Underwater Sculpture Still Life Aquatic 2009 FLUVORE

Under Water Sculpture : My name is Jason Decaires Taylor, I am a sculptor,
specialized in environmental art. So, I make sculptural installations, that go in kind
of unique places, for the public to view. I studied sculpture, here in London, after
that I became a scuba diver and traveled around and worked in different locations. Hm. I thought
it was about time that I used both as different professions. I pretend to have most unusual
ideas when I am doing the most mundane of things. IComing home on a night bus and I
had the idea and just finished it about year ago and it’s over 65 different sculptures
located within bay on the west coast of Grenada. There’s many different reasons why it appealed
to me. The foremost is it’s environmentally it’s very good. I really felt like I wanted
to make some form of contribution. I know how Cancun bay in designed become an artificial
reef. So they created a habitat space for fish and also a surface area for corrals and
invertebrate to breed. And some of sculptures are around two meters, and you can see them
from the surface of a boat. And then the deepest is about eight meters. As an artist working
under water it’s amazing ! The light changes, the atmosphere changes, your relationship
to the world changes. You can swim over, you can swim underneath it. It’s a three dimensional
world. All the laws have changed, gravity, light refraction, it is fascinating. It is
also interactive, people can touch the sculptures, some of the sculptures are lying on a sandy
bed. And the sand actually shifts around. So some days they’ll be sliglitly covered,
some days you won’t see them at all and so it is almost like a kind of archeological
discovery. People go along and they sort of brush a bit of revealing a noze brush off
a bit and see a shoulder. All the works change on a daily basis. The shapes, the textures,
the colors, the form is constantly moving. We have got children, for this studed that
was26 differents corpes and all again is cell about changes, it’s about noir children adapte
to their surrunding.So they take on the characteristics, they take on the personality of where they
are. And in this way the children do the same on it, is quite interesting, ’cause one side
of the ring faces the current, and that side gets all the nutrients. And is developping
really quickly so ther’s huge sponges and fans and other things. On the other side is
not so lucky. It still developping, but no as quieckly. I think the sea is something
everybody is fascinated with surrounded of water, in so many ways. We have so little
understanding of it.

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