Update Aquatic: Summary & Why It’s Good

For me, the last Minecraft updates were always
lacking something. While in previous updates Mojang gave us a
lot of features in one update, which all made sense together, I have to say that magma blocks
and polar bears from 1.10, llamas and explorer maps with woodland mansions from 1.11 or concrete,
ceramic and colorful beds from 1.12, weren’t really worth the update. I mean, don’t get me wrong, some of these
additions are useful for building and more, but they just don’t seem to add much value
to the game, like e.g. all the new biomes did in 1.7. I’m happy to say now, that that will hopefully
change for the better in the near future. And here’s why:
On Minecon 2017, which took place a couple weeks ago, Mojang announced their plans for
1.14. Yes, I’m specifically talking about 1.14,
because 1.13 is an update mainly supposed to focus on bugs and the game engine to make
it easier to add new contents in the future. 1.14 would be called the “Update Aquatic”
and here’s a quick overview of what we know so far:
As the name implies, it’s all about water, and where do find most of that? Of course, in the oceans! They used to be (and still are) pretty empty
apart from ocean monuments and guardians. But now, there will be fish as an ambient
mob – including the types already added (which are clownfish, pufferfish, salmon and
regular fish) but maybe even some tropical ones, which you could take home in a bucket
and place inside an aquarium, or which will appear on the pole of your fishing rod when
fishing. We have dolphins that guide you to treasures,
can swim very quickly and jump around in the water. And there was a poll with four mobs to choose
from. Mob “B” or the “Monster of the night
skies” won. According to a post on reddit, one of the
developers said that it spawns in extreme hills biomes and attacks from above. There will be new biomes in the ocean whose
contents depend on the temperature of the water. Cold oceans will have seaweed, constructed
similar to cactus and sugar cane, warm ones will be a habitat for corals and coral blocks. When you’re in frozen ocean, a biome not
currently used, don’t be surprised if you encounter icebergs. It’s likely that a dolphin may take you
to a ship wreck, consisting of spruce wood. Just make sure to have enough inventory space
left for the treasures that you might find there. The one weapon that is associated with oceans,
is the trident. It can be used in melee or thrown (similar
to how you launch an arrow with a bow), but – obviously – then you don’t have a weapon
anymore. 😀 For that, there will be new and exciting enchantments! “Loyalty” will turn your trident into
a boomerang, which will always come back. “Riptide” or “Slipstream Dash” will
let you throw your trident without letting go of it. This can be used underwater to pull yourself
forward, on the water surface to jump like your dolphin friends or, when it’s raining,
with your elytra! For once, we can look forward to rain! A couple more things are new water mechanics
which are supposed to simplify building underwater by getting rid of air pockets. This has the potential to break several machines
relying on water streams, but Mojang wants to come up with an elegant solution – and
it’s not like we’re not creative enough to make it work again, right? Items will now float on the water surface
due to its buoyancy, and so will you with your boat! UNLESS: there are magma blocks underneath! They appear in rows underwater and emit air
bubbles which break this buoyancy and may cause a rough ride, but can also be used to
breathe underwater. Those were a lot of cool announcements, which
– finally – make for a cool and consitent new update. Of course, these we’re all just announcements
so take everything I’ve said with a grain of salt. I’m looking forward to seeing what the future
hold and want to thank you so much for watching! I’ll see you in the next one, bye bye!

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