Unlimited freshwater from the ocean – nuclear desalination

Today, 1.2 billion people live
without clean drinking water. Earth has 97% salty ocean water,
3% FRESH water. 3% FRESH salt-free lakes,
rivers and aquifers. 97% SALTY Advanced nuclear power can desalinate
ocean water without burning fossil fuels. Imagine… Water for drinking. Water for farming. Even in times of record drought. Advanced nuclear power and desalination
can provide abundant food and water for all. Sustainably. Reliably. Affordably.
With no harm to the environment. Forever. Advanced Nuclear Power.

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  • Which tech though? Reverse Osmosis or Multi stage distillation? Distillation can also isolate the critical deuterium oxide.

  • WHY da fuck no thorium!

  • What do you say to those that are promoting Membrane Desalination, and can it compete with Nuclear Desalination?

  • You can use ocean wave power and also tap the water for geo/ thermal. A lot cheaper since the ocean works for free, you still got to maintain your equipment though

  • Only thorium MRS has enough power, LWR are just too cold…

  • What about all that Fukushima water being dumped in the ocean, can we clean up the ocean using this technology.? We can’t deny this anymore all the mass life dying and strandings in our oceans around the world need our help and intervention. The breakdown of the ecosystems is happening as we sit and do nothing. Fukushima is the reason not climate change!

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