Update Aquatic: Ten Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Minecraft

Hello once again! My name is [OLD MODEM SOUND] and I can’t seem to stop listing Minecraft trivia no matter how much I want to stop! Anyway, here’s ten things you probably didn’t know about Update Aquatic. [TEN] In a first for Minecraft, this update
almost introduced a bug to the game! Salmon could rain from the sky. You know,
considering we almost accidentally made salmon skyborne, and we originally made
bubble columns too powerful and sent squid flying into the sky, maybe we should have just scrapped this Update Aquatic and remarketed it as this. [NINE] We found a way to fill the ocean with colour – without just pouring paint into it!
Instead, we filled it with tropical fish. Because of all the different colours and
types we included, there are actually 3584 variants of tropical fish. Wow! What’s your favourite tropical fish variation? Mine’s variation 3583. Because variation 3582 is the WORST. [EIGHT] The Update Aquatic introduced a mob of incredible power. All other mobs tremble in fear before the ocean’s deadliest cuboid… The PUFFERFISH. Yes, this spiky gasbag can harm any other
mob. Creepers flee, spiders scatter, skeletons run crying to their mothers!
And all the underwater mobs are… completely fine. Oh, it seems the pufferfish can only hurt mobs that aren’t of the undersea variety, and since the pufferfish can’t leave the sea, I guess it’s no threat to anyone! Hooray! Oh, except you. [SEVEN] Everybody loves turtles! Well, except the
god of thunder. When turtles get hit by lightning, you
don’t just get a load of emails from angry parents asking why this game is
marketed to children, no – lightning strikes also turn turtles into bowls! This is
actually a very relatable fact because when I got struck by lightning, I gained sentience! Oh, and I also got this nifty bowl. [SIX] Polar bears can only
spawn on flat ice, because when we originally let them spawn on icebergs, the
mother polar bear and child polar bear would be ….separated! Noooo! This revelation is so sad that
I’ve just downloaded the ability to cry. Hope I’m waterproof! [SOBS LOUDLY] It should’ve been meeee! [FIVE] Kelp! It’s basically the only reason anyone plays Minecraft! Just look at it….dancing away…. It’s so…… hypnotic… What were we talking about again?
The next update to Minecraft? Which is The — Oh, er, no, sorry. We’re talking
kelp! Because this is an undersea plant, the developers decided it couldn’t just
be stationary like plants you see in the Overworld. So kelp became the first
animated plant in Minecraft! Needless to say, the world went crazy for kelp! [FOUR] This was the first major update to feature a mob voted for by you, the
players. And you chose a terrifying sky monster! Thank you SO much! This is the Phantom, and it went through a lot of changes during development. It originally
had a mouth, but the developers thought it made the mob look too much like a
sock puppet. Yes, for some reason they thought this mouthless monstrosity was scarier than THIS. [THREE] Because Minecraft is the most realistic
game in the world, when we added dolphins we didn’t just guess what dolphins sound like then
put those sounds into the game. Nope, we recorded real dolphins.
Coincidentally, our sound team would like you to stop asking us to add lions to
the game. We had to use special underwater microphones called hydrophones. But it was all worth it though, because now Minecraft is full of authentically-researched dolphin sounds. I wonder what they’re saying? [TWO] We also needed sounds for our new underwater undead, the Drowned. Sadly, zombies don’t exist, so we created the sounds of the Drowned by gurgling milk. Gross! Yes we didn’t record
water to get the sounds of the sea, we always recorded milk.
It just sounds better! So, the oceans of Minecraft should actually look like this. Wait– if we do that we can’t see all that magnificent kelp! [ONE] Turtles in Minecraft will always return to the place where they first spawned to
lay their eggs, no matter how far they need to travel. This is because in real
life sea turtles swim to their birthplace to
lay their eggs. Turtles find their way home by relying on unique magnetic
signatures across the coast. Thank you so much for watching! I’ll see you next
time for “Ten Ways To Get Water Out Of Your Computer That Turned Out Not To Be
Waterproof After All”. Don’t forget to like, subscribe and – ERROR. ERROR. ERROR. Find or craft a hairdryer immediately.

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