe there is it not work at all three
two one no man we’re not getting anything with this doesn’t look like
this is made to work the nerve starts float so it kind of makes sense what
about Omega it’s a little bit more powerful I choose one single nerf dark
and these things are PC I think it might work all right guys so it looks like these
nerf guns are not made to work underwater we can confirm it but this is
serious you guys because if the nerf war comes and we gotta submerge and go under
with our masks we’re going to need a nerf gun that’s going to work underwater
which is why we’re gonna have to do our own death mod so the underwater nerf gun
so far artwork you because let’s face it nerf guns aren’t built to work
underwater but we have this bad boy here it’s our nerve shotgun I think there’s
no best bet it’s literally going to be a blast of air shooting out the Nerf dart
now the Nerf darts themselves might be an issue so we might have to modify
those but for now the dryland test just you know what happen in three wait Jake
why don’t you shoot something no that’s that’s a good idea all right you know
we’re gonna fire some darts over because you guys want to see what happens our
guys and I don’t know if you guys remember this below gunshot me with this
nerf gun and it is super-powerful ready missable Mingo three two one Oh blue bag bro got a man powerful man we
have regular Nerf darts we have the thick mega Nerf darts and then we have
these which I’m quitting papa Jake’s tactical nuke darts well before we do
all this guys we’re going to do a dry fire under water because you got to make
sure the nerf gun even work alright guys so that definitely worked
would be better bro high-five minnow so sick so we’re going to try this again
with the mega darts really go a little bit too noticeable as well by the way
guys I just have to say these are so awesome we’re not sponsored by them in
any way whether you have to be the coolest thing I have ever bought for the
pool if you guys have a pool or a lake or something like that and you want to
try these out I’ll have a link to Amazon where you can purchase them that’s like
the cheapest place we found to get the monetary it changes like it chases women
alright guys she is officially ready the nerf gun is loaded up with the mega Nerf
dart we’re going to take her underwater we’re gonna fire it Logan we’re gonna
see what happens Louie doesn’t know the Logan did you
hear anything now you Nick Jake what’s wrong nothing’s working oh good okay all
of our nerf been so far nothing worked now mr. flamingo it’s not my problem
you’re cut dude there’s still time man there’s
still the nerf new ruffles vocals but no four is coming and women are about to
click underwater we won’t be writers need much time to
notice you still time with the nirakara method we’re gonna use the nerf loop so
get your sweat sometimes it don’t I didn’t feel that go fast away Wow
do you know where she’s right here too but now that we know that we have a nerf
nuke bullets now real work when the nerf war comes
it’s called me competition but now that we know that we have a working therefore
I think we should try a air the subsurface bullet shot it capable of
walking yeah they did not want to go underwater this is making me go and I’m
taking you right now because I mean what taco
I need everyone to a senior right now to mr. comedian continue Sparkle because I
know got you have mr. flamingo put a hashtag
some Mingo down in the comment and let me know whose team are you guys on mr.
flamingos or Papa Jake alright guys well this has been the world’s first working
underwater nerf to reboot these guys enjoyed the video thank you smack that
like went down below be striated that subscribe button guys you never miss a
brand new video PFL button click Dale notifications this
has fucking from flipping

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