Underwater Photography: Story Behind the Shot | Sony a9

This is one of my favorite shots
I’ve captured with the Sony system. I was on Maui with Hank Gaskell,
a pro surfer and a freediver. I shot this with the a9 in that 12-24mm with water housing with a large 10-inch over-under dome port. And being that the plane of focus is ‘Yep, you’re over the water and under the water are super different and with this shot, I was able to nail focus
in Autofocus mode and Continuous Autofocus with Hank ducking underwater and have him tack sharp and not lose him even though the waves that day were really erratic. It was not the best day to be free diving. The fact that it was able to track Hank and keep focused with him even though the conditions weren’t ideal it makes it one of my favorite shots. I love the feeling of being down with someone underwater the Autofocus on the a9 just nailed this one.

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