UOW Student Accommodation 2019-2020

I’m Ally. My name is Julia. My name is
Lillian, and I live in UOW accommodation. I thought it would be really hard to
begin with because I was away from my family, but because it was so inviting
and so many people around me it almost felt like a home away from home. I moved
here in the Blue Mountains so a little bit past Sydney. I decided to move to Wollongong because it offered the best course for me, but I really didn’t want
to be traveling back and forth. I wanted to feel settled in one place. I thought
that it would be so far from everything but the train station is so close
whenever something is happening in Sydney, I just jump on the train. There’s
a fair bit of nightlife which is pretty fun, but it’s really relaxed, it’s really
easy so just going to down hang out. There’s a lot of cute little cafes to
have lunch at or just going to the beach. For a while I thought I would just be a
student going to class every day, but it’s been so much more than that. It’s being able to do so many more things and meet so many people; it gives you a
better feeling that you are supported and you’re not alone. It’s such a social
and a positive environment; and being inspired by other people who are just so
driven, it’s not just a degree anymore. It’s kind of a different lifestyle, and
it’s exactly what we want.

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