See that? Do you see that? YES I DO These are fancy guppies there This is it Hi guys, we’re here at the place of a friend Jonathan and we’d like to share to you about his experience In breeding Guppies. I shared to him my little knowledge about breeding Guppies I encouraged him to breed a lot (wtf) every time he grows out adult male female guppies I come here to just buy all his Stocks so that he will also have allowances for his studies and He is successful now He is breeding guppies a lot and that is why we are also proud that we can share our Knowledge to other people And that’s why we’re doing this video so that those of you who view our channel might also have an interest On how to go about breeding this very beautiful fishes, and I’d like to honor the following subscribers made good comments for channel This is now the answers for your query about breeding this Dumbo mosaic guppies the is also guppy known as million fish and Rainbow fish is one of the world’s most widely distributed tropical fish and one of the most popular freshwater Aquarium fish species I’d like to share to you the simpliest way on how to breed this guppies the very Essential thing for the success of your breeding of guppies is this one this water lilies Because guppies primarily thrive On the container for a time that is filled with plants the most suitable plant available serve in this kind of plant water lilies Because this will serve as the filtration system, and it will clear the water and it will give them oxygen When you guppies give birth you have to be able to conserve it carefully so that you can get the babies out of the container so That is why this water lilies are very essential because if you don’t have like this one And the parents you just keep the newly born babies But if you have plants like this then your babies can just hide before they are gonna be consumed by their parents so This is it. This is very easy to propagate this are now I’m going to show to you the breeders Okay So you look at this? They have very long tail and Have wide variety of colors Yes, and you don’t need a big space for breeding Guppies and just breed at your backyard look at This are the parents and this are The babies and of course you have here you come on this focus here. Oh what is this this are Red guppies So this R. Gets B, red blonde, and this are known to be baby eaters. That is why? it’s quite different from Dumbo mosaic guppy because the Dumbo’s can just Allow the babies to swim, but this kind of breed is somewhat carnivorous And what’s good about this is that you will just Need a very tiny place. You don’t anymore need a Bigger place for this and you will already have an income Out of breeding this guppies If you’re gonna start breeding Guppies then You have to make sure that you have this kind of water lily So you can just find this in swampy area in your places you can just find this kind of water lilies and you can start already breeding guppies, another question do we need a Live food for the baby Guppies the answer is not necessarily Because you can feed the babies with powdered pellets any pellet would do, but the prawn pellet, which is high in protein is very much Recommended Guppies are one of the most colorful tropical freshwater fish in the world They are small and relatively easy and inexpensive to take care of We are feeding this way Powdered Single food, this is called p1 here and they gonna eat that about here some of you here, you can just eat their brushes eater and Look at that. That’s pretty much Beautiful, and you are just simply breeding it on a very tiny place Okay, but still if you have available livee food, then you can just give it But if you don’t have a recommend that you will just give one fits In our place. It’s commonly Called p1 or p2 Beautiful fish See that you see that These are fancy Guppies there This is it Wow they have 20 babies So if you will have 1,000 for example 1,000 pieces of this and you will sell that at just 15 pesos each, then you will have 15,000 and that’s pretty much Nice So I hope you will be encouraged to breed ornamental fishes If you don’t have a job you can just engage in breeding this Guppies Very simple as long as you have the correct technique and the right procedure you can always Have a good harvest Hi hello, my name is Jonathon paddock and lito and My brother teach me how to video P, and it is a great opportunity to hug him and I hope you enjoy it Thank you. Yeah, yes, we’re helping people look and also help us in our business we have pet store, and we are getting supplies from Jonathan on Guppies and We’re teaching people and how to breed so that they will also hear the means of income in our place We are not a rich country. We are just a third world country, and we have to strive Harder for us to be able to go to school. So that’s why I’m teaching people on how to Make a living out of the syphilis Breeding of ornamental fishes and Jonathan has been my partner is been supplying me though it’s not a big business after yeah, but Just make this for your future, and if you are Happiest, they of course, maybe this procedure can help you a lot Improve our knowledge and techniques for copy predictors, so that’s all for today guys And I hope you will regularly Visit our channel, and then I’d like to invite you to please like and share our videos And if possible you can subscribe thank you for the new subscribers. We are now close to sixty three thousand subscribers And we are happy to welcome you to our channel on the year at next year’s work I’ll buy 20 pieces of this for our propagation on to the effects world for our next video So these are our containers for tubifex worm, please what’s up next video gonna promise you you don’t have Tubifex culture

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