Underwater video : Shooting techniques . How I do an underwater video .

hello youtube i’m Jerome Renaud-goud and
today we’re gonna do a video on how i do an underwater video when you’re shooting
videos it’s important not to move you want especially for macro video to stay
in one spot and just have the subject move and the camera stay in one place
that’s why I use the tripod when I’m doing videos of wide angle or big
animals I try to make sure that I move as little as possible by having a good
buoyancy and being very steady try to be close to your subjects of course if you
want to film macro video it’s obvious that you want to stay near your subjects
but even if you want to take videos of bigger animals like sharks turtles and
big fish don’t focus and everything will be much
nicer if you closer to your subject but being close to your subject doesn’t mean
follow him in general you want to stay in one position steady and get your
animal to be interested in you and come in your direction sharks manta rays
turtles are very curious in general and will try to come see you if you try to
chase them they will just swim away and you won’t get anything now to stay
shallow as well there will be more light coming into your camera if your shadow
even if you bring some lights it will always be easier for your camera to take
videos if you shadow sometimes you don’t have a choice you have a big school of
sharks or whatever at depths and that’s why you need to go but if you don’t need
to you need to go D be careful with your
background in general if your background is not nice most of the time you will
try to get water in the background so it’s always nicer to shoot from below to
above like this you will have a nice separation between your subject and the
background it’s important to film the nice shots so stay in one position and
try to get the animal to come to you it’s going to be easier to get the nice
shot of the animal opening their mouth or doing something that is interesting
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