UNDERWATER Temples Found in Mahabalipuram?? The Seven pagodas of India

Hey guys, today I am at the sea shore of an
ancient site called Mahabalipuram in India . I have posted several videos about this
place, but today I am going to show you some solid evidence of underwater temples, submerged
in the sea. On the shore, you see a majestic temple known
as Jalashayana temple. I bet you have never heard of this name, today
people just know of it as the “Shore temple”, but an inscription inside the temple reveals
that its original name was Jalashayana. What does it mean? It means “Resting in Water”. Very appropriate for a temple situated touching
the sea. This temple was built at least 1300 years
ago. But my focus today is on the temples which
are submerged in the sea. Are there really structures underwater in
this ocean? Just outside the shore temple, there is a
rock standing in water. Today, The shore temple is fenced , so I cannot
walk to this place from the temple, but this was part of another temple structure. If you take a good look at this, you begin
to see chisel marks, but if you go into the water, and then look at the other side, this
is what you will see. Clearly, there is a small rectangular chamber
carved and several deities are carved in this rock. All this was done at least 1300 years ago,
and look, there is another rock peeping out in the middle of the water. That is also another ancient monument lying
completely under water. This proves that there are ancient temples
submerged in this ocean, waiting to be discovered. But the most important evidence of these submerged
temples is from the Archeology Department itself. Government Archeologists have explored underwater
in 2002 and have confirmed that yes, there are quite a few broken pillars, damaged walls
and other structures inside the water, belonging to ancient times. So, it is a fact that there are submerged
temples in Mahabalipuram. So, how many temples are there underwater? The answer was given by Marco Polo, a venetian
traveler who traveled by sea, about 700 years ago. Marco Polo says there were 7 very large temples
in the shore, and calls them ‘The 7 Pagodas’ . The temples must have been so large that
they were visible from a long distance. In the last 700 years, this coastline has
seen many tsunamis and the water level has consistently risen, leaving only the last
of the 7 pagodas to be seen today. This is why this temple is sometimes known
as the Last Pagoda. Even this temple was consistently harassed
by the sea water. Water used to frequently come into the temple,
which is why the archeology department has placed a massive number of rocks as barriers
to prevent this from happening. I will explain this temple in a different
video, but there is a strange little tank inside the complex. It is roughly a rectangular structure and
today you can see there is a little bit of water, but I have visited this site many times. During dry seasons, you can see a key hole
shaped hole in the center. This hole goes deep inside and is connected
to the ground water level. Water comes out of this hole. And nearby there is a small cylindrical structure
with various levels marked on it. Locals claim that this is an ancient flood
indicator, and it can even foretell Tsunamis. See there is a deity carved inside the cylinder,
locals say that if the water rises up to the neck of the deity, then the priest would make
an announcement that everybody should evacuate the area, because there would be a flood in
the next 48 hours. So, this was like a weather forecast device
that could warn about the rising water level. So, it is a fact there are 7 Pagodas in Mahabalipuram,
but 6 of them are under the sea. I hope some day, I can lay eyes on them and
reveal them to you. I am Praveen Mohan, thanks a lot for watching,
don’t forget to subscribe and also click on the bell button to get all the updates. Please give this video a thumbs up and do
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  • What is mahabalipuram. Mahabalipuram was a king in olden days. He used to do a lot of sacrifice to feed the humans. The animals used for sacrifice were the ones depicted. Which essentially leads to the conclusion that the humans were having features of that kind. Some people look fat and they used to sacrifice elephants and ate them. Some dogs so canine tooth structure for that people. Some cows etc. They lived a secluded life in the these temples. That leads to the origin of south Indian looks and some north Indians. They had enormous feast to celebrate.

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  • Legend has it that Mahabalipuram and the surrounding areas were so rich , prosperous and beautiful that the very gods got jealous and sent a tidal wave that swallowed up the rich ,prosperous kingdom.It is believed that on stormy nights one can hear temple bells from beneath the sea ! Fanciful grandmothers tales ? I think not.Every legend has some truth and given the many tsunamies, storms and shifting sands, it is only logical that ancient temples and their ruins must be located deep on the sea bed waiting to be discovered ! Fascinating !!!!

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