UNSEEN VLOGS 2018 Juice Fasting & Salt Water Flush

the two most powerful things to use if
you’re trying to cleanse the body is juicing and a water salt water flush and
I coorporate both of them in my daily life every one is different and let me
say that again everyone is different including you I use juicing as a way to
cleanse the body I incorporate some time juicing only or a corporate juicing with
raw fruits and vegetables and salads raw when I want to have you know solid foods
along with my juicing but either way you still can get the benefits of juicing
and still get the same effects and feel the same way which is great when you
start juicing 16 to 32 ounces a day now you can drink more juices but I’m just
saying the minimum you should drink a day at 16 to 32 ounces a company a
company in that with the salt water flush in the morning time on an empty
stomach you will be surprised what will come out of you and you will feel so
much better I say salt water flush in the morning because see when we’re in
American diet nine times out of ten people are not eliminating what they eat
from the day before because our digestive systems are so messed up from
all the toxins that are in the processed foods that we’re eating so juicing and
salt water flush is the way to go if you are trying to do a complete cleanse
because you can’t always expect the body when you’re juicing or even using herbs
and vitamins or herbal teas to just do all the work we have to work with our
bodies sometimes we have to use other things to rid the body of things that
were already killed off but having them removed from the system so that’s why I
say salt would have flush alongside with juice cleansing join these two things
either once day or once every couple of days will
make you feel better and it might even take you off of anxiety medication or
medications that you take in for sleep mood disorder bipolar whatever it is
that you might be going through it might just take that away and I say might
because if you’re not consistent with anything that you do you’re not gonna
see any results so with all that being said please subscribe to the channel
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