Up To Speed, May 17

Up to speed, week in review. The Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is now available and as you can see in the images, our 5G Ultra wideband network is delivering. We’re hitting the sweet spot of between 400 & 600 Megabits per second and bursting well over a gig in multiple tests as well. Credit to our network team on the improvements they’ve been making every day since launch. Consumers and business customers in Chicago and Minneapolis can experience 5G in real-time now with this new exclusive device. It’s not just that, it’s a top of the line 4G LTE device as well, so no matter where you are, you’ll want to get your hands on one of these today. And Hans Vestberg appeared on CNBC yesterday to talk about 5G. We have always high ambition & we also think it’s extremely important for our customers that they’re not only getting the best network which we have on the 4G, but they also get the latest because that our customers deserve. We have the best network & we want to be first with the technology. Tami Erwin hosted the Business Group Meeting in Orlando, Florida, where they discussed topics such as 5G and equipping businesses and governments for what comes next, here’s David Pope from the Business Groups large enterprise sales team with more. Welcome from the Business Group meeting where we’ve been talking about being all in as a team & for our customers around the world. I had the pleasure of catching up with Tami Erwin on her take on what it is to be in all in in Verizon 2.0. The key focal point for the rest of the year has to be how do we serve customers differently, how do we show up as a combined team, how do we make sure we have a clear understanding of customer requirements. How do we make sure that we’re students of the business so we understand our products & services better than ever before. That we understand the promise of 5G while we sell what we have today. Thank you very much Tami, I know my team back in Irvine, California is excited to learn more about this event & what they can do to make a difference in 2.0. Now back to the team in Basking Ridge. Thank you David. Yesterday was Global Accessibility Awareness Day, and we met some of the partners working with Verizon to make sure that anyone can utilize the technology they need. Demos included a keyboard accessory to use with a phone, and how the Fios app will do auditory readouts for the visually impaired. The teams also marked the one year anniversary of The Disability Collection in partnership with Getty Images and the National Disability Leadership Alliance. Earlier this week, an audience of lucky Verizon Up members were treated to a private hour-long Shawn Mendes concert in New York City. We were able to surprise some employees with tickets to the show. Verizon Up gives customers once-in-a-lifetime experiences just for being members. Throughout Military Appreciation Month, we continue to highlight those who serve. Get to know proud military spouse John Granby and help us thank some V Teamers for their service to our customers and our country. And, Military Times ranked Verizon a top 10 company for the second consecutive year on its list of 2019 Best for Vets Employers. That’ll do it for this week, have a great weekend everyone. Until next time, you’re up to speed.

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