Underwater Research and Retrieving Lost Treasures with a Mini ROV

Here we are showcasing the Deep Trekker sediment sampler. The sediment sampler, can be attached to the grabber arms replacing the grabber claws at anytime within 30 seconds. Today, we are out retrieving a lost ring, and here you can see from a divers perspective the Deep Trekker DTG2 maneuvering to retrieve the lost object. Then again, form the view of the Deep Trekker camera, you can see just how easy it is to control from topside to pickup any small objects. Not only is the sediment sampler great for retrieving lost treasures such as this, it’s frequently used by researchers or anyone that’s trying to pick up small specimens or samples for their work. So it’s great for retrieving soil, water, small objects, or species. For more information, you can check out our website at www.deeptrekker.com

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