Using creeks as classrooms for freshwater science

We are today doing a Georgia Adopt-A-Stream
training. It allows teachers to come out with their
classrooms and look at macroinvertebrates — testing for water quality with that — and
also doing some chemical testing as well. The Georgia Adopt-A-Stream program is a citizen
science program that allows people to get trained in how to do the procedures that Georgia
Adopt-A-Stream requires, so they can go out and collect data in a certain stream of their
choosing and report that data back to Georgia EPD. That’s important because it allows a variety
of different groups to access that data and use it for different things. It also allows us to see if there’s an issue
with a certain stream. We can take that data — because they’re
doing it on a monthly or quarterly basis, depending on the testing — so they can take
that and report if there’s something wrong. It’s really important to get all of the teachers
involved and give them the tools they need and the knowledge they need so they can take
it back to their students. We hope to reach a wider amount of people
by using the teachers as a resource and partnering with them. So far, they seem really excited. They’re asking a lot of great questions and
really are pumped about the week. We really want to get these teachers out here
because if you can get teachers out here and students out into the water, then they really
— you put them out there, and they have this tangible thing that they can really care
about, rather than just talking about it in a classroom.

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